Delta's New Boeing 777 Offers Wider Seats & Luxury First Class Cabins

Larger individuals will enjoy flying on Delta’s newly refitted Boeing 777. All of the sections of the plane underwent renovation, including the main cabin that now features that are 18 and one-half inches wide.

This is an improvement over the width of the seats that Delta had before and other airlines use, which are only 17 inches wide. Previously, seats were installed 10 across. Under the new configuration, the seats will only be nine seats across in the main cabin.

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Every seat will have an 11-inch monitor screen to watch television shows and movies. Another useful addition is a personal outlet to plug in anything that needs to be recharged during the flight.

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Business Insider reports on the other upgrades that include only eight seats across in the premium economy section. Delta is also improving its first-class offering with an exclusive area called the Delta One Suites. There is a sliding door to a seating area with a 24-inch fully reclining seat, personal table, and the ability to enjoy many of the enhanced entertainment options in complete privacy.

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In these 28 suites, you will have no worries about being seated next to a chatty person that drives you crazy by talking throughout the flight. Sitting in this area feels like being in a private jet. If you are traveling with another person, there is the ability to open a panel between two of these rooms in order to be together and still have privacy from the rest of the passengers.

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With over one-third of Americans suffering from obesity as reported by the CDC, the extra seating room is highly desirable. For business travelers, who want to spend travel time in a private space, the experience in one of Delta’s first-class suites is very pleasant. Compared to the very high cost of traveling by private jet, this option is attractive.

Airlines are highly competitive. Delta made a multibillion-dollar investment in upgrades to offer its passengers more comfort and a better flying experience. Larger-sized people may no longer have to squeeze themselves into tightly-fitting seats and spend a long flight with the neighbors bumping elbows.


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