The Rock: 10 Crazy Expensive Things Dwayne Johnson Has Bought

Whether you know him as the incredible future WWE Hall Of Famer wrestler, or as the incredibly successful Hollywood actor, there is no doubt you know who he is, with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson becoming one of the most well-known names in the world.

In terms of celebrity, they don't come much bigger than The Rock, with his career helping him grow an impressive net worth of $220 million, with Johnson becoming the highest-paid actor of 2019.

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While Johnson has managed to stay incredibly humble throughout his success, when you earn as much money as he does, there's no doubt you want to splash out a little. Within this article, we will list 10 of the most expensive purchases he has made.

10 Rolex

The Rock starting out his life as a poor man is something that is well documented by the actor himself, which is why being able to buy a Rolex is a major deal for him, with Rocky remembering how he could never do that when he was younger.

The Rock bought his first Rolex for $35,000 when he was a wrestler, after years of wearing a fake one which he did to remember his goal of getting himself to a point where he could afford one.

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Eventually, he broke it while wrestling and never ended up replacing it, but he did buy one as a gift for an actor on The Scorpion King, whom he punched accidentally.

9 Charity

As we previously mentioned, Dwayne Johnson has always maintained a very humble attitude in relation to his success, and his charitable donations are a clear sign of how much he wants to give back.

While Johnson supports plenty of different charities, he also created his own charity, the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, which he founded in 2006, with Johnson putting plenty of money into the creation.

The charity works with children who have illnesses, disorders, and disabilities as it aims to improve their confidence and self-esteem, as well as providing physical fitness and nutrition programs.

8 Stunt Double

While The Rock may have been a professional wrestler, meaning he knows how to take a bump and be thrown around in a fight, that doesn't mean that Hollywood studios are willing to let him do all of his own stunts.

Because of that, Dwayne Johnson (like many actors), happens to have a stunt double who works on many of the more dangerous aspects of the action movies that he stars in, with the two men sharing a very close bond.

Johnson recently surprised his stunt double with a truck, buying it as a way of saying thank you for everything he does, which is quite a gift to receive.

7 Food...Lots Of Food

Anybody who follows Dwayne Johnson on social media will know that he trains in the gym a lot. He takes incredible care of his physical appearance and ensures that he is always in the best shape possible.

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However, another thing you will know if you follow him on Instagram is that The Rock loves a cheat day, and while a cheat day to most people might be one slice of cake, he takes things to the extreme.

Whether it is an entire batch of cookies, loads of sushi, stacks of pancakes or some burgers, Johnson goes hard on his cheat days and spends a good amount of money on food.

6 Farm

Dwayne Johnson has an incredibly busy lifestyle, and because of that, he made the decision to purchase a farm just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, which allows him to go unwind and relax.

Johnson's farm is a huge property, which also has plenty of animals that he often snaps pictures with, including his horses, which is an added expense he's more than willing to pay for.

Of course, now that he is raising a young family, the chances are that The Rock will be hoping to spend even more time here in the near future.

5 Miami Mansion

Another property that Dwayne Johnson acquired is in Miami, with the actor owning a huge mansion, which is incredibly impressive on both the outside and on the inside — and so it should be considering it cost $5.5 million.

The home is in Miami, which is a location that Johnson considers to be home, and while he might not get to spend as much time there as he would like due to his busy shooting schedule, it is still an unbelievable location to be able to relax in.

This was Johnson's second main home after his original mansion in California was sold on in 2012 for an impressive $4.9 million.

4 Miami Reconstruction

If you thought a $5.5 million mansion would be enough to sustain a family home, it turns out that you would be mistaken, as Dwayne Johnson actually paid for his home to have a large extension.

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He spent $1 million to extend it in a massive way, adding an entire guest house. The house was built specifically for his personal trainer in order to allow them to stay so that they could work closer with Johnson, as the movie star also built a huge home gym.

3 Custom Cars

Owning incredible supercars is something that is now fairly common when it comes to celebrities and Dwayne Johnson is no different, with the former WWE Champion owning several amazing vehicles.

Johnson owns a variety of cars including a custom-made Pagani, which cost him around $1 million, ensuring it was tailor-made to allow him to actually get into the vehicle.

Johnson being too big to fit into many luxury cars, at least comfortably, is an issue; this is why his personal favorite car is his pickup truck.

2 Private Jet

In a similar way to how many celebrities own a large collection of impressive cars, it has also become popular among A-listers to own a private jet, and Dwayne Johnson is part of the trend.

Johnson happens to have one of the fastest private jets in the world and all the images he posts on social media show that it really is a luxurious jet on both the inside and outside.

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Johnson obviously uses this to get to and from movie sets and his home in order to have as much privacy as possible and to simply get to places quickly, but it is an incredibly expensive purchase.

1 The Iron Paradise

Arguably Dwayne Johnson's biggest purchase was what he names the "Iron Paradise," which, if you follow him on Instagram, you will have seen plenty of, as Johnson often posts his videos from inside it.

The Iron Paradise is a travelling gym that Johnson created for himself in order to maintain his ridiculous fitness schedule. Not only did Johnson pay for all of the equipment inside, but he also pays for it to travel around the world.

No matter where he is shooting, you can guarantee that this one-of-a-kind gym is just behind him, with Johnson spending incredible amounts of money in order to make sure it is with him whenever he needs it.

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