Expensive Furniture Pieces For The Rich

The world of luxury interior design tends to be less concerned with things like comfort function and durability. Instead, this world where couches and art collide favours themes, design aesthetics, craftsmanship and above all, exclusivity. While it’s true that a great deal of money can get you the interior designer of your dreams, some items take more than fist full of cash and an upper west side condo to procure. In addition to money it takes connections, vision, patience and most importantly good taste. And though beauty, like taste, is in the eye of the beholder these luxury furniture and home design items are sure to impress in an elite circle or two.

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9 Golden Chair from Eames Design House $2,122

Eames has a reputation for creating stylish modern chairs, ottomans and other furniture. There work is simple, sophisticated and always sells at a high price. Typically the design house fabricates its pieces using fine wood and expensive leathers but this time they skipped the textiles and went straight for gold. Another 24-karat creation the golden Eames chair pairs a simple, recognizable shape we know and love with the luxury and softness of gold. The chair retails for a reasonable $2,122 and is sure to hold a place in modern design museums in the future.

8 Dedon Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet $5,000

Outdoor spaces are no stranger to luxury design and the whimsical Dedon Swingrest proves it. For those with the space and the cash to use this self-proclaimed “hanging terrace” prepare to enjoy the ultimate outdoor lounger. Conceptualized by Paris-based designer, Daniel Pouzet, this massive hanging island can be placed on a patio or suspended in the air using its sophisticated suspension system.

The Dedon Swingrest can come with a shade and privacy curtain and a myriad of cushions to maximize the relaxation and comfort. Place over lake or hang from a tree for optimal views and enjoyment. 

7 The Maserati Lounge Chair by Zanotta $6,500

During last year’s International Furniture Fair, luxury carmaker Maserati introduced the Maserati Lounge Chair by Zanotta. Created by design team, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, this lounger gives homeowners the comfort, style and luxury (and exclusivity) that have made Maserati famous throughout the motoring world.  Available in four classic colours, the simple elegant design features black polished finish, high-resistance polyurethane filling and DacronDu Pont padding. You have your choice of colour for the frame as well with chrome-nickel, plated stainless steel or a black polished finish. A piece of motoring a petrol head memorabilia this limited edition retails for $6,500 and is a must for any serious automotive enthusiast.

6 Fauteuil II by Philipp Aduatz $20,300

Philipp Aduatz is a visual artist at heart but when the Vienna-based designer started mixing modern sculptural art and furniture design, the results were amazing. Taking his inspiration from his study of physics and material technologies, the young artist combines simple fabrication techniques with 3D laser scanning technology to build gleaming sculptural furniture. This chair made of glass fiber, reinforced polymer and metallic paint finish is one of only 12 in the entire world each retailing for around $20,300.

5 Office Chair by Hadi Teherani $65,000

Just because you’re confined to an office all day doesn’t mean you can’t have an exquisite chair to sit on. This red and gold office chair by acclaimed German designer Hadi Teherani is the second most expensive chair in the world retailing for $65,000. Designed to be supremely comfortable this chair forgoes much of the moving parts and features you find in a regular office chair giving CEOs the ultimate in uncomplicated comfort. The chair is plated with silver and gold and features rare leather and a vibrant textile. You may never want to leave work again.

4 Michael Jackson’s Baroquean Couch $215,000

Via: www.diamondonedecor.com

It’s no secret that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had expensive taste. When it came to furnishing his home and rehearsal spaces, the prolific singer wouldn’t bat an eye at even the highest of price tags. And if he couldn’t find what he was looking for, Jackson simply had it built. When he set out on rehearsals for his ultimately doomed “This is It” concert series, Michael commissioned this red, gilded, nine-seater sofa. This massive piece includes button-tufted upholstery, 24 karat gold detailing and floral print decorative pillows. Designed in the Baroquean style by Giovanni Maria Malerba di Busca was handmade in Italy and cost a reported $215,000.

3 Baldacchino Supreme Bed $6.3 million

In the spirit of unbridled 18th century opulence, the Baldacchino Supreme bed from Fratelli Basile’s Hebanon Furniture is a celebration of luxury and wealth. This spectacular canopy bed is handcrafted using chestnut and ash wood. Once fabricated the bed is painted and coated using 107 kg of 24K gold giving the headboard and posts a luxurious golden glow. Complete with curtains and linens those who can afford the $6.4 million sleeping sanctuary will also enjoy resting in the fine Italian silks and cotton linen that come with.

2 Solid Gold Crib by Baby Suommo $16.5 million

Nothing is too good for your baby and this 24 karat gold crib is no exception. This egg-shaped bassinet from the Spain-based company, Baby Suommo, is indeed solid gold and gives baby the very finest in luxury napping. For $16.5 million parents will also receive Champagne silk bedding, a protector pillow and mattress comforter. Manufacturers of the sleek 105 pound crib also throw in a changing mat spun from gold yarn. And to top it all off the crib come inscribed with an insignia of the family’s choosing inlaid entirely in diamonds. Welcome to the world, lucky little one.

1 The Badminton Cabinet $36 million     

There was a time when the world’s rich and elite would commission creation of their household items. Everything from self-portraits to four-poster beds could be custom made by an expert craftsman for a song. This was indeed the case when the 3rd Duke of Beaufort commissioned a chest of drawers that would take a ridiculous 36 years to complete. Now known as the Badminton Cabinet on account of the 200 years the piece spent in the Badminton House in Gloucestershire England, this chest is no regular storage piece. Made of dark ebony, the cabinet is 12 feet tall and features inlaid stones of lapis lazuli, amethyst, agate and quarts making intricate scenes and shapes. Christie’s of London auctioned off this ornate piece of history on behalf by Johnson & Johnson heiress Barbara Piasecka Johnson for a record breaking $36 million. These days the piece is on display at the Liechtenstein Museum in Austria.

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