10 Celebs Who Get Paid The Most Per Instagram Post

Instagram isn't just a place to post your best selfies. Because of the high percentage of young people who frequent the app, companies seek out its most popular users to get them to boost their products. And if you think that those sponsored posts come cheap, you'd be dead wrong.

Top social media influencers can rake in thousands of dollars for a single post. And while that's nothing to spit at, celebrities can easily demand six to eight figures. Here are the ten celebrities who get paid the most per Instagram post.

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10 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a reality-star turned bonafide supermodel. She started out as a cast member of Keeping Up With The Kardashian, but has branched out in major ways. In recent years, she's landed on the covers of fashion mags like Seventeen, Vogue, and Marie Claire, and graced catwalks around the world with her signature walk.

But given that Kendall Jenner can bring in $500,000 with a single Instagram post, we could see her one day hanging up her Louboutins, and coasting on her sponsorships. We know we would.

9 Lionel Messi

When you think of prolific social influencers, the first person that comes to mind probably isn't an athlete. That said, Lionel Messi, an Argentine football player, is the ninth highest paid celebrity on Instagram, so take that!

The 31-year-old's 112 million followers apparently make him very attractive to advertisers. So attractive that he warrants a $500,000 paycheck for a single sponsored ad. Talk about rad.

8 Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. is yet another athlete who advertisers are willing to shell out big bucks for. The Brazilian-born footballer has been playing since 2003 and has won several trophies within the sport, but he is just as valuable off of the field.

A single sponsored post by Neymar can cost advertisers up to $600,000 dollars. We guess getting access to Neymar's 112 million followers is worth the payout. Not to mention, he does have a pretty cool feed.

7 Justin Bieber

Despite all of Justin Bieber's public issues, he is still one of the most popular celebrities among millennials and generation Z. Whether Justin is capturing their hearts with his beautiful voice, or he's shutting down trolls who comment on his marriage to Haley Baldwin, Justin Bieber is always the center of the conversation.

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It's because of this that Justin can rack up $630,000 per sponsored post. For a guy who's reportedly worth $265 million, that might not seem like a ton of money. But money adds up fast when you barely have to work for it.

6 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the highest paid actor in Hollywood right now. Considering he started out his career as a pro wrestler, that feat is amazing in and of itself. But The Rock isn't just making movie studios hundreds of millions of dollars by starring in films like Baywatch and Jumanji, he's also helping brands to boost their sales with sponsored posts.

Between The Rock's box office success, his dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, his 147 million Instagram followers, brands are nearly beating down his door to get him to promote their posts. How much is he worth to them? Around $650,000.

5 Beyonce

Have you ever seen Beyonce sponsor a brand on Instagram? Us either. Sure, she sometimes posts photos that align with her current off-of-Instagram deals she's secured. Like that photo of the red Adidas leotard she wore to promote their upcoming shoe collaboration.

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You'd have to look hard and wide, however, to find a photo of Beyonce trying to sell vitamins or blenders to her followers. She mostly uses her space as a shrine for the killer looks she wears off stage. But if Mrs. Carter ever one day finds herself looking to sponsor a company or two, then it's good to know that she'll be raking in a cool $700,000.

4 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian could write the book on how to leverage social media fame into a career. In the near decade-and-a-half since she and her family became household names, she's leveraged whatever social media platform was popular at the time to expand her beauty empire.

Since the app of the moment is Instagram, you can expect to find Kim advertising products from just about any company she believes in. Just a quick scroll through her feed reveals posts for weight loss tea, teeth whiteners and gummy vitamins. From As of today, Kim charges around $720,000 just for one post.

3 Cristiano Rinaldo

Who knew that athletes were so good at social media? As the most followed person on Instagram, Cristiano Rinaldo has the most coveted Instagram advertising space of any athelete in the entire world, which is why he's landed at number three on our list.

The Portuguese football player has around 172 million Instagram followers, so it's not hard to believe. But we're still shocked. In order to get Cristiano to sponsor your products you have to set aside $750,000 for each post.

2 Selena Gomez

Everyone's favorite former Disney Channel star turned legit actress/singer and producer has been absolutely killing the Instagram game for years.

Selena Gomez used to be the most followed person in the world. At least on Instagram. Now, she's number three, right behind Ariana Grande and Cristanio Rinaldo.

Don't feel too bad for her, though. She might have been bumped down a couple of spots, but she still warrants a bigger payday for sponsored posts than them both. Just one measly sponsored Instagram post by Selena will make her $800,000 richer.

1 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner used to be known just as Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian's little sister, but these days, she's the most famous (and richest) member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Kylie is so popular, in fact, that a single Instagram post from her can set a company back $1 million!

If Kylie takes on multiple sponsored posts a month, that's a few extra millions that she barely had to life a finger for. And even though she doesn't really need any more money after Forbes valued her Kylie Cosmetics line at $900 million, everyone can benefit from having multiple streams of income. Even a literal billionaire.


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