10 Most Expensive Outfits Blue Ivy Carter Has Worn

Beyonce already said that Blue Ivy, her oldest daughter, is a cultural icon. The seven-year-old child is following the steps of her mother when it comes to fashion, and she has appeared wearing multiple remarkable outfits. Most of them are also super expensive and cost thousands of dollars.

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Unsurprisingly, high-fashion designers love to dress her, and she is always wearing the most expensive high-fashion brands. Beyonce and Blue Ivy also enjoy wearing coordinated outfits and they always make that moment a fashion statement. Blue Ivy has everything to become a fashion icon when she is a teenager. Keep scrolling and see the most expensive outfits she ever wore.

10 Matching outfits - $665

Beyonce and Blue Ivy take the mother and daughter matching looks to another level. By the way, a costly level. The pair often appears wearing coordinated looks from high-fashion brands. Like those floral dresses, they wore in Paris in 2016.

The dresses are from Gucci, a brand that Beyonce loves dressing Blue Ivy. According to InStyle, this model for children costs $665, a bargain compared to most items on this list. Beyonce wore a similar dress from Gucci and matched it with reading glasses and a purple purse.

9 Casual look - $1,800

Blue Ivy is learning with her mother to make an impression when she arrives at any event, even if it is a basketball game. In 2017, she went to NBA all-star game wearing a cute green dress, converse shoes, jeans jacket, and a baseball hat.

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She looked adorable, but casual doesn't mean cheap. The dress was designed by Gucci and had a $1,800 price tag. It was not the last time Blue Ivy got all the attention in a baseball match. Beyonce and Jay-Z also went to the game and looked just as stylish as their daughter.

8 Gucci Dress - $2,100

Beyonce was pregnant, also wore a Gucci green dress.

7 Grammy outfit - approximately $3,000

Blue Ivy joined her mother on the Grammy red carpet in 2018. Of course, the parents chose the most stylish outfit they could, and their daughter was better dressed than many grown-ups at the event.

The girl had a white suit and a black dress. But what made the headlines was the Valentino heart-shaped purse, evaluated at $2,675. The price of the clothes was not revealed, but it is easy to imagine the look costs over $3,000. Blue Ivy stole the headlines that night for asking the parents to be quiet while someone was giving a speech.

6 Lion King Press Tour - Unknown

Queen B knows how to take the mother and daughter matching outfit to the next level. Blue Ivy followed her mom during the Lion King press tour, and she looked just as glamorous. Both had coordinate looks designed by Alexander McQueen. Blue wore a blazer adorned with crystals, while Beyonce had a tuxedo dress covered on crystals. Unsurprisingly, both got the most attention from the photographers.

The price for the outfit was not released, but it is one of the most lavish looks she ever wore. It certainly costs thousands of dollars.

5 Basketball outfit - $3,000

Of course, Beyonce and Jay-Z will not wear just jeans and sneakers to watch a basketball match. And neither will their daughter. In 2018, the family appeared very stylish to the NBA All-Stars game.

Blue wore a cool Givenchy leather jacket, that is evaluated at $1,119 and a Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag, that costs $1,820, the total price of the outfit is approximately $3,000. Blue Ivy already has a priceless luxury bag collection that most of us can only dream of. In case you like the jacket, the adult version is available for twice the price.

4 White and pink outfit - $3,600

It seems that Gucci is already Blue Ivy's favorite brand. The girl appeared wearing a pink suit from the high-fashion brand during the Grammy 2017, and the look is evaluated at $1,000. But you can buy the pieces separately. The blazer costs $765, while the pants cost $335. She matched it with a white blouse.

What made her outfit even more expensive was a Blue's glittery cat purse that costs $2,500. Unsurprisingly, Blue Ivy has a priceless purse collection, and we have seen wearing multiple luxury bags that cost thousands of dollars each.

3 Mischka Aoki's dress - $5,575

If you invite Blue Ivy to a wedding, you can expect her to appear looking flawless. In 2017 Blue Ivy and her parents attendant to a wedding in New Orleans, and she appeared wearing a Mischka Aoki's dress evaluated at $5,575. The outfit was exquisite and had beaded details all over. The Mischka Aoki describes itself as the only haute couture brand for children Blue Ivy is the most famous client of the designer.

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Ivy seemed to have a lot of fun and was spotted dancing with her father.

2 Her Royal Highness - over $9,000

Blue Ivy must be just a small child, but she already has more experience on red carpets and exclusive events than we will ever do. In 2017, she attended the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles, and her outfit got a lot of attention.

Beyonce and Jay-Z heiress wore a limited edition Mischka Aoki dress that costs over $9,000. It is covered with countless Swarovski Crystals, which make it so expensive. The tulip skirt is covered with hand-made flowers and a neckline full of details.It is, indeed, an impressive work.

1 VMA princess-like outfit - $11,000

As we mentioned, Blue Ivy wore a Mischka Aoki's dress on multiple occasions. The most eye-catching was the outfit she wore during the VMAs ceremony in 2016, which cost $11,000, and she matched it with sneakers that cost $565. The mini diva also had two long braids with a lovely tiara, and she is undoubtedly ready to walk at any red carpet in the world.

The dress was a princess-like model with a tulle skirt and an embellished bodice, as described at People. It got the most expensive look up to today.

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