Zillow Lists White House for $319 Million

It's one of the best known residences in the world: the White House.

Comparable to Downey Street or Buckingham Palace, the White House has been valued at $319 million. The sweet package would include 16 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms. If it were for sale, of course.

The real estate website titled Zillow had the following to say about the opulent residence of the President of the US. The "magnificent 132 room mansion" is "the rarest of homes in the US since it is not only the residence of the US President and his family, but it also has two wings with offices for the President, the First Lady, top staff and aides.

Added bonus: the White House can be rented for a month at a time... for $1.8 million. The privileges: central cooling, a finished basement, ceiling fans, a barbecue, an attached garage and a jet tub. Life can be good.



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