Dress Up Your Fingertips With The Most Luxurious Manicures

Nail art dates back to 3,000 years before Christ and started among the countries of China, India and Egypt. The color of women’s nails identified which social class they belonged to. The higher class would wear deep shades of red, and the lower class would wear pale shades. Nail design started with the Incan civilization, as they would paint images of eagles on their nails.

Since then, nail art has evolved and is now one of the most sought after services of beauty and cosmetics. Every modern girl loves a good manicure. Your hands feel silky, and your nails glisten in the sunlight after you walk out of your local salon. You feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the nightlife. However, if you think dropping $50 on a single nail treatment is burning a hole in your wallet, you might want to reconsider.

The good old days of simple manicures are long gone, and there is much more to take into consideration than just finding the right nail polish color. Your manicurist will ask, “Gel polish? It will last longer,” or perhaps you would like a special spa treatment for close to $100. You read on the flyer that it will help to detox and absorb antioxidants; promoting healthy skin. This might be considered luxurious and expensive to the common folk, but when you are a celebrity goddess, it’s just money to play with.

For celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osboune, ultimate luxury is always right at their fingertips. Constantly in the spotlight, these chicks have to be sporting the hottest style trends and look like a million bucks; literally. From manicures bedazzled with rubies and sapphires, or nail lacquer made of platinum; fashion and jewelry designers around the world have upped the ante when it comes to nail art. While we may gawk in disbelief as to how far these celebs will go to prove they are fashion gurus, to them, it is just their normal lifestyle.

You may be asking “Why has nail art become such a popular trend?” Non-traditional shades and textures have become a fad, thanks to stars like Zooey Deschanel, who sported a funky tuxedo design on her nails back at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. In fact, the New York Times has stated that nail polish sales continued to soar up to 67% between 2010 and 2011. So which nail treatments would blow a hole in your wallet? Take a look at some of the most luxurious ones and see which ones suit your fancy.

10 Orly Gold Manicure: $120

If you are ever on the seventh floor of the Piccadilly Hotel in London, you might want to stop by The Ritz Salon. Here, you can adorn your nails with Jeff Pink’s newest invention, the gold manicure. Jeff Pink is also the creator of the French Manicure and founder of the famous Orly Professional Nail Care system. From a moisturizing hand soak to an olive oil massage, you will be in the hands of utter luxury. Anna Gardiner, the salon’s specialist, will then apply the striking lines of the signature gold polish, which will be positioned to compliment the natural nail. This procedure will take 75 minutes in total and costs a whopping $120.

9 "An Evening to Remember” By Red Carpet Manicure: $1,000

Get red carpet treatment with this special LED gel polish by Red Carpet Manicure. The formula won’t chip or crack for weeks, leaving your nails glittering with holographic sparkles of different hues. The lacquer is infused with four carats worth of black diamonds and has had celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Pink shimmering at the 40th American Music Awards. Certainly the name of the gel polish holds true; An Evening to Remember indeed when you flash this show-stopping manicure.

8 “Amor 24” By Red Carpet: 5,000

This limited edition, metallic nail polish by Red Carpet Manicure, is one of the company’s most famous creations, and they were also the first to produce at-home gel polish products. Made with an ounce of 24 carat gold per bottle, it took more than three months to prepare the nail lacquer to get it just the right consistency. The rich, velvety texture has the look of melted gold when put on. “Amor 24” was launched specifically for The Grammy’s back in 2012, where Rhianna was seen wearing it with her nails glistening to perfection.

7 Leighton Denny Diamond Encapsulation: $32,000

Dig your claws into “Harrods’ Urban Retreat”, one of the poshest spas in London. Located on the 5th floor of Harrods, an oasis of pamper and glam awaits. Step in and be at the hands of utter luxury while expert technicians begin a nail consultation. If you can put up with the long wait list, master manicurist Leighton Denny will bling out your nails with nine carats worth of diamonds; along with sapphires and rubies, which he calls an “encapsulation.” His regular clients include Arab Princesses, so be prepared to be pampered, but always for a price. This bejeweled manicure will cost $32,000.

6 Bijules “Bling” Rings: $36,000

Manicures don’t last forever, and certainly paying for them every couple of days can be pricey, even for the richest of folks. To allow your nails to achieve a sparkle that lasts without the hassle of chipping or growing out, slip on a pair of “serpentine” nail rings. They are the creation of Jules Kim, founder of the jewelry company Bijules. A pair encrusted with pave diamonds can cost up to $36,000 each. Celebrities like Beyoncé have made this a hot trend to follow, and she wore a full set in her music video for Sweet Dreams back in 2009.

5 Iced Manicure: $51,000

Listen up ladies, you can have your 10 lady fingers iced with 10 carats worth of diamonds for $51,000. Cherish Angula, the owner of the London salon “Cherish…Me” has taken the fashion world by storm with her innovative and luxury nail art. Since the iced manicure is so exclusive, the team provides services for maintenance and removal as well. There is no need to lift a single finger because the “Cherish…Me” team will travel to their clients. However, what happens to the diamonds after they have been removed? Not to worry, the team will create a unique piece of jewelry from the remaining diamonds at the client’s request. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

4 “I Do” By Ellie Cosmetics: $55,000

Be a platinum princess with Ellie’s most expensive nail lacquer, “I Do.”  It is made up of rich platinum powder and was launched back in 2005. It was sold in limited edition bottles made of pure platinum, one of the strongest metals on earth. Co-created between four companies; Allure, Essie Cosmetics, Platinum Gold International (PGI) and British platinum supplier Johnson Matthey, this $55,000 polish was carefully designed with the wealthy in mind. It is said to be the perfect shade for a wedding day, and now the average blushing bride can have the same effect for only $250.

3 “Gold Rush” by Model’s Own: $130,000

Get golden talons with this couture polish by Model’s Own. Priced at $130,000, it had been the most expensive nail polish, up until Azature's products took the lead. Resembling gold leaf when painted on, it is silky smooth to the touch. The handcrafted yellow gold bottle is diamond encrusted and contains 1,118 carats worth of diamonds. Fit for a goddess, this polish is literally liquid gold and has adorned the nails of many celebrities. No wonder the company calls it “Gold rush.”

2 Azature’s Black Diamond “King”: $250,000

For a quarter of a million dollars you can rock out your fingernails with 267 carats worth of black diamonds. Jewelry designer Azature, also known as the "Black Diamond King,"  launched this business venture back in 2012, and up until recently it had been the most expensive nail polish on the market. This pricey manicure has been worn by many celebrities, including Kelly Osbourne, for which she received massive criticism by the public.

1 Azature’s White Diamond “Queen”: $1,000,000

The winner of the most expensive nail treatment goes to Azature’s newest polish creation. Each bottle contains 98 carats worth of white diamonds. The bottle itself is studded with 1,400 individually selected diamonds and set in platinum. Kelly Osbourne debuted this manicure in 2013, topping the $250,000 manicure that she got back in 2012. The polish was created to raise funds for the LA Foundation for Lupus, a disease that singer and songwriter Toni Braxton suffers from. The charity is close to her heart, and the proceeds will be donated to this cause.

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