Checklist: 15 Things Every Bride Should Have On Her Wedding Day (And 15 The Groom)

It is time for the big day, which means the bride and groom have been anticipating this day for a long time and will both be a pack of nerves. Though many women become bridezillas when planning their fairytale wedding, grooms also become just as anxious, crazy, and nervous. A lot of planning, time, and organization goes into finalizing and perfecting everything for the big day until it arrives, but, on the wedding day itself, there is still much to be done.

Firstly, and most importantly, you want to ensure that you get through the big day without any mishaps occurring and that you can live to tell the tale. For both the bride and groom, the wedding day, which is a day full of fun and smiles, can also be stressful and nerve-wrecking, which causes many to drink before the celebrations have even commenced. However, before you do that, make sure to both have your to-do lists in hand just in case you get a little bit too happy before the ceremony is underway.

Though the day should be a breeze for the bride and groom, there are many things to still be responsible for on the big day, so here is a checklist for both to ensure smooth sailing.

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30 Groom: Comb And Hair Gel

via Ashley Notley Photography

A groom's hair on his wedding hair is as important as the bride's, and heaven forbid a man's hair falls out of place on his wedding day, right? That being said, a man should make sure that on the day that all eyes will be on him, that he brings along a comb and hair gel. It is nothing to be ashamed of, John Travolta and Fonzie always carried a comb and hair gel with them; pack it and keep checking in the mirror for smooth hair!

29 Bride: Foundation

via Makeup For Life

As a bride, there are a few must-have items on your dream wedding day that you must not overlook, and foundation is surprisingly one of them. We know that you probably spent a lot of money getting your most flattering makeup done by a MUA, but things get hot and sweaty and people will be kissing your face all day and night, so carrying an easy-to-apply foundation with you is essential for those wedding photos. Just in case you need to touch up, it will be handy.

28 Groom: Black Socks

via shopsockprints

There are many vital "day of" essentials, and for men specifically, black socks are not debatable. To survive and have a sweat-free wedding day, a man must pair his classy shoes with a pair of black socks and pack an extra just in case his nerves get the best of him. Black socks make the classiest fashion statement, and also prevent a man from sweating and having smelly feet. We are certain your bride will not want to smell your feet at the end of her big day!

27 Bride: Band-Aids

via Bridal Guide

Sticking on the same topic of beautiful heels, painful feet and magical flats, we introduce to you Band-Aids. If Band-Aids are a part of daily life emergency kits, then they should definitely be in a bride survival kit. An anxious bride will not enjoy herself on her wedding day if she is aching of pain on her feet because of scabs. If you've never worn your heels before, and chances are you haven't because it is your special wedding shoes, you're guaranteed to have a blister or 10.

26 Groom: Extra Tie/Bow Tie

via Pinterest

Weddings could get messy; there is plenty of food, drinks, and guests who are boozed up. This naturally means that you may get dirty accidentally, and when all eyes are on you, you do not want to look messy and sloppy on your big day. It may not be easy to wash your suit if it gets a stain, but, if your tie or bow tie does, it is easy to change it on the spot. Therefore, make sure you have two of the same to swap it in case.

25 Bride: Perfume

via weddingsonline

A big part of a bride's finalized look on her wedding day is her scent; a bride could look like a princess, but perfume on is the essential part of it all. Some brides opt for their signature perfume on their big day, while others go for something newer and fresher, but whatever you chose, having that delightful bottle with you is a must. We recommend you spray your perfume before putting your dress on to avoid stains and not exaggerating either as frequent application throughout your celebration will be a must.

24 Groom: Cologne

via FashionBeans

We know you might roll your eyes since some items are obviously needed to get through the big day, but with all the nerves and stress, one may forget to tag along their most desired cologne with them. Everyone knows that cologne does not last on forever, and being surrounded by people who are there to celebrate your love, means you need be on top of your game, and how can a man feel confident without smelling powerfully good?

23 Bride: Eyelash Glue

via Makeup Meets Face

Since you are the bride and all eyes and cameras will be on you that day, you want to ensure your makeup is always on fleek. And nothing is more gorgeous than a full set of thick and voluminous eyelashes, and to keep that going throughout your day, you're going to need to pack that eyelash glue. You may not be a runaway bride, but with all the emotions and tears, some lashes may runaway, so keep the glue nearby.

