10 Crazy Expensive Things Gal Galdot Has Bought

Gal Gadot worked tirelessly to become a well-known actress in Hollywood. In fact, she had almost given up on her dream when Warner Bros studios announced her as the new Wonder Woman, a role which would go on to produce one of the highest-grossing movies in 2018. Lucky us! She has a $10 million net worth and her fortune might increase in the coming years, thanks to the Marvel franchise.

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Gadot is very discrete when it comes to her personal life and how she spends her money. Unlike many celebrities, she tries to have a low profile life and she doesn’t share much information about her properties and lifestyle.

Here is a list that shows how Gal Gadot spends her money.

10 Hotel

Gal Gadot was vocal in interviews about her desire to quit acting. Before the Wonder Woman role came along, she was considering other career paths. She likely had a backup plan in the tourism industry. Gadot had a hotel in Tel Aviv and perhaps it would be her primary income if things didn’t work out in Hollywood.

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The Varsano Hotel featured over 16,000 square feet and the building dated from the 19th century. In 2015, after being cast as Wonder Woman, she sold the property to billionaire Roman Abramovich, who made it his new home in Israel.

9 Jaguar F

Gal Gadot was one of the stars in Fast and Furious. Her passion for cars is not limited to the big screen, the actress loves fancy cars! Although she doesn’t have a massive collection compared to other A-list stars, she spends a considerable part of her fortune on cars.

Her favorite one is the Jaguar F Type Convertible. The price varies from $63,000 up to $125,000. She has shared some videos on social media of herself driving the fancy sports car. Other celebrities like Emmy Rossum and James Corden have a Jaguar F in their garage.

8 Private Flights

Gal Gadot spends part of the year traveling to promote movies around the world. She also lives (back-and-forth) between the US and Israel, where she was born. Part of her family is still living there and she also owns some businesses in the city. In some interviews, she revealed how much she misses Tel Aviv.

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That means that Gal Gadot spends a significant amount of time on airplanes. With her high income, Gadot doesn’t need to fly in Economy class. She is often seen flying on private jets with her family, which cost a small fortune.

7 Jewelry

It is impossible to look away when Gal Gadot steps on the red carpet. Last year the actress attended the Oscar ceremony wearing a Blue Ice, Tiffany & Co necklace. The piece features more than one thousand diamonds. The price of the jewelry was not revealed, but it's possibly worth millions.

"As a longtime fan of the brand, it means so much to get to wear this special custom piece," she told Vogue Magazine. "I am thrilled to be part of an amazing legacy of inspiring women."

6 Personal Trainer

Gal Gadot used to be a combat trainer in the Israeli army. Her training was useful to prepare the actress for playing several battle scenes as Wonder Woman. The role demands a lot from her body and Gadot needs to be physically prepared.

To help her with the process, the actress hired Magnus Lygdback as a personal trainer. He also works with other celebs like James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander (Tomb Raider). More than making his clients look fit, Lygdback helps to transform the body of A-list actors into machines.

"The work I do isn't about building a gym body." He told the New York Post during an interview. "It's about building a character."

5 Personal Stylist

Gal Gadot has a classic style and is one of the most elegant celebrities on the red carpet. The actress is naturally chic, but she had a little help with her style.

Gadot hired personal stylist Elizabeth Stewart. She works with A-list celebs like Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchet, so it comes with no surprise that her work costs a small fortune. Her job is to find the perfect outfit when her clients have to attend a red carpet event, press conference, or photoshoot.

Stewart also had partnerships with fast fashion brands like H&M.

4 Vacation

You already know that Gal Gadot travels the world for work. One day she is on a set in Rio de Janeiro and a few days later she is promoting her new movie in China. However, the actress also loves to spend money on holidays with her family. Everybody deserves a break.

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Gadot often shares pictures of herself on holidays, but she never reveals the location. The luxury of being in a place with no paparazzi means that she is probably in an exclusive resort. It might be a costly vacation, but privacy is priceless, right?

3 Hairdresser

Gal Gadot's wave hair is one of her most remarkable features. Although it is naturally beautiful, the actress is very careful when choosing who takes care of it. When she moved to the US, she met Mark Townsend, a hairstylist who is also responsible for other celebrity's hair like the Olsen twins.

He often styles Gadot's hair when she has a photoshoot for prestigious publications like Elle, and she always looks perfect.

Of course, having A-list celebrities as customers means that you can charge astronomical prices for a haircut.

2 Clothes

Gal Gadot was Miss Israel in 2004. She is very comfortable in dealing with fashion choices - she knows what works for her body and makes it look effortless. She even worked as a model for some years.

When the actress hired Elizabeth Stewart as a personal stylist, she started to combine high-fashion brands and fast fashion. Sometimes we can see Gadot wearing a beloved (and expensive) Givenchy gown but matching it with simple $50 shoes.

The actress has a very close relationship with fashion and she loves wearing high-fashion clothes. She loves brands like Armani, Givenchy, Prada, and Elie Saab.

1 Restaurants

Gal Gadot enjoys spending money on things that give her pleasure: traveling, clothes, hotels, and, of course, food. The actress is often spotted in fancy restaurants, but when she is in Israel, she loves to share her favorite places.

The actress already shared a post about Pronto Restaurant, an Italian place in Tel Aviv, with a wine menu praised by clients on TripAdvisor. The Manta Ray, also in Tel Aviv, is probably her favorite seafood restaurant and also has a mesmerizing view of the beach. Gadot also shared pictures while she was having brunch there.

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