10 Castles Up For Sale That We Wish We Could Afford

There is an old British saying that claims that “A house of a man is his castle.” Well, for some people that can be true. There are several castles available for sale around the world, most of them in Europe, but very few people can afford the luxury of living in one of those luxury properties. More than luxury, those castles are also fulfilled with the history of their countries.

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Here is a list of castles we wish we could buy. However, some of them are also available as a hotel, which makes it possible to book a holiday and feel like royalty at least for a few days.

10 Schaloen Castle - $6.6 million

The Schaloen is an impressive castle in The Netherlands. It was built in the 14th century and centuries later was the home of Louis of Nassau, a crucial name of Dutch History, The castle was destroyed in 1650 by the Spanish army, but it was completely renovated one year later. The place had many owners since then and was also used as a school.

The place has its own bridge and an area of 22 thousand square meters. It is a private property that can be yours for $6.6 million. The location is also available as a hotel, so if you can’t afford to buy it, there is a chance to spend a few nights in the castle.

9 Castle of Aiguines - Price not disclosed

When someone arrives in Aiguines, France, it is impossible to ignore the view of this imponent castle located on the top of a hill. It was built in the early 17th century and was renovated a few times in the next years. The price for this property is not disclosed, but be prepared to pay some millions.

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This 20 thousand square-meters castle has 17 bedrooms with bathroom, library, heated swimming pool, a massive garden, and mane terraces to appreciate the view. The property is located in Aiguines, France, and faces the lake of Saint Croix. It is also possible to book the hotel for a few days since it is also a hotel.

8 Gilford Castle Estate - $2.8 million

This castle in the village of Gilford in County Down, Ireland, is one of the most accessible properties in this list.  It is possible to buy this castle built in 1865 for $2.8 million. The place has 207 acres and has a Scottish baronial style. This castle is surrounded by nature and also offers many tracks and is perfect for sports.

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Besides the main construction, the property also has other buildings, like a farmyard and kennels. In the past, it was also used to agriculture and it is possible to grow some arable crops in the area.

7 Corbera Castle - $5.5 million

For people looking for a castle that is not far from all the facilities of a big city, the Corbera castle might be a good option. It is located less than 30 minutes from Barcelona and is also near the beaches. The property has a Renaissance style and was built in the 16th century. It belonged to the Corbera family.

The total area of the property is 12.700 square meters. The castle has four floors, 20 bedrooms, and a vast garden. The place is available for sale and costs $5.5 million.

6 Koblenz Castle - $4.2 million

What about living in a UNESCO World Heritage site? You can have this privilege if you can pay $4.21 million for this castle in Germany. The property is located in Koblenz, was built in the 19th century and has a panoramic view of the city. It has always been private property and it was renovated a few years ago.

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The property has 900 square meters, smaller compared to other places in this list, but still have a lot of space. It has a fireplace, several bedrooms, a garden, and now the tower can be adapted to have an elevator.

5 Castle in Tuscany - $2.2 million

This castle is the perfect opportunity to leave everything behind and living under the Tuscany sun and have your own vineyard. This property, built in the 14th century, is located on the top of a hill and has a great view of the region. This dream scenario costs $2.2 million.

Although the price looks a bargain when compared to other places on this list, the new owner will have to spend lots of money on renovation. The property has 8 hectares and also has a chapel and a landscape that is considered perfect to a vineyard.

4 Castle in Morocco - Price not disclosed

Europe is not the only continent to have mesmerizing castles. This place in Tanger, Morocco, used to be a harem for the Sultan Moulay Ismael, one of the scariest persons who has ever existed. He had more than 500 wives, which means he needed a spacious castle. The property has more than two thousand square meters and the huge terrace has a view of the city, including the sea.

The rooms are decorated with baroque style, which results in a great combination with the Morrocan architecture. The gardens are also famous.

3 Gothic Castle - $4.9 million

For fans of the Gothic style, this castle on Isle of Man, in the United Kingdon, seems to be a great place. It was built in 1830 and has more than 1.200 hectares. The property has five bedrooms, a garage, and a fantastic garden with a fountain and walkways leading to South Quay. The terrace also has a privileged view of the ocean, perfect for enjoying the sunset during the summer.

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Although it looks very private, the place is just half a mile away from the city, that can be easily reached by car. The castle doesn’t need renovation and is ready to receive its new owner.

2 Vroenhoven Castle - $4.3 million

Belgium is another country that has attractive options of castles for sale. One of the most beautiful ones is Vroenhoven Castle, in Kortenaken. The place was completely renovated and combined the classic architecture with modern features. The castle has nine bedrooms and also two large barns and a farmhouse, that can be used as a guest house. The place is on the market for $4.3 million

The property has 71 hectares and part of it is a vineyard. Above the garage, there is also a mezzanine. This is probably the best way to live in Belgium like a king.

1 Glandyfi Castle - $3.5 million

The Glandyfi castle, in Wales, was built in the 19th century and is surrounded by nature and has the privileged view of the Mountains of Snowdonia National Park. This place has a vast area of 31.43 acres and has a gothic architecture.

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It is hard to don’t get impressed by the huge stone walls on the place. This property was renovated in the last year and also has contemporary features, especially at the kitchen and bathroom.

This is probably one of the most majestic properties in this list and costs $3,57 million.

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