10 Most Expensive Houses For Sale In South America in 2019

What do you think of when you think of South America? Is it Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and its infamous Carnival and world-class South Atlantic beaches? Or maybe Sao Paulo, Brazil comes to mind, with its combination of colonial and bang-up-to-date modern architecture.

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Then there is the wild South Pacific coast of Chile in the west that hugs the Tropic of Capricorn. Maybe you fancy a former coffee plantation, a private island, a mansion in Uruguay or a penthouse with sea views. Well, we've got all that and more. Here are 10 of the most expensive South American properties that are currently up for sale.

10 Centennial Coffee Plantation  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - $12,977,820

Located near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, this former coffee plantation has, we have been assured, been restored to its former glory. It has 5 bedrooms, its own river with a waterfall and, wait for it, an attached chapel with a spire.

Yes, an attached chapel. Bring your livestock or horses because there is plenty of room on the grounds. Oh yes, we almost forgot there's a ballroom in the old church, just in case you fancy throwing a ball. All very colonial.

9 Laguna del Sauce Ranch  Maldonado, Uruguay - $14,000,000

This furnished property has it all. Eight suites and living area spread over some 21,285 square feet. You'll need some help with the housework, we think. Fancy a stroll? You've got nearly 300 Acres to do it in.

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Again, you can bring your horses and livestock and stash them in the ranch's sheds or paddocks. There are 5 ponds and an automatic filling water trough, for you and your horses' convenience. The house was built in the Spanish colonial style from stucco, with tiled roofs. Catch the breezes in the walkways. Or enjoy the views of your forests and hills.

8 House  Sao Paulo, Brazil - $14,157,622

Take in the view of the beach and ocean from the top floor of this stunning house that just happens to be stashed inside a private condo. For the businessman or woman on the go, there's a helipad. And for those seeking the spiritual, the place comes with its own chapel.

If you get tired of the water view, you can enjoy the Atlantic Forest view from the dining room. Of course, there's a home cinema. With 8 bedroom suites, you can throw magnificent house parties whenever you feel like it.

7 Mansion  Maldonado, Uruguay - $15,000,000

Tucked in between massive Brazil and Argentina, tiny Uruguay has a South Atlantic coastline. This looks like a celebrity's house. Maybe a Hollywood star. Or maybe a reality TV star.

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Part of its 12.3 acres is landscaped, after a fashion, with shrubs and palm trees Plus, there is what is called an "almost Olympic-size" swimming pool at the back. The place comes equipped with its own private lagoon, Arroyo Maldonado.  It has 7 bedroom suites inside and patios and bubbling fountains outside. And, we are reliably informed, that the view of the sunset is to die for there.

6 Mansion  Sao Paulo, Brazil - $15,337,423

$15 million-plus will buy you this 4 bedroom des res in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It's got nearly 20,000 square feet of indoor space and getting onto an acre of land. Of course, there is that hot weather staple, a swimming pool.

This older property has "lounges" and a library. It looks like a Brazilian version of Downton Abbey. Sao Paulo real estate is, as you can see, very pricey. The huge dining room means you can throw dinner parties for eighteen or twenty people. Sao Paulo was founded by the Jesuits in the 16th century, meaning its architecture goes from Spanish colonial to 21st-century modern.

5 Penthouse  Sao Paulo, Brazil - $16,517,225

This fabulous property is really two penthouses knocked into one and has a staggering 21,312 square feet to ramble around in. The rooftop area amounts to nearly half an acre and comes with a barbeque area, a lounge area and probably the best view of Sao Paulo there is.

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The 7 bedroom suites are spread over this triplex. There's even a hot tub in the master. Don't feel like going out to get a hair cut? There is a built-in hairdresser's workbench included. Of course, there are staff quarters and an artist's studio. An artist studio?

4 Marina Golf Rapel Complex Near Santiago, Chile - $19,397,960

Located on Lake Rapel, this is apparently a development that didn't make it off the ground. What usually happens is that the developer runs out of money and is forced to sell.

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It's got a lot to recommend it, including a landing strip and a discotheque. Then there's the marina with its floating pier, a clubhouse with a 9-hole golf course attached, together with tennis courts and thirty-six apartments in two buildings. And don't forget the stunning views of the Lake and mountains.

3 Paradise Private Island  Los Lagos, Chile - $20,000,000

We journey to the west coast of South America where the continent meets the South Pacific Ocean to Paradise Private Island. It's uninhabited, rocky and wild. Well, it is actually inhabited, but only with watery creatures like sea lions and penguins. Blue Whales pass by on occasion on their way to somewhere.

There appears to be a bit of flat land you could build on, assuming you are not into glamping. The only thing that worries is the fact that the blurb also states the island is home to a couple of species of wolves.

2 Penthouse  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - $23,596,036

Modern is not the word for this place. More ultra-modern, we think. It's in the trendy Ipanema area of Rio de Janeiro. Go streetside and enjoy the Carnival or watch the mayhem from your terraces.

Take a dip in the pool. Enjoy the sauna. And fight the flab in the gym. You can even screen movies in your movie theater. It has 4 bedrooms and a stunning view of Leblon Beach. We wonder if you can see the massive Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado.

1 Estrada De Jacuma  Bahia, Brazil - $38,177,206

If you are looking for a 300,000 square foot abode with 42 bedrooms and 62 full baths, then Estrada De Jacuma might just be the place for you. It's got a 1.2 km Atlantic Ocean beach, a seaside farm, tennis and volleyball courts, together with a soccer field and a gym.

And don't forget the helipad for quick entrances and exits. Don't worry. There are staff quarters and a wine cellar. The inside is nice enough, but a bit minimalist and modern. You could always redecorate.

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