You Can Soon Book A Stay In The World's First Underground Hotel

The world's very first underground hotel is due to have its grand opening in December and prospective guests can soon book ahead for their stay at this unique feat of architectural design.

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, located just 20 miles outside of Shanghai, has been under construction for over a decade and is now poised to open its doors to visitors on Dec. 1, 2019.

Carved into the rock face of an abandoned quarry, this first-of-its-kind hotel will boast a total of 18 floors, 16 of which are underground and two submerged inside a 33-foot deep aquarium, according to CNNThere will be 337 rooms and suites available to guests, which the hotel's website claims will become available for pre-booking on Nov. 20, 2018.

While some details of the luxurious hotel have yet to be released, each room will reportedly feature a rounded balcony which will provide a picturesque and panoramic view of the cliffs and hills of Tianmen Mountain National Park.



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Guests will also enjoy a pleasant view of a majestic waterfall, constructed adjacent to the building. Those on the bottom two levels will, of course, substitute their balconies for an unparalleled underwater viewing experience.

Utilizing the quarry's vast rockface, the property will also offer guests the opportunity to partake in bungee jumping and rock climbing. The underwater portion of the hotel will feature a restaurant, pool, and a watersports center.

Construction on the building began back in 2006 and was originally planned to be opened in 2010. After experiencing various setbacks along the way, the original concept was improved upon and has seen relatively smooth sailing since 2014. The entire structure stands at about 61,000 square meters high with production costs coming in at about $260 million USD.

Built by Studio JADE+QA in partnership with the British architectural firm Atkins, the same team behind Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab hotel, this unique eco-friendly hotel is meant to reduce environmental impact by building upon an unused pit, rather than destroying usable land elsewhere. The hotel also plans on using its own generated geothermal and solar energy to power itself.

A press release on the Studio JADE=QA website reveals the project has won a number of international awards, including taking home gold at the 2011 MIPIM Asia Conference, and dubs the hotel the first ever "Groundscraper" built in the world. On the hotel's website, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is described as featuring "quiet luxury, exotic fauna, world-class cuisine, and warm smiles."

Nightly rates for a room at the hotel start from 3,325 yuan, or $450 USD.


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