10 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Scarlett Johansson Bought

Beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson has had a prominent career ever since she made her acting debut in 1994. Often deemed the ultimate blonde bombshell in Hollywood, Johansson's talent for breaking hearts can only be matched by her phenomenal acting skills. She's worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and nothing seems to be close to stopping her winning streak.

More recently, thanks to her role as Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlett's net worth has quickly escalated to an impressive $140 million. But what does the star choose to do with her hard-won money? Let's take a peek into some of Scarlett Johansson's swankiest and most expensive purchases!

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10 Skin Care

Scarlett's appearance has been a big part of her success. This is not to take away from her merits as an actress! But in the world of Hollywood, being considered attractive pretty much ensures you have one foot in the door. Part of looking beautiful is, of course, taking good care of your skin!

Scarlett has what is probably one of the most flawless looking skins we've ever seen. In order to maintain her glowing and smooth features, the actress drops some serious money on skincare products, Dolce & Gabbana being her favorite to splurge on.

9 Hair Salons

If you're moving in a circle as judgemental as the one Scarlett does, having perfect skin simply isn't enough. Especially when you're being chased around by who paparazzi who want nothing more than to get a bad angle! Another very important detail is hair, and Scarlett has sported pretty much every look in the book.

But, just your average hair salon across the street won't do it. Johansson has been open about visiting the best salons in Beverly Hills, which won't charge less than hundreds for the ultimate hair experience. You get what you pay for, and she definitely paid quite a bit!

8 A Painting

It's not unheard of for wealthy people around the world to dish some serious bucks in exclusive art pieces. Paintings by powerhouses like Pablo Picasso and Monet have got up to the millions of dollars in auction. Since this is such a great investment, actress Scarlet Johansson decided to take the plunge as well.

Earlier this year, she invested in a Lois Dodd painting, Night House with Lit Window. It's not disclosed how much she spent on the piece, but the artist's paintings go anywhere from $14,000 to $95,000.

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7 Charity

It's always heartwarming to read news related to wealthy people contributing large amounts to charity. While it's not the obligation of anyone to give away the money they earned, it sure does say something about them when they do, and Scarlett Johnasson definitely does, and in great amounts.

Over the years, the starlet has contributed to several organizations. In addition to serving as an ambassador for Oxfam, she's donated to several other charities, including Aid Still Required, Feeding America, Not On Our Watch, the American Humane Society, and Cancer Research UK. Praise should be given where praise is deserved!

6 Luxurious Vacations

Point the finger if you want to, but if you had the means and the opportunity, you'd definitely spend quite a bit of money on luxury vacations. Life can get hectic and stressful, and every human being on the planet needs to relax. And of course, there's no better way to relax than to lounge around at the beach!

Johansson loves to drop the bucks on trips to Cabo, much like other celebrities we know. It's beautiful, it's soothing, and she can definitely afford the thousands of dollars that are often related to vacations such as these.

5 Couture Wardrobe

If you're a famous movie star, you can't expect to walk the red carpet wearing a hoodie and jeans and get away with it. Scarlett attends more red carpet events in a year than most humans will attend in their lifetime, and this demands that, along with perfect makeup and perfect hair, she wears the best couture available.

Brands like Jimmy Choo, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta are no strangers to the actress. And, as we all know, these are the kinds of looks that can go up to the thousands of dollars—especially when you add the jewelry. Looking your best doesn't come cheap!

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4 Private Jets

Scarlett Johansson is notorious for being quite private. If you really think about it, it's not often that we see many candids of the starlet, and she doesn't exactly disclose much about her personal life. And we can't really blame her for this—trying to maintain relationships and raise a family in this environment can get hectic.

Which is why Johansson prefers to travel in style and privacy. Private jets are a staple for the actress, and they can be quite an investment. Renting private jets usually means at least a few thousand an hour, so you can do the math.

3 New York House

Real estate would obviously be a huge part of this list! Living the big life and making the big bucks is never complete without dropping big amounts of money on swanky houses and huge mansions. Scarlett has made quite a few investments in real estate over the years.

For instance, the actress recently purchased a $6 million home in upstate New York. Complete with four bedrooms and overlooking the Hudson River, it's pretty clear that Scarlett knows exactly what she likes. Now, that is luxury!

2 LA Home

When most of your work revolves around the city of Angeles, it's only fair to look into making some serious real estate investments in the area. And of course, when Scarlett Johansson saw her opportunity, she took, alongside ex-husband Romain Dauriac.

At the time, the actress spent $4 million in a stunning mansion in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. With almost an acre of land surrounding the mansion, it's truly something out of a fairytale.

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1 Hamptons House

Why settle for one, when you can have many more? That was probably Scarlett's train of thought in 2014 when she decided to add to her real-estate collection by purchasing a $2.2 million house in the Hamptons. Plus, it's the Hamptons—everyone who's anyone simply must have some holdings there!

Each of the four bedrooms has its own balcony, and the outdoor space surrounding the property is enough to establish your own private zoo. Vacationing in style!

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