The 10 Most Expensive Disney Park Restaurants

Going on a vacation to a Disney park is already going to cost you a pretty penny, but at the same time, if you're already planning an epic trip, would it really be so bad to splurge a little more on a nice dining experience? There are tons of restaurants at all the Disney parks out there, but only a handful stand out as true fine dining.

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There are regular restaurants that won't cost you much more than an average non-Disney meal, but there are also restaurants that go the extra mile with their food and their pricing. Here are ten of the most expensive restaurants you can eat at in the Disney parks.

10 Victoria And Albert's

Victoria and Albert's is located inside Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Hotel and it is likely the most money you'll pay for a meal anywhere at Disney World. They serve you six different courses over two hours and their dishes change daily. They create personalized menus for their guests and the women diners get a red rose.

They won't even serve children under the age of ten. If you plan on dining here you should be prepared to spend several hundred dollars at a minimum. You will also need to dress accordingly in a suit jacket or dress. It's an AAA-rated restaurant, one of only three in Florida.

9 Narcoossee’s

Narcoossee's is another restaurant you'll find at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. It is located near the Seven Seas Lagoon and as such has a primary focus on seafood. It is recommended you try the lobster here as it is supposedly sublime.

The good news is for regular Disney visitors, Narcoossee's does accept the Disney Dining Plan, unlike Victoria and Albert's. And even if you don't want seafood, there are other options on the menu that are equally delicious. You should anticipate spending at least $100 or more while dining here, especially if you're eating seafood as the prices will add up quickly.

8 The Hollywood Brown Derby

The Hollywood Brown Derby is an excellent way to complete your night after catching the Fantasmic show or dining before. There is even a package deal you can purchase to get the best price for both. The Brown Derby was a famous landmark in Tinseltown and the Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney World is an exact replica of the restaurant.

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Step into the Golden Age of Hollywood when you dine here. As for the food, the Brown Derby is known for their famous Cobb salad and delicious beef filet. They also have decadent desserts like the Brown Derby original, a grapefruit cake.

7 Le Cellier Steakhouse

In addition to being on the pricier side, this steakhouse, located in the Canada Pavilion in Epcot, is one of the most difficult restaurants to get a reservation to. The food is so sumptuous and exquisite though that if you do get the chance, you're sure to savor every bite.

Enjoy Canadian delicacies like cheesy poutine made to perfection. Dine on a New York strip or a perfectly cooked filet mignon. The Canadian cheddar cheese soup and maple crème brûlée are more favorites. But the menu has so many different offerings it can be difficult to decide what you want!

6 21 Royal

When people love Disney they really love Disney. You can see the evidence of this in that some people are willing to shell out $15,000 just for an exclusive dining experience at a hidden New Orleans-style room at California's Disneyland. The 21 Royal is an ornate home meant for fine dining.

If you are actually willing to pay the high price then your menu will be specifically made by the chef and curated for you and your party. 21 Royal is located in the Dream Suite located above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You dine on a seven-course meal before you get an excellent view of the fireworks show on the balcony.

5 Tiffins

Located in Disney's Animal Kingdom park, Tiffins restaurant invokes the atmosphere of travel. Everything within the restaurant fits an elegant rustic theme that will make you feel as if you're taking a stroll through Africa and Asia. The restaurant pays homage to the world's most exotic animals.

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The entire place is beautifully decked out in exquisite pieces of art. Make sure you bring your appetite so you can dine on charred octopus or spiced chickpea falafel. They're also known for their Surf and Turf offering and desserts. Tiffins is a great place for a light lunch but also for drinks if you're of age.

4 Todd English's Bluezoo

If you're staying at Disney World's Dolphin Resort than a visit to the bluezoo is an absolute must. The restaurant is an award-winning hotspot so you will need to make a reservation as far in advance as you can. They're best known for their divine seafood menu. One of the downsides is that bluezoo doesn't accept the Disney Dining Plan.

That said they offer incredible food both from land and sea, all to be enjoyed in the beautiful decorum of an underwater-themed restaurant. They offer everything from Maine lobster to ahi tuna and the menu is always changing to reflect the current market and give guests plenty of choices.

3 Monsieur Paul

Are you in the mood for some fine French cuisine? You should certainly check out Monsieur Paul in Epcot. It's a small little cafe and you'll need money to spare as it can quickly get pricey, but it's also delicious and well worth the price tag.

Renowned chef, Paul Bocuse, has been sharing the flavors of France for many years. The location was recently refurbished from a Bistro. It is located in the France Pavilion. From the cafe, you'll be able to see the World Showcase while you eat. It's an elegant place but it's not stuffy.

2 Cinderella's Royal Table

This is one of the few restaurants based around specific Disney characters and it's a worthwhile treat for your family, especially for any of your children that might have a princess obsession. Cinderella will meet your party in the Grand Hall before you ascend to the banquet hall above.

You'll dine in a storybook fantasy world complete with stain-glass windows that overlook Fantasyland. You'll get the chance to meet with famed Disney Princesses and guests are even encouraged to dress up for the momentous occasion to get the perfect photos and autographs. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1 Yachtsman Steakhouse

If you're in the mood for a mouthwatering steak then look no further than Yachtsman Steakhouse. But be aware, the restaurant is going to cost you. The steaks come in all sorts of cut, the priciest cut costs $125 by itself and that's before you add on anything else to the meal.

One of the favorite side dishes is the decadent truffle mac and cheese. Kids are welcome too, the restaurant does offer a kids menu! They also offer wine tastings and invite guests who enjoy a fine glass to take place in touring the world of wine.

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