Tiger Wood's house

After the scandal that brought Tiger's life  into a slump, he now seems to be making great strides to put that memory behind him. He still remains one of the richest sports figures in the world.

Earning more than $55 million a year, Tiger has no worries when it comes to money.

Woods has been wowing people with his beautiful newly built house in Jupiter Florida, that he spend over $55 million to build. Seems like Tiger couldn't handle the memories in the old house he and his ex-wife shared. He sold his old house to golfer and friend Bubba Watson .

The new Florida home features enormous pools, one for leisure and one for swimming laps, a hot tub, glass water facing windows, and of course the front of the house faces the ocean.


The yard to his estate features a pitch and putting golf course, where he can practice his game as well as a private dock, where he parks his yacht.

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Tiger Wood's house