Burberry's Latest Sneakers Offer 1970's Style In A Modern Fashion

With a new head designer leading the charge of Burberry in the form of Riccardo Tisci, and a new logo now attached to the brand, it's clear that big things are to come for the British-based company soon enough. For a brand that's usually reserved, more wild styles are a testament to their versatility. Now there's even more proof of that in the form of Burberry's latest sneaker release.

As reported by GQ this past week, the brand's newest addition to their shoe collection was quietly released earlier this month. The sneakers made their first appearance earlier in the year during Burberry's fall 2018 fashion show, but are now available for customers to buy for themselves. They're far different than most of the shoes previously released by the brand, but that only explains why they've garnered so much attention recently.


Via Burberry

The sneakers' shape is reminiscent of athletic basketball shoes, but are decked out in Burberry's signature "Vintage" pattern to set them apart dramatically from athletic shoe brands. They also have a large red rubber sole, matching red velcro straps, and jet black laces to polish off the loud look. If customers find the red trim to be a bit too bold for their taste, they can opt for the model with white trim instead, as that option is also available to purchase.

Via Burberry

This bold addition to Burberry's existing line of shoes is quite the shock for a brand that's known for classic styles that are usually more minimalistic than extravagant. But it definitely speaks to the changes that they're undergoing, thanks to Tisci now being at the helm. With his first collection as the head of Burberry expected to show at London's Fashion Week this coming September, customers can only go off these sneakers as an idea of what Tisci has planned to show off in London. It's clear that Tisci is aiming to create something new and wonderful while maintaining the essence and style trademarks that made Burberry a household name in the first place.

The sneakers retail at $650 USD and are now available for customers to purchase at Burberry stores, as well as their website.


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