10 Crazy Expensive Things DJ Khaled Has Bought

DJ Khaled is one of the most important producers and DJs in the world. He has worked with several famous names such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drake and Anitta. His most recent album Father of Asahd has seven songs on Billboard Hot 100.

The singer is not only successful in music and he has an entrepreneur spirit. DJ Khaled has restaurants, many properties, a publishing company and other investments. He has a US$ 35 million fortune and he doesn’t hold back when he wants to spend it. The musician also enjoys sharing his lavish lifestyle on social media, where we are in use to see his fancy cars, clothes and other luxury items.

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10 A huge car collection


Who doesn’t love cars? But not all of us can afford a millionaire collection as DJ Khaled. The musician is a proud owner of a handful of Rolls-Royces that he is always showing off. He used a Rolls Royce Phantom, one of the most expensive in his collection, in one of his video clips in 2011.

In 2011 he also bought a luxurious tour bus, with leather seats, a bedroom, a bathroom with black marble and fully equipped kitchen. It would be a great experience to take a tour around U.S. on that bus, right?

9 The perfect home

Having a lavish mansion is one of the first items you should buy when you are a celebrity. And DJ Khaled would not be different. Last year he put his house on the market for US$ 8 million, what is an insane price for most of us, but nothing compared to the US$ 25.9 million waterfront house he bought in Miami.

The place has an 80 foot-long swimming pool, five bedrooms and a guest house on the other side of the property, with four bedrooms.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the only property of the musician, who also owns other luxurious properties.

8 A great shoe collection

via theshoegame.com

It’s hard to find someone more dedicated to his collections than DJ Khaled. He also has a collection of shoes that would make Imelda Marcos envy. He can wear a different pair of shoes for more than a year and never repeat one of them.

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The producer has a whole room for his 500 pairs of sneakers. The 360 degrees designed closet has 14 wooden shelves that go from the bottom to the top. Of course, there is a ladder to access the pairs. Among the priceless collection, there are some items personalized with his name.

7 Jewelry


The musician might not know how to pronounce “jewelry” correctly, but he knows how to buy them. We often see him wearing boldest chains, large rings and wrist weights.

DJ Khaled is far from being a “low profile” person and we often seem he using multiple chains, rings and wrist weights all at once. Among his most outstanding items are the golden chain with his catchphrase, “We the best!” ( there is also a baby version for his son), a 14k gold ruby crown ring and items with Hip Hop’s logos.

6 Watches

A few years ago, DJ Khaled appeared using an eye-catching accessory that costs more expensive than some people’s house. The US$ 300 thousand watch, covered with diamonds. The piece was designed by Nautilus, one of the most expensive brands in the world. They have cheaper models and the prices start at US$ 25 thousand.

Unsurprisingly, the producer has an ever-growing luxury watches collection that has started with a Rolex, but his favorite brand is Hublot because they have a lot of options. To the date, Khaled has seven designed models that he uses on a daily bases.

5 Presents for his son

If it depends on DJ Khaled his son will have the same taste for expensive things as he does. The proud father gave Asahd Khaled a US$ 100 thousand Frank Muller watch for his first birthday.

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Asahd also has a Rolex and a jewelry collection that includes golden chains and diamond rings. Just like his father, Asahd also has a collection of designed sneakers and cars, all custom-made miniatures from Ferrari, Mercedes and Rolls Royce. The boy, who will turn three this year, has already a fancy lifestyle that included red carpets and hanging around with stars like Rihanna and Drake.

4 Presents for friends


DJ Khaled has the best lifestyle the money can buy. But he is not selfish and he often gives friends expensive gifts. Really expensive. When Stormi Webster turned 1-year-old, the musician gave the girl her first Chanel bag.

Last year he also spent US$ 100 thousand on Rolex watches to his team. It was the best way he found to say thank you for his staff loyalty. But he is also generous with other people. In 2018 he gave US$ 100 thousand scholarships for two high school students in Miami.

3 Epic birthday parties

DJ Khaled is of the most prestigious names in the music industry. His birthday parties are well known for having A-list names such as Fergie, Akon, Diddy, Usher and Jamie Foxx. His last birthday party was in his mansion and it was an epic night with Kelly Rowland singing “Happy Birthday” and Salt Bae cooking for the guests.

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Of course, DJ Khaled wants his son to have just as memorable parties as he does. In 2018 Khaled rented a baseball stadium to celebrate Asahd's second birthday. 150 children were invited.

2 Dream Holidays


DJ Khaled worked hard to build his music empire and he deserves holidays sometimes. Like most people, he loves to go on holidays to the beach with his family. But unlike most of us, he can afford vacations to the most exclusive hotels on the Caribbean islands.

In 2018 he decided to go to the Bahamas, where he stayed at The Cove Resort at Atlantis, known for hosting names like Fergie and Drake. The musician has also been to luxury resorts on Jamaica. Of course, he shares many details on his social media.

1 Private Jets

DJ Khaled has revealed on a video posted on his social media that flying is one of his greatest fears on life. That was the reason he kept away from planes for ten years.

But it has changed thanks to Asahd. In 2017 the musician confessed that having a child made his fears go away. Of course, Khaled does it his way and he flies on private planes. Don’t be surprised if any time the musician shows up with his own private jet with all luxury features he cares about so much!

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