10 Celebrities Who Had Their Homes Broken Into

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly preparing for the worst, or the “what-ifs”. We buy insurance, we buy alarms, and we buy apps that can constantly check up on the important things in our lives. Us average joes feel the need to prepare ourselves for these possible catastrophes, that we forget the rich and famous also have these fears.

Over the past years, it has become popular to hear about celebrity's homes being broken into; the famous “bling ring” scandal that was turned into a movie, was all about teenagers stealing from the most rich and famous. So, what were the most scandalous homes that were broken into? This list will show you just that and maybe even have you sympathizing with people you thought were unreachable.

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10 Lindsay Lohan

Way back in August of 2009, Lohan’s home was broken into by the famous “bling ring” stated earlier, stealing almost $130,000 worth of jewelry and clothing. It’s said that the bling ring created a floor plan and a strategic plan of attack at Lindsay Lohan’s house, but it was her surveillance footage that helped get them in.

9 LL Cool J

The scariest time to have your home broken into is when you're upstairs sleeping in your bed, snug as a bug in a rug. That’s exactly what happened when LL Cool J’s home was broken into. He was awoken by noises downstairs at around 2am, he went downstairs to confront the intruder, which lead to a pretty nasty fight. The intruder was thrown in jail, and LL Cool J saved his house and definitely keeps the bad boy rep we associate with him.

8 Paris Hilton

This house was one of the first that the Bling Ring took advantage of. Poor Paris Hilton’s home was broken into not once, but five separate times by the famous team of teen burglars, and evidently made headlines. Hilton lost $2 million in jewelry and alcohol, as well as designer apparel. The real kicker is that the mischievous teens broke in by finding a key under the mat.

7 Steve Jobs

The most influential leader in technology history can't even keep thieves away. The late Steve Jobs lost $60,000 worth of jewelry, as well as many of the most popular Apple products now, including the iPhone and iPad. Fortunately the thief was caught the very next day, with the help of the technology Steve used to create.

6 Sean Combs

5 Jon Bon Jovi

Yes, the legendary rocker’s home was ransacked back in April 2011. He had $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his Jersey home. Luckily Bon Jovi wasn't home at the time of the incident because it is said that the intruder who invaded the home was heavily armed and could have done some insane damage. However, the thief was caught the same night of the burglary, from Bon Jovi’s next door neighbor’s home alarm system.

4 Kate Moss

The incredibly beautiful Kate Moss had her home burglarized in May of 2010, with very sentimental items being stolen from her. Three very valuable and very meaningful pieces of artwork were stolen from her home, even a portrait by Banksy which reportedly costs about $80,000. Not only that, but she was asleep upstairs while the whole incident was taking place!

3 Kourtney Kardashian

The very famous Kardashian sister left for dinner with her boyfriend Scott Disick, and came back to a broken into home. Her Southern Californian home was ransacked and had millions of dollars stolen, including a $30,000 Cartier watch, Rolex, and jewelry pieces. In a series of unfortunate events, Kourtney’s sister Khloe’s home was broken into the day before.

2 Orlando Bloom

Back in July of 2009, Orlando Bloom’s home in L.A. was robbed by the then again famous Ring Bling group. The thieves broke through a window of Bloom’s home, and stole an estimated worth of $50,000 in jewelry and clothes. Orlando Bloom made only one press statement about the incident, and didn't seem at all concerned; must be his incredulous fortune and impressive attitude.

1 Kirsten Dunst

Although this technically wasn't Kirsten's home that was broken into, it still means a personal invasion. Dunst was in New York shooting an upcoming movie, when the thieves broke into her SoHo Grand Hotel suite. The intruders stole pretty interesting things, including a $13,000 handbag, $2,500 in cash, credit cards, and IDs. Fortunately the hotels surveillance system was able to pin down the thieves.

See? Even the rich and famous are susceptible to the unfortunate events that life can hand us. These are only a handful of celebrities that have had their homes broken into, so it should help you feel a bit better that it's not only the average joes who have to deal with these kind of threats.

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