22 Groom: Lint Brush

via GlowRoad

We know as men, you do not carry this item with you daily, and maybe you do not even own one, but it is crucial to have a lint brush with you on the day you say, "I do." If you want your day to go smoothly, we want to make sure that your tuxedo is properly taken care of, and a lint brush will do just that. A bride looks like a princess in her dream dress, and her man's pants and jacket should be clean, too.

21 Bride: Snacks

via Pinterest

Just so you do not faint or fall weak to your knees while you are walking down the aisle to your husband, we suggest you munch on some snacks. Pack snacks with you that are loaded with protein and do not be ashamed to stuff your mouth with them in the limousine on the way, as it will help fight all the emotions with some buzzed up energy. Also, make sure these are snacks that do not get messy — we do not want an accident that early in the day!

20 Groom: Handkerchief

via Quora

Big boys don't cry, right? But what about on their wedding day? Theoretically, men do not cry at weddings, but who can stop a man from tearing up when he first sees his bride, the love of his life, walk down the aisle? And since most, well, all, men do, then a handkerchief is a must and not a question. The handkerchief belongs in the lapel pocket and must be checked on the kit list since the tears will roll down your face.

19 Bride: Lipstick and Lipliner

via Austin Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

Evidently, a bride will get her makeup done for her big day, and the MUA will leave the bride with a sample of the lipstick she/he used on her pout to be able to touch it up. However, that may not be enough; your lips will get dry and might crack when saying your vows, and you will be kissing people all day, so reapplications will be constantly necessary. And to show off the curve of your lips, the lipliner will come in handy to fix all smudges.

18 Groom: Remedies

via mirror

How cute is a man who is head over heels in love with his bride? Very adorable, correct? And what do touchy relatives and friends do when they are overjoyed by the love? They pinch cheeks. For some reason, at weddings, you will often see guests pinch the groom's cheeks, and, we have a cure, aspirin. Since you are the star of the wedding along with your bride, guests will do that all night, and though aspirin won't stop it, it will definitely ease the annoyance — sorry, we mean the pain.

17 Bride: Bobby Pins

via Green Wedding Shoes

It may be all about the bride's wedding gown on her big fairytale day, but the hair is a close first. And so, keeping on the topic of hair, in the bride emergency kit, there must be, without a doubt, bobby pins. The bobby pins work like calling 911; any hair emergency and the bobby pins will be there quickly and fix everything right up. It is essential to have extra bobby pins, especially if your wedding day hairdo is an up-do.

16 Groom: Watch

via Pinterest

A watch is the most vital accessory a man can have on his wedding day. Why? Because he must keep himself and the boys in line, and make sure he does not have a runaway bride. All jokes aside, since it is not so elegant and respectful to take your phone out in church or at the reception hall while celebrating, a classy watch will do the job. First off, watches are the trendiest fashion statement a man can make, and secondly, keeping everything in check should be the groom's job.

15 Bride: Flats

via Her World

Beauty is pain, every woman knows that — and that is no exception on a bride's wedding day, as those Cinderella heels are bound to squish and crunch the toes. Therefore, on the morning of your wedding, be sure to pack a pair of comfy flats. Midway through your celebration, when you feel your pulse in your toes, you will thank yourself for remembering to bring a pair of flats. Tip: Make sure they are stylish and match your dress as people will be snapping pictures all night.

14 Groom: Deodorant

via Detroit Grooming Co.

On your wedding day, while you're partying and busting your dance moves, you do not want your guests to get whiffs of bad odour from you. And to ensure that does not happen, simply packing your deodorant with you will save you from the embarrassment. It is your wedding day, which means your goal is to consistently smell like an Abercrombie & Fitch model since your guests will be stuck to you like glue. Do yourself a favour and do not forget it!

13 Bride: Tanning Lotion


A bride wants to look and feel like a princess on her big day, so, that does not go without getting a spray tan. With a white dress, a bride will look glowing and healthy with a tan, so most brides opt for a spray tan right before the wedding. However, since it is not permanent, it could easily get smudged or scratched. And it is here that we tell you it is a clever idea to have a tan lotion bottle with you to fix up those tan accidents.

12 Groom: Mouth And Teeth Products

via Etsy

There is nothing wrong with being a groom and having a wedding emergency kit — it is actually vital! Since food plays a major role in a wedding celebration, and so does kissing, we believe that the groom must carry all the necessary teeth and mouth products; a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mints. Your guests will certainly keep hitting their knives on their wine glasses to see you kiss your bride, and you don't want her to cringe and pull away.

