Get V.I.P. Seats At These 10 Luxury Sports Bars

It’s said that New York is the center of the world; would you believe that to be true? The east coast is the first to make anything a real statement and they are doing that as we speak with sports bar

It’s said that New York is the center of the world; would you believe that to be true? The east coast is the first to make anything a real statement and they are doing that as we speak with sports bars. When most people think of sports bars, they think of dingy dive bars hidden in a back alley with stale pretzels on the table. Not that it’s a bad thing, some people really enjoy this kind of lifestyle. However, the east coast is creating the newest trend; luxury sports bars.

These sports bars are not your average run of the mill dive bars, some have their very own bouncer, valet service, and so much more. These trendy night spots are the new place to cheer for your favorite team, maybe while snacking on some caviar.

The next time you make it to the east coast, make sure to check out these lavish places next (that is, if you can get on the guest list in some places). They’re sure to be a hit, and they’re sure to treat you well.

10 The Windsor

This upscale sports bar won’t leave you disappointed. The Windsor has two locations in New York: West Village and Gansevoort Park. The Windsor is all about the ‘classic New York’, with its pin stripe walls and dark leather seats for its customers to relax in. This sports bar also allows you to rent the venue out for your next business meeting.

The Windsor is a great place to catch the next game; each booth has their very own flat screen TV to watch and control. Not to mention their beers and specialty drinks being exotic and fun to try. The Windsor should be your next pit stop for the classic, but elegant, sports bar around the corner.

9 Legends

Legends is the great place to go and check out what it really means to be a New Yorker. This sports bar is created for people all over New York, as well as tourists, to see who and what made New York what it is today. The look and feel of this bar is old time French, with the rugged ages of New York’s first stepping stones to becoming a great city.

Legends offer sports games from around the world; so catching international games should not be a problem here. This luxurious sports bar offers imported beers from around the world, as well as specialty drinks that the bartender can create for you on the spot. Not only do they offer the classic sports bar food, but you can also step up your lavish lifestyle with bites of lobster bisque or steak skewers to start your sports bar experience.

8 The Ainsworth

This elegant sports bar is located in New York’s Chelsea District. The Ainsworth is all about that rustic sophistication that will really bring your sports fun, with your sports craziness. The décor is all about creating that sports feel from any angle. You never have to be afraid of getting a bad seat in the house, because there are none with its Hi-Def surround sound and flat screens throughout the bar.

The Ainsworth is equally about its great food and awesome beers. Thinking about ordering a plain burger and fries? The Ainsworth offers you delicious and exotic food, like short rib grilled cheese, or its famous whiskeys to choose from to get your night really going. The Ainsworth will not disappoint; you’ll want to go here every weekend to cheer on your team.

7 The Royal

This bar deserves its name! The Royal is located directly below Union Square, right in the heart of New York City. The Royal wants you to feel relaxed and at home in this comfy lounge bar; but don’t forget all of the flat screens for your viewing pleasure.

The Royal offers a sophisticated take on a sports bar, and offers you delicate dishes, like tuna tacos, or their famous Royal Burger. The Royal also allows you to rent out the location for your next private party; but you are going to need some serious cash.

6 Bounce Sporting Club

This luxurious sporting club has two locations in New York: Flatiron as well as Uptown. Don’t worry about a dingy dive bar feel here; the Bounce Sporting Club is all about the latest and greatest fashionable décor and splendor, all while still offering you the sports bar experience. This sports bar is influenced by the 50’s and 60’s: back when New York was in full swing.

If you’re looking for a more intimate feel, they offer you a private room (called ‘the living room’) where you can watch the sports game of your choosing—but be prepared to pay the price. The Bounce Sporting Club offers you a new take on bar cuisine, with its truffle Mac and cheese, or duck burger. This bar is all about the Manhattan life; so don’t be afraid to use that credit card.

5 40/40 Club

If you’re looking for the “most happening” sports club, then look no further than the 40/40. The name of the bar stems from four of the great baseball players, and the term they got from gaining 40 home runs and 40 bases steals in a single season. This sports club was opened in 2003, by the ever so famous hip hop star, Jay Z. The 40/40 Club offers you that penthouse feel in New York City, all with the great entertainment and services you could think of.

Worried about a bad seat? Don’t worry, the 40/40 club has an 18 foot TV wall, that can be easily seen from any point in the club. The 40/40 club also offers you luxurious VIP seating, in the upper levels. If you and your closest 60 friends are looking for a private room, equipped with its own music station, billiard table, and waiter service, look no further than this sports bar.

4 Tonic

This sports bar will leave you feeling exhilarated and well pampered. Tonic sports bar is located right in the heart of Times Square; so you’ll have to put this on your bucket list. Tonic is one of the largest sports bars in New York City, and gives you the great feel of the sports bar next door, all while offering you the luxurious feel of being a New Yorker.

Tonic has 25 large plasma TV’s as well as projection screens in every room, to make sure you see that perfect shot or goal from your favorite sports team. This sports bar also plans special themed nights for a different feel each time you go in.

3 West 3rd Common

If you’re looking for a quieter, but still lavish sports bar, look no further than the West 3rd Common sports club. Lit with beautiful chandeliers, and red leather cushions lining the bar, this sports club will offer you the perfect combination of sports fun, and timeless New York elegance.

West 3rd Common is located in Greenwich Village, next to the NYU campus. This relaxing sports bar offers you the tranquility of great service, as well as the great taste of a classic burger and ice cold beer.

2 Redemption

Not only does this bar have a pretty fun name, but it’s also located in the Lexington area of New York. Redemption sports bar is the perfect mix between New York’s famous night life, with your favorite sports bar atmosphere. Set at a reasonable price, Redemption also offers late night happy hour, and great food options to choose from; think braised rib or black lacquer chicken wings.

1 The Hill

This sports bar is pretty new, which makes it the most happening place to be. The Hill is located on 3rd ave in New York; a great place to be and walk around after the game is over. This sports bar is a stylish lounge and screaming sports bar in one; so don’t be afraid to come check it out. The Hill also offers two rooms to watch your favorite game in: those who like to stand, and for those who like to sit. Pretty inventive! If you’re looking for the new place to go to get that luxurious feel, The Hill is the next place to be.

With all the craze with high end sports bars, it’s easy to see why people are looking for the next best thing. These luxurious sports bars offer you the perfect element of that crazy sports setting you love, with the sophistication of New York’s famous night life. So next time you hit up the big apple, check out one of these crazy hot spots.

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Get V.I.P. Seats At These 10 Luxury Sports Bars