The 10 Most Coveted Bachelor Pads

Single men have quite distinctive tastes when it comes to their humble abodes. Around 95% of them claim they are not particularly interested in having a spacious kitchen. After all, take out is a synonym for bachelorhood. Most of them simply want a crib that will impress and we all have different standpoints when it comes to what imposing and glamorous really means.

What makes a home manly? They say that the first task you need to commit to is acquiring a large velvet sofa for those laid back afternoons. Refrigerators filled with beer, gyms in almost every room, and a home theater with a huge flat-screen TV are also mandatory. However, there's more to a bachelor's den than meets the eye. For starters, the choice of color, textures, and materials can make the difference between a luxurious condo and a real fortress of solitude, a temple dedicated to testosterone.

Your bachelor pad says more about you than you might think. It is your unofficial business card, a man cave where you can seek balance. Forget about those complicated household items women often can't live without. An epic bachelor pad is all about comfort and intimacy. There are no rules to follow. It can be anything you want it to be, as long as you are proud of your creation. Like the Big Lebowski once said, sometimes all it needs is a rug to tie the room together.


10 Corleone Compound, Staten Island

Looks familiar, doesn't it? It is the same house used in the epic mobster series The Godfather and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. For $2.9 million, it can be all yours. The 1930's Tudor-style mansion in the high-end Todt Hill district in Staten Island features many bachelor goodies, like its very own basement pub, a four-car garage, butler's pantry, two fireplaces, and an in-ground pool. Plus, the eight-bedroom estate comes with many pieces of memorabilia from the movie, such as cue lines with Marlon Brando's lines, autographs from the cast and crew, and even a piece of stone gate used in the film, items any bachelor would love to have in his crib.

9 One Madison Penthouse, Manhattan


Recently single media tycoon Rupert Murdoch purchased the triplex penthouse of One Madison condominium complex in downtown Manhattan for $43 million in March 2014. With $6,850 square feet of living space, its most coveted attraction is the double height entertainment area with windows covering the entire walls. There are five bedrooms and five and half bathrooms, as well as 568 square feet of wrap around terrace. However, Rupert Murdoch was not completely satisfied with the square footage, so he went ahead and bought the entire 57th floor below it, thus creating a four-floor penthouse summing up to 10,000 square feet, connected by an impressive spiral staircase, featuring wide-open living areas with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city, all for a total of $57 million.

8 The Pinnacle Penthouse, Chicago

Acclaimed as the second best city for single guys in America, thanks to its nightlife and excellent dating spots, Chicago has plenty of skyline view penthouses to brag about. However, the ultimate bachelor pad in The Windy City is a huge penthouse on the 45th floor of The Pinnacle, quite close to downtown. Offering an impressive 5,500 square feet of space and 1,000 square feet of terraces plus four balconies, it is one of Chicago's most expensive homes, estimated at $9 million. The modern penthouse boasts two fireplaces, a wine cellar that can accommodate 1,500 bottles, and even a custom-made putting green with real grass.

7 Infinity Flats Penthouse, New York


New York City is the ultimate single guy retreat, with about one million more single women than men. Infinity Flats takes pride in its penthouse that can easily be described as the perfect bachelor pad. Formerly owned by New York Mets third baseman David Wright, who listed it for $7.85 million, it was sold for $6 million in 2011. The man cave on the top floor of Infinity Flats on East 21st Street in New York offers 4,100 square feet of living space and a testosterone-infused décor, whose centerpiece is a double-height game room. It also boasts an expansive roof deck, enclosed hot tub, billiard room, home theater, multiple fireplaces, outdoor barbeque, and spacious master bedroom with automated blackout shades and custom closets.

6 The Boulter House, Cincinnati

This astounding passive solar designed Cincinnati home is the creation of famous visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, built in 1956. The whole house is wrapped around in a giant terrace. It is simple, yet sleek, like all of Wright's designs. Offering 1,959 square feet of living space, there are four bedrooms and a small, very manly kitchen. The two-story south-facing mansion is bathed in natural sunlight all day long. There are floor-to-ceiling windows summing up 450 square feet of glass and four 10-foot tall doors opening to the house's private terraces. Currently owned by Chuck Lorre, its centerpiece is its 24 feet of built-in seating and bookshelves and suspended staircase. Now that's the Wright stuff!

