10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Emma Stone Has Bought

During the last decade, we have seen Emma Stone build a stable career and become an A-list star. She was part of movies like Spider-Man, Zombieland, and La La Land. Stone is also one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. According to Forbes, just in 2016, she made $26 million.

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Emma Stone has an estimated net worth estimated at $28 million. Although she spends part of her life in the spotlight, she tries to keep her private life away from the headlines. However, it doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy the luxuries her fortune can afford. Keep scrolling and find out how Emma Stone spends her millions

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10 Beverly Hills Cottage

In 2012, Emma Stone bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for $2.4 million. Not bad, especially considering she was only 24 years old. The place was built in 1953, has 3,862 square feet, four bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms. The master suite has a fireplace and two walk-in closets.

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Emma Stone loves to cook, so the house has a chef's kitchen with double oven, sub-zero fridge, and double dishwashers. The place also has a heated swimming pool and large patio.

Earlier this year she put the house on the market for nearly $4 million.

9 Renovation

When Emma Stone bought the Beverly Hills house, it looked terrific, but not perfect. The actress spent a small fortune on renovation and made sure the place also had a lot of her personality.

Emma Stone added a hardwood floor, but also colorful wallpapers and painted walls. The changes have the classic cottage a modern touch. It also made the house more valuable and the future owner won't need to renovate anything.

There is no information if Emma Stone is looking for a new place in Beverly Hills or New York. However, she might get another fabulous house after the sale.

8 New York Townhouse

Emma Stone lived with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield in this fantastic New York Townhouse! Although there is no information on how much the couple paid for it, the place was back on the market for $18.75 million in 2017.

The building dates from 1835 and has 9.000 square-meters. It has five floors and each of them is an independent house. Each place has two fireplaces. The building has a total of nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and several terraces.

Emma Stone was not the only celebrity to live there. Besides her, Andrew Garfield, Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Glenn Close, Courtney Love, and Olivier Sarkozy already called it home.

7 Renting A House In Hawaii

Emma Stone had to spend some months in Hawaii for the movie Aloha. The film brought other stars like Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams to the island.

The actress decided to make sure she could feel at home and rented a house on the base of Diamond Head. The luxurious villa cost $4 thousand per night, more expensive than most monthly rentals. It stands out for the high-end technology, and it is possible to control light, temperature and other features using an IPad.

All the actors said they had a great time in Hawaii. However, the movie didn't please the critics and the public.

6 Anti-Harassment Campaign

In 2018, Emma Stone donated $100 thousand to the program Time's Up, that aims to fight against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Among other things, the initiative has a legal fund to help less privileged women who suffer any abuse or harassment.

Emma Stone was not alone: over 300 female actresses, writers, producers, and agents supported the project. The program was released with an open letter signed by several prominent names in the industry.

"The struggle for women to break in, to rise up the ranks and to simply be heard and acknowledged in male-dominated workplaces must end; time's up on this impenetrable monopoly," says part of the letter.

5 Summer Vacation

When Emma Stone is not on set making a movie, she is traveling the world, promoting them. Most of her life is about work, but the actress also takes some time off.

Last year she traveled with some friends, including Justin Theroux (Jennifer Aniston's ex) and Laura Harrier. The group spent some days in the South of France - that is known for being one of the fanciest places in Europe.

But Stone also have some low-key holidays. In 2017, she had some days off work and traveled with her family in California.

4 Audi S6

Most celebrities have a garage full of expensive cars. However, it doesn't seem to be a passion for Emma Stone and we have seen her around driving just a Mini Cooper and an Audi S6.

While the Mini Cooper price starts at $25,900 and is affordable for most people, the Audi S6 starts at $73,900.

In 2013, Emma Stone's driving license was on hold after she forgot to pay a $437 ticket from 2005. There were several attempts to reach the actress during that period. However, she just paid the debt and everything was cleared up

3 Hair Colorist

Emma Stone's red hair is one of her most remarkable features. However, she is originally blond and keeping her hair red demands a lot of care, time, patience, and money.

Tracey Cunningham is the colorist responsible for Emma's hair. "Ever since we made Emma red, she became this sort of hair icon — and clients ask me for her color all the time," The hair colorist told Refinery 29. "But what many people don't realize is that no hair color is the same, and everyone's starting point is different, so the coloring process varies, especially with red. If someone wants Emma's hair, and their natural color is dark brown, I have to take a completely different approach than the way I treat Emma's color."

2 Personal Stylist

Emma Stone has a classic style and she seems never to make a fashion mistake. She is also one of the most elegant actresses on the red carpet. It looks almost effortless, but there is a lot of research on everything she wears.

The actress has hired Petra Flannery, a personal stylist who works with A-list clients. Flannery and Stone have been working together for more than ten years now.

"We have evolved together," Flannery told Vogue. "Her fashion gets more and more fun. Over the years it's been colorful, artful and confident.

1 Personal Trainer

Emma Stone's work demands a lot of her body. In La La Land, for example, she had to sing and dance. In Battle of the Sexes, she played professional tennis player and many scenes were shot on a tennis court. Therefore investing money on a personal trainer is a reasonable idea.

The actress chose Jason Walsh, a personal trainer responsible for several of Victoria's Secrets models like Irina Shayk and also Jennifer Anniston.

Walsh adapts the training according to Emma's needs, like for her role in Battle of the Sexes. "As far as the tennis focus, we did do a lot of shoulder strengthening; rotational, anti-rotational work, things like that because of the motion of and how the body works for her," he told W. "Her legs are strong. Her butt was extremely strong, which stabilizes the hips and helps with everything else.'

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