$2.35 Million Houston Home with a Louis Vuitton Bedroom?

With its range of products varying across the spectrum, luxury brand Louis Vuitton has now ventured into home care products with a focus on bedroom decor.


Enjoying all of what Louis Vuitton has to offer is a family who have turned their master bedroom into a shrine for high end fashion brands. The mansion located in Houston, Texas is currently listed for a base price of $2.3 million.

The iconic Louis Vuitton adorns the walls of this exclusive property. This home has been designed in such a way that one feels as if they were a part of the Louis Vuitton family.


Adding to the ambiance of the property is the exclusive lake view which makes the property unique. The logs and monograms of Louis Vuitton are distinctly visible throughout the property making it extremely exclusive.

The property boasts of five bedrooms with a private pier, fishing lights included. You can expect the best of luxury within the compound as the home has a spa and three pools. One of the pools even has a sun ledge with a lagoon included. The house also boasts of a game room, media space and a wine bar giving the property an exclusive touch.

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$2.35 Million Houston Home with a Louis Vuitton Bedroom?