5 Marina Blue Condominium Penthouse, Miami Beach


If you are looking for stunning ocean views straight from the lounge chairs on your balcony, this 4,200-square-foot penthouse in the Marina Blue, home to Miami's best luxury condominium units, could be the best choice. Offering a 2,400-square-foot wraparound terrace with outdoor kitchen, it is the ultimate bachelor pad, overlooking Biscayne Bay and amazing skyline views of Miami Beach. Just imagine waking up each morning in the huge master bedroom with a flawless panoramic view of the ocean, beach, and harbor straight out of your king size bed. The bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows will make you feel as if you are showering outside. Its most attractive features are the 20-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, its stone and steel furnishings, and the massive home theater system. The luxury condo is estimated at $3.3 million.

4 Tennessee Treehouse

Men's Health magazine called it the “ultimate boys' club” for all the best of reasons. The 4,300 square feet pimped-out treehouse in Tennessee was designed by Brad Norris, who used natural materials like stone and wood to create a home where any single guy can become one with nature. Sitting on 31 acres of land atop a ridge, the unique piece of architectural design is harmoniously blended in with the wooded surroundings, and the great outdoors are brought straight into the living room. At the same time, the office and bedroom come with a cave-like design, like a private cocoon to nestle in. Plus, the $2 million home is surrounded by Cypress trees and Western Lodgepole Pines. You can't get more authentic than that.


3 St. Jetersburg, Tampa


New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter's home in Tampa Florida is a palatial residence boasting 30,875 square feet of living space, one of the largest homes in the area. Nicknamed St. Jetersburg, it features numerous over-the-top amenities, making it one of the most impressive and largest bachelor pads out there, with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, huge entertainment room, billiard rooms, and even its own memorabilia area. The English manor style Florida property takes pride in its remarkable stone work, pool overlooking the waters of Tampa Bay, two boat lifts, yacht docks, and pool, located in the prestigious Davis Island neighborhood in Tampa. The waterfront property cost a whopping $7.7 million to build and is now valued at $12 million.

2 Ashton Kutcher's Bachelor Pad, Los Angeles

This 10,000-square-foot mansion perched high above Lake Hollywood boasts an impressive modern architecture, just what every bachelor is looking for. Ashton Kutcher, the third guy to end a marriage with Demi Moore, is renting out his man cave in the Hollywood Hills for $50,000 per month. There are five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, plus plenty of stunning outdoor spaces offering excellent panoramic views. Built in 2007, Ashton Kutcher's bachelor pad features countless luxury amenities, whose centerpiece is the floating dining room that extends from the main structure. There is a large master bathroom, private theater, spa, gym, massage room, gourmet kitchen, wet bar area, enclosed gardens, and infinity pool with lounge area. The architectural masterpiece has fully retractable glass walls and an open sky terrace.

1 Crespi-Hicks Estate, Dallas


The honorable distinction of the most coveted bachelor pad goes to the Crespi-Hicks Estate in Dallas, Texas. Located in the Mayflower Estates neighborhood, the most prestigious area in Dallas, the 25 acres of land are fenced by wrought iron gates. There are a gazillion amenities every bachelor dreams of inside the 42,500 square feet of living space spread throughout a five-story main house, a three-story pool house, and a couple of two-story guest houses. Its most lavish furnishings are the 19th century Italian walnut and burl paneled library, a mirrored art-deco bar room, while the main kitchen features 10th century Dutch Delft manganese tiles. The opulent trophy home is considered one of the finest estate homes in America. The pool house boasts an outdoor livingroom and kitchen, as well as a game room and a home theater that occupies an entire floor. There are also many outdoor amenities, like a tennis court, greenhouses, tree house, and several gardens. What more could a bachelor ask for? The Crespi-Hicks estate was commissioned by Italian count Pio Crespi in the 1940's and is currently owned by Thomas and Cinda Hicks, who listed the property for $135 million in 2013.


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