11  Bride: Hand Cream

via Pinterest

On your wedding day, you will be nervous, anxious, and stressed, which means your hands will be sweaty and will swell up. Now, what if you are at the alter and your husband-to-be is trying to slide your new rock on your finger but it does not fit? You're stuck and you're going to need some hand cream ASAP. We do not want to have to call 911, so make sure your squad packs you a tube of hand cream. Tip: Apply some before walking down the aisle.

10 Groom: Undershirt

via Pinterest

It is rare that people have their big day take place during the winter, and since most do during the summer, the wedding day groom survival kit should include an extra undershirt. This item to have is especially crucial for those men getting married somewhere hot and underneath the sun. After the vows are exchanged and before going off to celebrate, a groom's undershirt may be a little sticky because of nerves, so changing it and putting a fresh one on would be ideal.

9 Bride: Sewing Kit

via Something Turquoise

The last thing you want on your wedding day is a wardrobe malfunction but having a sewing kit in your bride emergency kit could save the day. Just like the groom, a bride can deal with her worst nightmare on her wedding day; a popped button or tear in her dress. With all the stress and emotions, that can cause a bride to swell, these things could happen, but a proper sewing kit could save the fashion emergency in a jiffy.

8 Groom: Cufflinks

via Weddingomania

It is better to be safe than sorry on your wedding day, and since grooms also have mishaps, we also ask that you bring along an extra pair of cufflinks. As it is your big day, we want to make sure that you are always in place, and no tuxedo is complete without personal cufflinks. Just the way people lose buttons, men also can lose their cufflinks, and no groom wants that happening on his wedding day — if you please, get an extra pair in your chosen style.

7 Bride: Hairspray

via The Beauty Movement

Just like a groom needs his hair gel, a bride will also need her hairspray to keep her luscious locks in place. A quality hairspray should, without a doubt, be packed into your emergency kit for more than one reason. Besides being used to keep the locks in place, hairspray helps with static because walking down the aisle with the veil sticking to your face may be a nuisance. Spraying a few squirts on the veil will keep it away from your face — magic.

6 Groom: Insoles

21 via Jennen Shoes

If there is anything that a groom absolutely needs to nail to complete his wedding look, it is his shoes. However, the classiest and most costly shoes are not always the most comfortable. Being on your feet all day is peril, and on your big day, you're going to want to be 100% comfortable until the wee hours of the morning, so we suggest bringing and using a pair of insoles. Men need to break in their shoes just like women, and since it will probably be your first time wearing them, insoles are a must.

5 Bride: Hairbrush

via Weddbook

We're not saying you're going to brush your hair on your wedding day, but keeping a hairbrush around should not be a question. Depending on the weather on your wedding day, your hair may get puffy, or locks and tiny strands may come out of place, and a hairbrush will help you tame whatever hair situation that may occur. The hairbrush, along with the hairspray, could make miracles on the big day. Tip: Make sure it is also a detangling brush in case it's windy.

4 Groom: Shoe Polish

via SmartGroom

We are back at it with the shoes again, just because they are the most luxurious part of a groom's look on his big day. Businessmen all over the world know how important it is image-wise to have their shoes polished, and we believe that shoe polish is an emergency item needed for all grooms-to-be. While you're doing the boogie on the dance floor, someone might just step on your shoes and ruin the shine — believe us, a little can of shoe polish will suffice.

3 Bride: Tunes

via Chatelaine

Didn't think of this one, did you? But having your favourite tunes on hand will definitely get you and your bride squad ready for the big day. We all know how much a killer playlist helps to set the mood as well as help get rid of the stress and anxiety, so make sure you have those tunes ready to blast in the morning and in between all the festivities. Get your girls together, smile, laugh, and live in the moment with your music!

2 Groom: Sewing Kit

via Pinterest

Being prepared is all it takes to make a wedding day as successful as it should be, and that includes a sewing kit in the groom's emergency kit. Wait, what if he cannot sew? There is bound to be an aunt around who could take care of business quickly anyways. You do not want to be a dud at your own wedding with a lost button on your tuxedo/suit, while your male guests are looking top, right? No groom wants to look back at his wedding pictures to find missing buttons.

1 Bride: Nail Tools 

via Blushed Beauty Boutique

All brides go all out for their wedding, and the nails are just as important as the hair — but women know they can crack or break, so what do you do if that is the case on the big day? To help you get through that rut, make sure you have a nail file in your emergency kit — we beg you to. The last thing you need on your big day is breaking a nail and getting the nail caught in your wedding dress and pulling out strings — avoid the disaster with a nail file.

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