Fossil Q Smartwatch Is Loaded With Features But Lacks New Tech

Most smartwatches released nowadays look like fancy tech gadgets not seen outside of futuristic sci-fi films. While they might also look cool or sexy, they could easily intimidate anyone who's interested in buying one. But popular watch brand Fossil has created a smartwatch of their own that's not only simple but also more affordable than what the competition has to offer.

As reported by The Verge, Fossil has released a new line of smartwatches that maintain the brand's minimalistic aesthetic, and also don't break the bank. This is their fourth outing in making smartwatches, the fourth generation of the Fossil Q looks like any other ordinary watch on the surface. But as it turns out, it's actually the furthest thing from an ordinary watch.


Via Fossil

The newest Fossil Q includes new features not yet seen before by the brand. This includes a heart rate monitor, Google Wallet to allow mobile payments, and a standalone GPS. They come in two different model — the Q Venture HR, and the Q Explorist HR, and range in price from $255 to $275. The cost differs as such due to both band and color preferences for each respective model.

While this newest generation of Fossil Qs are both functional and stylish, they have one major drawback — it contains the same software chip used two years before by the big watch brand. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip has been used before in the last generation of Fossil Qs and this means that the software in their newest smartwatches is not as up-to-date as their competitors'.

Via Fossil

If you're looking for a smartwatch that has the newest software, then Fossil's offering won't be for you. However, the fourth generation of Fossil Q can still do most anything other smartwatches can do, all while keeping a simple look that's appealing and easy to style with everyday apparel. The Fossil Q is definitely a strong option for those interested in buying a smartwatch that's easy to use- and easy to look at.

Consumers can purchase a new Fossil Q of their own on Fossil's website now.


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