Cristiano Ronaldo Owns $7.2 Million House in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's best football players, owns a $7.2 million house in Madrid. It is an 8600-square-foot, one-story house that boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a trophy room, and kids’ playrooms, as well as Ronaldo’s initials decorating various surfaces.

Cristiano also owns a house in the U.K., which he purchased in 2006 for $6 million. Located in a village in Cheshire, England, it has five bedrooms, separate bathrooms for men and women, a swimming pool and sauna, cinema, media room, piano, aquarium, ceiling mirrors, a 5-star gym, and a garage which houses his flashy wheels. It is also rumored that he has a larger-than-life picture of himself on his wall!

For a while, it seemed the 28-year-old footballer might sell his house in Spain, with reports suggesting he could leave Madrid for a possible transfer back to his old club, Manchester United, in England's Premier League. A deal struck in September 2013 now has Real Madrid paying Ronaldo just over $28 million a year until 2018, making him the highest paid player in football history.

The 28-year-old superstar, who is worth $160 million, served up 84 goals for Manchester United before transferring to Real Madrid in 2009 for $80 million.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Owns $7.2 Million House in Madrid