The 10 Most Expensive Swimming Pools Owned By Celebrities

Celebrities, more often than not, aren't afraid to flaunt their wealth. They apply the same sense of extravagance to their homes as to their cars and outfits. From waterfall wonders to lagoon-style pools, there are several celebrities whose backyard pools make the pools of the world's top resorts appear to be average.

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These pool’s designers have really spared absolutely no expense, adding the most luxurious of features: waterfalls, docks, lagoons, chaise longues, palm trees, sand… the works. Here are 10 of the most expensive, exotic swimming pools owned by the rich and famous. Did you know that Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory fame has what can only be described as an artificial lake on his property?

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10 Ralph Lauren's designer pool

One would expect designer Ralph Lauren to have a unique, somewhat trendy pool. Something that would get others to sit up and take notice, much as his fashions do. Surprise, surprise, this is exactly what the internationally-renowned designer has!

His pool is set among the Colorado Mountains and, from a distance, appears to be a natural lake. It is so pristine that the surrounding mountains reflect in it, adding to its lavish beauty. Antique furniture also surrounds it, adding to its rustic, otherworldly appearance.

9 Cindy Crawford's Malibu pool

Supermodel Cindy Crawford's pool in Malibu might not be as big as some of the other celebrity pools, but it is no less exotic and beautiful. Her pool is positioned to line up perfectly with the Pacific coastline. Surrounded by natural shrubbery and palm trees, it presents a breath-taking retreat for Crawford and her family.

It also has natural stone terraces and includes a spa. What a treat to have the ocean within view while swimming under the Malibu sun. Crawford definitely has done well for herself!

8 Mark Wahlberg's lagoon

This beautiful pool features everything from a cascading water slide to a hidden spa, all sheltered by a cave. The main feature is a lagoon-style swimming pool. From this, multiple waterfalls cascade - one of which reaches 12 feet in height!

A beach, made of genuine sea sand and complete with reclining beach chairs, allows bathers to relax in a resort-style atmosphere. Wouldn’t you love to be invited to his pool party? The property's currently for sale, but it's probably just a shade out of most peoples' price range!

7 Jim Parsons' 'lake'

Pool or lake? It’s hard to say. This mammoth pool resembles a lake due to its expansive design. It is 1,400 sq. ft! That’s pretty big. What’s more, it is a lake with a view, overlooking the city and canyon below.

The Big Bang Theory star relaxes on chaise longues positioned alongside the edge of the pool, along with friends and family, to relax. To add to the peaceful ambience, there are even waterfalls and fountains, giving this pool something to really write home about.

6 Dr. Dre's legendary pool

This pool was used as the site for one of the biggest pool parties ever - the location used to launch Dr. Dre's first album almost two decades ago. He bought the property from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

The massive pool, which has been designed to resemble a natural body of water, is flanked by a beautifully-designed pool house. Add this to numerous oak-wood docks along the water's edge, and the result is pure luxury - a home-turned-holiday-resort worth singing about. Nice one, Dr Dre!

5 Lance Armstrong's Texas oasis

Palm trees, wooden bridges and comfortable chaise longues alongside a quiet body of water make for a tranquil oasis in Texas. This oasis belongs to cycling legend Lance Armstrong.

The spot is a favorite for Armstrong and his children, and there is even an elevated spa at its side, providing the perfect way for the athlete to relax his muscles after a tough day of cycling. The pool's style is in fitting with the stone cabana that is Armstrong's Austin residence.

4 Eddie Murphy's crowning glory

Eddie Murphy's former pool in California has been dubbed The Crown of Los Lagos. It offers full views of the Sierra Nevada foothills and Sacramento skyline. What's more, it has an extravagant wall of waterfalls! During the holidays, Murphy would adorn the pool area with festive lights to give that special Christmas appeal.

This was before he sold the pool and the property on which it is situated in 2007, at the time his divorce with wife Nicole was finalised.

3 Rihanna's sleek water wonder

Rihanna's sleek pool seems to fit the stylish star, who is as much fun as she is business. The pool is part of her $6.8 million Hollywood home and it's as unique, desirable and glamorous as the singing legend herself.

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It has both hot and cold swimming sections, as well as underwater lights for that night-time swim. There are also couches alongside its edge for relaxing after a long swimming work-out. The pool is contoured to accentuate her home’s design.

2 Denise Richards' pool wonderland

Denise Richards' backyard resembles something of a water theme park. Who wouldn’t want to be invited by the star to spend a day splashing around in her pool wonderland? There is even a super tube, which adds excitement to the exotic pool.

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In addition, several waterfalls have been added to the arrangement and there's a swim-in grotto. She also has terraces and bridges, in pristine white, crossing over the meandering pools. Lush greenery and a view of the ocean make this one of the most spectacular pools there ever was.

1 Will Smith's lagoon

Located on Will and Jada Smith's $42 million property in Malibu, this free-form pool is designed to resemble a natural body of water. Famous landscape architect Daniel Busbin designed it.

He added a scatter of bright orange cushions on chaise longues around its edges, to bring that zing of color to an otherwise minimalist, natural setting. One could only expect a pool as extraordinary as this to belong to the exceptional couple.  He’s not called the Fresh Prince for nothing!

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