10 Ridiculously Expensive Things That Reese Witherspoon Has Brought

Reese Witherspoon achieved an A-list star position on show business thanks to the comedy Legally Blond. Since then, the actress proved her talent in several other roles in dramas and comedies. Her work as June in Walk The Line gave her an Oscar. Witherspoon also rocked on television when she decided to star the HBO drama Big Little Lies, and now she is in a new project with Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show.

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The actress has a net worth evaluated at $150,000,000, and she knows how to use her money wisely and how to have fun with it. Keep scrolling and discover how the actress spends her millions.

10 Malibu farmhouse - $6,250,000

Earlier this year, Reese Witherspoon bought this amazing farmhouse in Malibu for $6,250,000, according to CNBC. The property has two acres, and it is just above the beach. The place is so gorgeous that it used to be a location for fancy weddings.

The house dates back from 1949, and it is surrounded by ancient trees, which makes the residence looks even more private. The main house has a mid-century inspiration. Besides that, there is also a guesthouse, a yoga room, and a wet bar. It looks like a fantastic place to spend time with her family and friends.

9 Nashville home - $3,300,000

Reese Witherspoon spent $3,300,000 million in this 1.75-acre home in Nashville in 2014. It looks like a film location, and the large house has 11,000-square-foot and has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms. It is the most luxurious version of a Southern home you can find. All the rooms are huge, and it looks lavish in every detail. There is also a guest house and a gorgeous swimming pool.

The actress put it back on the market last year, and she asked $4,400,000 million for it.

8 Pacific Palisades Home - $12,700,000

Reese Witherspoon has an amazing taste for houses. In 2014, she purchased this Pacific Palisades 10,000 square-foot home for $12,700,000. Earlier this year, she showed the house for a feature at Vogue Magazine.

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Before moving in, the house went under an extensive renovation. It has five bathrooms, five bedrooms. The address is very exclusive, and she has high-profile neighbors like Matt Damon, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks. Witherspoon often share images of her at her impressive kitchen at the property. This is the most expensive estate in her portfolio.

7 Expensive wardrobe

Reese Witherspoon is one of the most elegant actresses on the red carpet, and she has an exquisite and classic style. Witherspoon looks flawless most of the time, like in a recent interview she gave to the Morning Show. She chose a red Alexander McQueen mini dress that costs $1,645 and an elegant pair of Saint Laurent shoes that cost $645.

In 2015, she appeared wearing a casual look that was evaluated at $1,037. She might go casual but never goes cheap. It is easy to assume that her outfits for the red carpet are worth thousands of dollars.

6 Vacation

Reese Witherspoon is very committed to her work, but she also seems to know how important it is to have balance in life. Therefore, she also spends time and money on fantastic vacations. In 2017, she shared several pictures of her traveling with her friends to a tropical paradise. They were often in a Hamptons yacht, but the actress didn't reveal where it was.

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Last year she went with her family to Sun Valley, Idaho, and they had a fantastic time enjoying the snow. The Big Little Lies star shared some pictures on her social media.

5 Personal Trainer

Reese Witherspoon has been in the public eye since the '90s. Since then, we haven't seen her change her appearance very much. Of course, she might count on great genetics, but the actress also does her part. She hired Michael George as a personal trainer, and he also works with other A-list stars, like Juliane Moore and Meg Ryan. So it is easy to assume he is expensive.

He has developed a Functional and Fit working out plan to maximize weight loss. It seems to be working for his clients.

4 Bags

If there was a checklist for A-list celebrity items, having a priceless collection of bags would be one of them. Unsurprisingly, Reese Witherspoon is often seen using the most different models most of us can only dream about.

One of them is a bright yellow Reed Krakoff, evaluated at $4,000, and she made the headlines with it after dropping water on the expensive model. The award-winning actress spent the same amount in a Chloe Paraty bag, but she received criticism from PETA because the purse was made from python skin.

3 Dermatologist

Time seems to not affect Reese Witherspoon's appearance. As we mentioned before, she might count on great genetics but also has the help of beauty treatments and a great dermatologist. Some years ago, the 43-year-old actress was spotted going to a high-profile skincare clinic in California.

According to the Daily Mail, she a client of Dr. Harold Lancer. The specialist has an extensive list of celebrities among his clients, like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Renee Zellweger. Victoria Beckham swears by one of his treatment that is made of sheep placenta and gold flakes. Witherspoon never talked about what she does at her skin care, but it is working out for her.

2 Jewelry

Reese Witherspoon is also a fan of jewelry, especially when she walks on the red carpet. In 2016, the actress wore a $425,000 Tiffany bracelet and diamond earrings also from Tiffany. If you think it is impressive, you probably forgot the jewelry she wore during the Oscar ceremony in 2011. The emerald earrings, ring, and bracelets were evaluated at $1,000,000.

You can always expect something fancy when she steps on a red carpet or attends an event. During regular days, the actress prefers discreet jewelry, but she still makes elegant and classic choices.

1 Fancy restaurants

Reese Witherspoon loves to enjoy the best things in life. And let's be honest: having a great meal is one of them. The actress is aware of that, and we often see her going to great restaurants and enjoying a glass of wine. When the actress is in Santa Monica, she likes to go to The Ivy at the Shore, which has clients like Bill Clinton and Sean Pean.

We also have seen the actress joining Oprah to have dinner at the famous Mayfair Indian restaurant Gymkhana in London. Earlier this year, she shamed her co-workers in Big Little Lies to never pay the bill when they go out for dinner.

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