10 Most Expensive Goop Products, Ranked

It's a known fact that Goop is a luxury brand that most of us can't afford. We look at the prices of some of the items and cringe as we imagine large chunks of our paychecks disappearing in the blink of an eye. This doesn't mean, of course, that we aren't curious about what this company's high-end products actually cost.

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We have included the most expensive Goop products but excluded the notorious G. Label, which is their personal fashion line. These products are chic and high-class and it partly explains why the prices are so high. Keep reading to learn the ranking of the 10 most expensive Goop products!

10 Goop Exclusive Denim Pinstripe Tablecloth ($139)

This is advertised as the perfect addition to any patio set, but at the high price of $139, we might have to disagree. It is made of upcycled denim material that is soft and luxurious, but we worry about how easy it is to clean.

That won't matter to high society individuals, because while this may be a drawback, it will match with everything they decide to put on it like tableware, vases, and other decors. What will probably sell you on this purchase is the tiny embroidery that reads "The Beach People" in the corner. It adds a little flair and tells you who Goop collaborated with on this project.

9 Rose Quartz Glow Kit ($140)

This is a package deal that gives you both the Rose Quartz Soothing Face Massage Roller and the Enriching Face Oil. You can use these products together for a soothing touch of something extra that also helps you look as youthful and fresh as humanly possible.

Apparently, rose quartz has some mineral properties that work within your skin by detoxifying it to keep you looking your best. Fortunately, it is currently on sale for $140, but usually, it runs you about $155, neither of which is really in most people's budgets.

8 Goop Beauty Eau De Parfum: Edition 02 - Shiso ($165)

Goop has an entire fragrance line that runs customers about $165 per bottle, which is a hard sell when you don't know what they smell like. This particular perfume is the second edition and they compare it to the smell of a forest floor in spring.

It uses Shiso leaf as its main scent and also includes oakmoss and palo santo. It supposedly has a natural spice that is unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the world, but the high price will probably turn more than a few customers away.

7 Goop Glow Kit ($185)

There are three different Goop Glow Kits that range from $95 to $185 in price. The most expensive kit includes Luminous Melting Cleanser, Goop Glow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator, and Goop Glow Morning Skin Superpowder.

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When these are used together your skin will become soft and moisturized with a subtle glow that no other product line will give you. It might be a bit expensive, but the fact that it comes with three different Goop products will entice you to add it to your cart.

6 Anderson Matte Pink Sunglasses ($225)

Goop worked with Electric to produce these awesome sunglasses that make anyone who wears them instantly cool. They are priced at $225, but the fact that it is a special edition statement piece will entice you to drag out your credit card for this purchase.

It almost looks vintage between the bulky frame and olive-tinted lenses. You can brag to all of your friends that your sunglasses were made in Italy, rather than boring old China or Indonesia where most glasses are made.

5 Goop Exclusive Abstract Round Tray With Brushed Brass ($240)

This is another Goop exclusive as they partnered with Caravan to create this piece of beautiful decor. It is made of white marble with a brushed brass base that would look good as the centerpiece in any room.

You could put literally anything on it, from fruit to candles, because no matter what, this piece will draw a crowd. The only downfall is that this piece comes at a price of $240, and part of the issue to blame is the fact that it was made as a collaboration and special edition piece.

4 Goop Exclusive Eucalyptus Queen Comforter ($260)

Comforters can be expensive, but this one made by a collaboration between Goop and Buffy goes for a high price of $260. The upside to this is that it is hypoallergenic, which is perfect for anyone suffering from allergies, and it is made from eucalyptus fibers.

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It is exceptionally soft and comfortable, so you know you will fall asleep faster than ever before. It is dry clean only, so you can't throw it in your washer, but that won't bother you as you already shelled out an arm and a leg to make this purchase.

3 Goop Exclusive Agate Burner ($295)

If you are someone who burns incense on the regular, then you have probably considered this Goop purchase. It is a piece of art, as well as a functional tool, that is made of brass and has an agate stone. This stone is said to represent stability and promote maturity, which any adult can agree they need as they progress through life.

Goop has also included a sample of Cinnamon Projects Japanese-Style incense sticks to entice you to keep buying their products. It might come at a cost of $295, but when your life is unstable, it can seem like a necessary transaction.

2 Goop Exclusive Blush Padova 10-Piece Set ($300)

Goop worked with GreenPan to create this set of blush-colored cookware. They look entirely professional and are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. These pots and pons are nontoxic, nonstick, and ecofriendly ceramic material that does not contain any harsh chemicals.

It comes with six different pots and pans, as well as four lids, and you will never have to go pan shopping again. It might be a bit pricey at $300 a set, but it is well worth it for the number of items that come in this wonderful package.

1 Falling Stars Linen Tablecloth ($650)

This simplistic tablecloth os the most expensive Goop product on the market and we have a hard time pinpointing why it costs $650. It was created in honor of the company's 10th birthday, which makes it a special edition, but it is simply made of linen.

The tablecloth was a collaboration project with the amazing Summerill & Bishop and fortunately, it can be washed, but we still don't see the value. It looks like someone took a piece of linen and splattered blue paint all over it to look like a bunch of stars. Personally, this is one luxury item we think we are better off skipping.

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