10 Most Expensive Dresses Of All Time

The fashion industry had a $278.2 billion revenue in 2018 and it might be worth $325.8 billion until 2022, according to Forbes. This billion-dollar market increases thanks to the fast-fashion shops. However, there is always a niche looking for exclusiveness and willing to pay more.

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The most expensive dresses in the world are unique pieces, but it doesn't mean they are the most beautiful outfit you have ever seen. The reputation of the designer can define the final price, but other things influence the values of the dresses on this list. The material used and the historical cost of a dress matters.

Discover the most expensive dresses ever made and find out why they are worth so much.

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10 Mauro Adami Wedding Dress – $372,564

Every woman wants to look flawless on their wedding day, and some can afford a dress that is worth thousands. So it is no surprise that most gowns are bridal dresses.

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This wedding gown was created by the famous Italian design, Mauro Adami. He used 40 meters of fabric, and he adorned the gown with platinum threads and hand-embroidered flowers. The price of this dress is $372,564, and it is one of the most expensive gowns ever made. Adami is a famous designer and already designed clothes for the Rolling Stones.

9 Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress – $388,000

Kate Middleton got married in 2011 and she went down the aisle wearing a $388,000 dress. Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander MacQueen, created the dress. It also became of the most iconic wedding dress of all times and many other brides wore a wedding gown inspired by the Kate Middleton model.

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The duchess wanted a dress that carried the tradition of the royals, but with a modern touch. Sarah Burton also designed the shoes, that features materials like ivory and lace embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework.

8 Danasha Gown – $1,500,000

The Danasha gown was presented to the public during the Miami Fashion Week show in 2010. Jad Ghandour, one of the most famous designers in the Middle East, created the dress, and it is covered with gold and diamonds from Antwerp.

"Our aim wasn't to just throw diamonds and gold together and call it a diamond gown," the design team said. "We wanted to create a masterpiece - a gown that would highlight the finest materials without looking overwrought. The resulting gown looks nothing short of dazzling - each detail compliments one another perfectly."

7 Peacock Wedding Dress – $1,500,000

Eight people worked for 40 days on this dress, that is covered with more than two thousand peacock feathers. The final result is a unique dress that cost $1,500,000.

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The dress was presented in a bridal fair in China in 2009. There are many controversies around the dress. The first of them is the need to harvest the feathers from multiple peacocks that normally live in poor conditions. In some countries, having peacock feathers at home is considered bad luck, so many people might think twice before considering buying it.

6 Nicole Kidman In Christian Dior - $2,000,000

Nicole Kidman crossed the red card of Academy Award in 1997 wearing one of the most expensive dresses of all times. John Galliano designed the dress for Dior.

Dior is one of the most valuable brands in the fashion industry business, so you need to be willing to pay some thousand dollars. However, $2,000,000 is the most expensive dress ever made by Dior.

It was also the first big work of Galliano for the brand. It was also the first time Nicole Kidman dragged all the attention on the red carpet.

5 Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Dress - $4,800,000

Marilyn Monroe is the only name that appears on this list more than one time. Almost 60 years after Monroe's death, her image is still worth millions and fascinates new generations around the world.

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One of her most famous moments was when the actress sang Happy Birthday for the president John Kennedy. As we all know, there were rumors they were having an affair.

For the occasion, she wore a dress with than 2,500 hand-stitched crystals and it was tailored on her body. In 2016, It was sold on an auction for $4,800,000. The amount was much higher than the first time it was sold in an auction, in 1999, for $1.27 million.

4 Marilyn Monroe Iconic Dress - $5,600,000

If you ever decide to wear a Marilyn Monroe costume, there are high chances the outfit will include a blond wig and a white dress.

It is impossible to think about Marilyn Monroe and don't think about this outfit. She wore this iconic ivory dress in the film Seven Years Each, during one of the most famous scenes of all times.

In 2011, the dress was sold in an auction for $5,600,000. The expected price was $2.000.000. This is the most expensive dress ever sold on an auction.

3 White Gold Diamond Dress – $8.5 Million

Yumi Katsura is one of the most influential bridal designers in Japan. Unsurprisingly, her gowns are not for everybody. However, she outdid herself in 2015 when she released a white gold diamond bridal gown that costs $8.5 million. The dress features diamonds and pearls, which explains part of the price.

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Katsuta studied fashion in Paris, and she is one of the responsible for popularizing western-style on bridal dresses in Japan. She is famous in other continents and has clients in Norway, France, and the US.

2 The Diamond Wedding Gown – $12 million

Renee Strauss, a famous bridal designer in Beverly Hills, created the most expensive wedding dress of all times. Together with the jewelers Martin Katz, he created a dress that is more expensive than many pieces of jewelry. The $12 million diamond wedding gown is as lavish as it sounds.

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Straus designed a dress covered with approximately 150 diamonds. They are placed in a way that the gemstones sparkle when the bride moves.

There is no information if someone ever bought the dress, but it certainly put Renee Strauss under the spotlight and helped to promote the brand.

1 Nightingale Of Kuala Lumpur - $30,000,000

In 2009 the Malaysian designer Faiyzali Abdullah surprised the fashion world for his dress named Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur. People were mesmerized not by its beauty, but by the astronomical price: $30,000,000. It is the most expensive dress ever made. The outfit has a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond. It also featured Swarovski crystals and 751 diamonds.

The dress raised a discussion because it was released when many countries economies were facing their worst crises. Abdullah didn't care to the critics.

"Stocks drop, gold is even falling, but a diamond is forever. This is a dress with diamonds. Why do backward, why can't we go forward?" Abdullah told Reuters. "We are going to the fantastic, but it's real. You are getting value for money with these diamonds."

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