Annie Leibovitz Selling Townhouse for $29.9 Million

Noted photographer Annie Leibovitz is looking for buyers in the New York City area who may want to buy her townhouse. She had been buying property in the West Village since 2002, when it was purchased for just $4.2 million. The photographer has been renovating the townhouse, combining multiple units together. This time, she is pricing the set at $29.9 million for prospective buyers. This is considered a bargain among some real estate experts, since the price of property in Greenwich has continued to climb over the years.

Leibovitz has been looking for ways to help improve the property recently. A patio garden has been added, which can be accessed by the city street. The home itself is a combination of three townhouse units. It totals over 10,000 square feet of space in its interior area. She had tried to sell the property in 2011 at $33 million, but was unable to find any buyers. Now she hopes to find a buyer who is willing to pay the new price of $30 million since the market has somewhat recovered.

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Annie Leibovitz Selling Townhouse for $29.9 Million