10 Most Expensive Buildings Ever Built In North America

The most expensive buildings ever built in North America are completely concentrated in the United States of America, when ranked by the numbers. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't spectacular differences between each of these tremendously costly buildings.

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The designers, the geographic locations, the intended uses, and more all vary so wildly that the most expensive buildings in North America end up being quite the eclectic bunch. Whether you are a visitor to the east coast, a tourist out on the west coast, or just someone who wants to witness the melting pot that is America, these locations are ideal sites of interest for you.

10 220 Central Park South, United States

Starting the list is a location that will go on to house several other buildings on this list: the great state of New York, which features 220 Central Park South, which is actually a residential skyscraper, making this one of the few buildings included on these lists that a person can actually live in, as opposed to the hotels. With a price tag of $1,400,000,000, 220 Central Park South has seventy floors and is considered to be the seventeenth tallest tower in all of New York City. This is not an easy feat, considering New York City is known for the enormous skyscrapers that make up its signature skyline.

9 The Palazzo, United States

Called "the tallest completed building in all of Las Vegas," the Palazzo takes a journey out west to Nevada to see an impressive feat of architecture amongst one of the most famous cities of sin in the world. The Palazzo comes with a final construction price of $1,900,000,000, and for that much money, one would hope it delivers on entertainment. Of course, it's a luxury resort, hotel, and casino in Las Vegas — it's almost impossible to get the wrong answer in this formula. Regardless, this massive building is considered to be the second largest hotel in the world, which is nothing to sneeze at.

8 Goldman Sachs Headquarters, United States

And thus our game of crisscrossing the nation coast-to-coast begins, beelining back to New York City, New York and the extravagant headquarters for Goldman Sachs. This structure cost $2,100,000,000 to build, which makes sense, since the 749-foot-tall building houses Goldman Sachs, the investment banking firm. In addition to being a magnificent building, the Goldman Sachs Headquarters at 200 West Street also features an enormous $5,000,000 mural in the lobby by artist Julie Mehretu. With forty-four floors, fifty-three elevators, and an air system that runs underneath the floors, this place has really got it all.

7 Yankee Stadium, United States

Heading down the street in New York City, you can visit number eight on this list: the baseball stadium for the world-famous (or world-infamous, if you're a Boston Red Sox fan) New York Yankees baseball team. Accordingly, the aptly-named Yankee Stadium cost a pretty penny, coming in at a construction cost of $2,300,000,000. 

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This stadium isn't even the first Yankee Stadium, either; it replaced the original Yankee Stadium in 2009 to become the central attraction of New York sports. The new site of the twenty-four-acre stadium now attracts countless sports fans worldwide, fans who often love the game as much as they love the stadium they're playing in.

6 Bellagio, United States

In nearly any movie about casinos, heists, hotels, and/or Las Vegas, the world-famous Bellagio is often expected to make some sort of appearance, and, with a price tag of $2,300,000,000, that's to be expected. The kind of name recognition that comes with a place like the Bellagio can only come with opulence and wealth like Americans love to showcase throughout Las Vegas. This resort houses a luxury hotel and a luxury casino, as well as its grand centerpiece, the Fountains of Bellagio, a breathtaking synchronized water show that takes place in the Bellagio's eight-acre lake in the center of the property.

5 Wynn Resort, United States

Though the building is technically called "Wynn Las Vegas," many simply refer to the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, as "Wynn." Its simple name disguises just how ornate this place really is, and, with a price tag of $2,700,000,000, knows it needs a lot of bang for the buck. As such, the Wynn, another luxury resort and casino, boasts 215 total acres of property, a waterfall, many shows to watch, and a brand-new boardwalk with state-of-the-art restaurants and nightclubs for all of its visitors to enjoy.

4 One World Trade Center, United States

Where the Twin Towers once stood now stands One World Trade Center, or the Freedom Tower, as it's become fondly known. One World Trade Center was built after the original World Trade Center in New York was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. 

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For $3,800,000,000, this enormous memorial not only remembers those lost in the attacks, but also provides a new office tower for the city — actually, it provides the most expensive office tower in the entire city to date, which is no easy feat in a city like New York City. This towering structure fills the empty space on the New York skyline.

3 The Cosmopolitan, United States

Criss-crossing the country yet again to Las Vegas, we find the Cosmopolitan, a massive structure with a $3,900,000,000 price tag for construction costs. This five-star hotel has only been open for less than ten years, but still boasts an amazing casino, three outdoor pools, two highrise towers, and its own theater. This luxury resort, hotel, and casino has been listed as one of the top hotels in the world several times since it opened in 2009, proving that while money can't buy happiness, it can certainly buy a good amount of quality.

2 Gigafactory 1, United States

The penultimate entry on this list — and the outlier of the list — is Gigafactory 1, a factory in Storey County, Nevada, that finds itself being something of a black sheep amongst all these hotels and casinos. If you're wondering how a factory ended up on this list, you're not alone. However, this is no ordinary factory: this factory is owned by Tesla, and serves as a lithium ion battery and electric vehicle subassembly factory. Some of the most expensive merch on the market is coming out of this building, which cost a total of $5,000,000,000 — or, at least, that was the cost as of the last and closest estimation of the total budget.

1 Apple Park, United States

The most expensive building ever built in all of North America is Apple Park in Cupertino, California, which makes sense: this is the Apple headquarters. Yes, that Apple, that made every Macbook and iPhone you can see within a five-mile radius right now. The land itself cost a whopping $1,600,000, while the building of the structure itself cost roughly $5,000,000,000, bringing the total cost for this place to $5,001,600,000, an absolutely bananas number. That money went towards constructing such features as the Steve Jobs Theater and the artificial pond on campus. Because of how forward-appearing and neo-futuristic the design of Apple Park is, it is often simply referred to as "The Spaceship."

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