10 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Julia Robert Has Bought

Julia Roberts is one of the most significant stars in the world. She became an A-list star thanks to her role in Pretty Woman, and since then, she became one of the most valuable actresses in Hollywood. Roberts became an American sweetheart during the '90s thanks to her beauty and outstanding talent.

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The award-winning artist has a net worth evaluated at $200,000,000, according to Celebrity Networth. It's definitely enough to live the best life that money can afford. The actress likes to invest part of her fortune in real estate, and she has some fantastic properties in several places in the US. But she also uses her money to have other luxuries only celebs can afford. Here are 10 ridiculously expensive things that Julia Roberts has bought.

10 Malibu compound - $7,000,000

Julia Roberts bought a house in front of another property she owns in Malibu. The award-winning actress invested $7,000,000 to create a paradise for her family, according to the Daily Mail. The purchase also ended the rumors Roberts, and her husband would get divorced.

The mansion has a great view of the Pacific ocean. Roberts wanted something eco-friendly and invested in solar panels, greenhouse, vegetable patches, and beehives. It also has a pizza oven and space for a lot of outdoors activities. It sounds like the perfect place to spend time with her family.

9 Insurance for her smile

Julia Roberts is known for having one of the most gorgeous smiles in show business. Some people would describe it as a million-dollar smile. However, her smile is worth $30,000,000. According to several sources, the actress had her smile insured for that amount.

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Although it looks like an enormous amount, several celebrities and athletes insure their body parts. Some examples: Cristiano Ronaldo and his legs, Jennifer Lopez and her behind and, of course, Julia Roberts and her smile.

8 Apartment in New York - $3,895,000

In 2010, Julia Roberts bought an apartment in Manhattan for $3,895,000. The actress also has another apartment ten blocks away from that one. The building dates back to 1958. The penthouse has 2,000 square feet, three bedrooms, and a fantastic terrace. Roberts put the loft back on the market in 2015, and she sold it for $4,500,000. The initial price was $5,350,000.

The actress invests part of her fortune in real estate. She has many other properties on her portfolio, including a ranch, a house by the beach, and other properties in Malibu.

7 Oscar Gown - $95,000

In 2001, Julia Roberts received the best actress Oscar for her role in Erin Brockovich. She made history that night for wearing one of the most remarkable and expensive gowns we have seen at the Oscars.

The actress walked the red carpet wearing a black and white Valentino, priced at  $95,000. Roberts is still one of the prettiest actresses on the red carpet. This year, she chose a pink Eli Saab gown to present the Best Picture category, and she looked flawless.

6 House in Hawaii - $14,000,000

Julia Roberts loves Hawaii. While most of us would be happy to have the chance to spend time there, the actress bought a beach-front mansion in Kauai. Robert purchased the property in 2011 for $14,000. It also has a guest house. The star put the house on the market in 2015. She sold it in 2015 for $16,000, much less than the original price she asked: $29,850,000.

Although Julia doesn't have a house there anymore, she still goes to Hawaii for vacations with her family.

5 Travel on Private Jets

Most people can't afford to travel first class. But if you're an A-list Hollywood star, you have enough money to rent a plane just for yourself. Julia Roberts was spotted several times traveling on private jets, which requires a tremendous amount of money.

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However, not everybody is happy about her traveling style. Back in 2010, Marcy Winograd asked several stars, including Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop using private jets. According to Winograd, they have a significant impact on the environment, and they were increasing the pollution in LA.

4 Her Ranch

As one of the biggest stars in the world, Julia Roberts is in use to be under the spotlight. However, she also needs a place to be quiet, and she found that in Arizona, the perfect place. She bought a ranch with a house that has 8,000 square-feet, three floors, and eight bedrooms. The property is near a lake and surrounded by trees.

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It looks like a peaceful location and fantastic for the children. Julia Roberts put the place back on the market for $10,000,000. However, there isn't any information available about whether she sold it.

3 Vacations

Julia Roberts also can afford fantastic holidays... and she does. One of her favorite places is Hawaii, where she also used to have a property. Earlier this year, she was spotted in Hawaii with her whole family. They all seemed very happy.

The actress also enjoys staying in five-star hotels, like the Auberge du Soleil Napa Valley resort, famous among wealthy people. The place is known as the best place to stay for wine lovers. The hotel also has a Michelin starred restaurant, where guests can have the best wine and food pairings

2 Personal trainer

Roberts hired a personal trainer Kathy Kaehler, who helps her to stay fit.

Kaehler is famous for having many celebrity clients. That means that she isn't cheap. Her client's list includes Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore. According to the trainer, Julia's favorite exercises can be done anywhere, and they focus on improving the body's resistance. It seems to be working out since Julia is still looking great.

1 Her Hair

Julia Roberts is not famous only for her smile. Since she became an A-list star, thanks to her role in Pretty Woman, people all over the world would really love to have the same hairstyle as her. The person who has been responsible for her amazing hair for many years is Serge Normant. Of course, having Julia among his clients helped him to increase his prices and gain a lot of attention.

Normant reveals that the actress is not afraid of trying new things and will change up her look. But she always goes for something that looks effortless and natural.

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