Diving Deep With Luxury Submarines

Captain Nemo's Nautilus was amazing, yet we think he would be ecstatic if he ever laid eyes on one of today's newest underwater toys. Luxurious yachts are one thing, but imagine the excitement of having your own personal submarine and thinking about the adventures to come.

Some of these amazing creations are in a category of their own. Think submarine-yacht combinations. Yes, these hybrids serve dual-purposes and most likely save their owners a bundle in not having to duplicate crew, maintenance, lodging and other expenses for their yacht and submarine.

All of the submarines that we're about to reveal include everything from whirlpool spas to full-sized state rooms with an under ocean view. Although normal, above sea-level activities happen on these private vessels, the biggest draw for many is the incredible opportunity to observe sea life, all in the safety and comfort of their own viewing stations.  Some owners are in it just to follow whale songs and see the various pods of creatures, while others want to dive or hunt for shipwrecks.

These sleek vessels come in all different shapes and sizes, from two-person sizes to a size large enough to host a party. The smaller submarines seem to be the pride and joy of those who love to dive or watch divers. Divers can submerge with the crafts on the aft and port sides to stay nearby and use as a home base.

Evidently, there are 100 personal, luxury submarines flitting around the Seven Seas, but the owners remain anonymous and generally require confidentiality clauses with the submarine manufacturers.  In fact, Russian oil billionaire, Roman Abramovich, was noted for exclaiming, "If you can find my submarine, it's yours." We're pretty sure he's got the winning hand on that.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself dying to own one of these insanely expensive submarines. You'll be happy to learn that a few of the manufacturers are working to get prices down to less than $250,000 so they will be ready for the demand. So, you may as well put it on your wish list now, it might take a while to get one.

10 Triton 1000/3: $1.97 Million

The 10.5 foot long Triton submarine is one of the most known, affordable luxury submarines around. The Triton 1000/3 holds three passengers, however, there are Triton models that carry as few as two and as many as eight passengers (1000/8) comfortably. This submarine is the perfect choice for those who want to store or deploy it from their yacht. Plus, it's so small it's easy to pilot and control. Even though it is one of the least expensive submersibles, it is luxurious, sporty and will give any owner adventures they'd never have any other way.

9 Deepflight Super Falcon: $2.1 Million

A joystick steers the long, slender design of this Plexiglas submarine. Made for two passengers, this vessel is engineered to "fly" underwater, alongside the dolphins and whales. It's super sleek lines look a bit like a private jet and dives like a falcon with 500 pounds of thrust. It descends at 320 feet per minute (fpm) and ascends vertically at 600 fpm. The dual bubble tops give the passengers the most up close and personal view, as little separates them from the outside. It looks a bit like a bi-plane and is engineered to feel like one.

8 Triton 3300/3: $3 Million

This luxurious model seats three comfortably, weighs in at nine tons and is rated for a depth of 3,300 feet. The newest model is great for treasure hunting, observing sea creatures and simply gliding about for ride. The Triton 3300 was used during the first underwater, giant squid sighting, which gave its passengers a safe ride all the way. All luxury submarines are climate-controlled and made with the finest, yet durable, materials. Order one today and in about 18 months, it will be ready for pickup or delivery.

7 Nomad 1000: $6.5 Million

Called the world's first luxury submarine, the Nomad 1000 is a 24 or 36 passenger tourist submarine, which can be used for business excursions and giving friends a thrill on an hour long subsea ride. Most submarines are battery-operated, but the Nomad is diesal electric powered, so it can charge the batteries while cruising along. The Nomad includes amazing viewports, bedrooms, full kitchen and more to delight and comfort the ecstatic on-board guests. To own one, is to want to explore the depths of the most glorious underwater scenes.

6 Proteus: $8 Million

Considered to offer the ultimate in luxury, this 65-ft submersible is said to be the most technologically advanced. Proteus, by designer Herbe Jaubert, is really a submarine yacht. It is perfect for diving and can handle up to 14 divers who can submerge with the craft while it comfortably seats eight inside. One pilot and one engineer is the crew needed to manage this uniquely designed and engineered submarine. The original Proteus was used in the movie Fantastic Voyage when it was miniaturized and injected into a body.

5 Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat: $9.5 Million

Imagine the most perfect combination of a powerboat that is also a submarine. Quite a bit different than some of the sportier subs, this model can cruise at 35 mph on the water, 5 mph below the water and can submerge as far as 600 feet under the water. Since it is a hybrid, you may actually see one of these cruising around if you live in a swanky area for boating. Although, you might think James Bond is around the corner, as it's a high-speed, long-range motor boat. Great for a spy chase!

4 Paul Allen's Yellow Submarine: $12 Million

Microsoft's co-founder, Paul Allen, owns this yellow spectacle. Built a few years ago, this submarine is 40-feet long and is perfect for some of his favorite past times, such as discovering and exploring shipwrecks. A 10-passenger model costs a cool three million more, but Allen's happy with his new luxury water toy. We don't know for sure, but this yellow submarine is reminiscent of the famous Beatles' version that illustrated their song and it's as cute as a submarine can get. The photo shows how the submarine is stored on a yacht making it always ready for deployment.

3 Seattle 1000: $25 Million

Made by the same company as the Nomad, the Seattle 1000 offers a larger interior and an extended surface. This is such an elite submarine, it even comes with crew quarters and galley. Of course, the owner is able to customize the interior configuration, but it basically includes five staterooms, two kitchens, a gym, wine cellar, living and dining areas. It is pricey to operate, but when money is no concern, it makes a great party-submarine excursion for friends and family. It's an underwater adventure waiting to happen.

2 Phoenix 1000: $80 Million

The Phoenix 1000 makes the Seattle 1000 look like a glamorous yacht, it's so exclusive. Every detail can be hand-selected to the buyer's preferences; the work is 100 percent custom-tailored. The perfectly climate-controlled luxury submarine vacation home can be used for exploring or just hanging around on a lazy day just watching the underwater world go by. This massive vessel, 213 feet in length, is so large it can carry a small submarine for exploring further down to approximately 2,000 meters.

1 Migaloo Submarine-Yacht: $2.3 Billion

An extraordinary vessel that is a yacht and a submarine combined. The immense deck includes a bar, helipad, swimming pool, sun beds and lounging area. The two hatches can be converted into beach terraces. When submerged, the lounge furniture is easily stored and the bottom of the pool rises up to the main deck level. The tower and hull provide guests an incredible view of the ocean's wonders. It's the dream yacht that only billionaires of a certain financial level can afford and one that we'll only see in the movies, if we're lucky. This spectacular design includes every technical, modern and environmental convenience a billionaire could want.

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