Blue Ivy's $5,000 Dollar Bathtub: 20 Crazy Expensive Items Celeb Kids Were Given

Celeb offspring grow up with privilege, but some celeb offspring get spoiled more than others. How extravagant celebrities are in terms of pampering themselves will usually dictate how much they pamper their kids.

Stars like Jay-Z and Beyoncé are used to the royal treatment and they're comfortable with it, too. This is why they make their daughter, Blue Ivy, feel like a princess, by allowing her to enjoy the most extravagant gifts and lifestyle. Their twins, Sir and Rumi, may want to share Blue Ivy's glittery bathtub, which was a gift from Kelly Rowland. Or maybe they'll get "diamond bathtubs" of their own. What they won't get is typical, affordable stuff from Target or Wal-Mart.

Lots of celeb kids on this list enjoy "one-percenter" perks that might be considered conspicuous consumption and excessive. Did North West really need huge diamond stud earrings when she was just a baby? Probably not, but they were a gift from one of Kim K's fave jewelers and the baby did wear them. Did Tyrese's little girl really need her very own island? Does Suri Cruise need a shoe collection worthy of a Vogue editor or supermodel?

To find out which celeb kids are spoiled the most, be sure to read every entry. While you may feel downcast when you compare your wardrobe and lifestyle with theirs, remember that many children of celebrities have led tough and tragic lives...and then wish these kids the best of luck.

20 North West’s Diamond Stud Earrings - $500,000

North West is given the very best, even though she's too young to know what "the very best" is. The baby girl received luxury diamond stud earrings from one of Kim K's fave jewelers, Lorraine Schwartz. What's crazy about this gift is the price of the earrings. They are reportedly worth a whopping half million dollars. Even though each earring weighs in at a relatively modest half karat, the diamonds are clearly exceptional quality. Rare diamonds that are graded as flawless command very high prices. This reminds me of the old days when courtiers would give royals very pricey presents to win their favor. North West is a queen in the making. (Source: Hollywoodlife.com)

19 Tyrese Gave His Daughter an Island


Tyrese is part of the Fast and the Furious franchise, so he's making some big bucks. However, buying his daughter an island still seems a bit over the top. Tyrese bought his little girl the island when he was thirty-six. These days, according to TMZ.com, he may not be as flush with cash. His ex-wife spoke with TMZ and indicated that Tyrese's current money issues are his own fault, because he antagonized The Rock and this negatively impacted his earning power. His daughter, who is named Shayla, was eight years old when she received the island. Property can be a great investment, so maybe Tyrese knew what he was doing. (Source: Vulture.com, TMZ.com)

18 Blue Ivy Received a Diamond-encrusted Barbie from Mom & Dad - $80,000

There are no reliable sources for pics of this very special doll online, sadly. I did an intensive search and was disappointed to come up with nothing, because I wanted to see the Barbie for myself. This Barbie must be something else. It's apparently valued at eighty thousand dollars. That's not nearly as much as North West's diamond stud earrings, but still. Blue Ivy has the diamond bathtub, too! Will Blue Ivy and North West be the next generation of reality TV stars? Will they be pop divas, or actresses, or model for Burberry like other celeb offspring? Probably, they will remain famous and go into showbiz. They're being groomed to live glamorously. (Source: Dailymail.co.uk)

17 Sandra Bullock Bought Her Son an Andy Warhol Print - $14,000


Art by the most revered artists is typically a really good investment, so Sandra Bullock's decision to buy her son, Louis, a pricey Andy Warhol print isn't really that loony. It's something that he can always sell later on if he needs money, but he'll probably never need money, because his Mom is loaded...and, based on this purchase, a very generous lady. The print is valued at around fourteen thousand dollars. That's a significant chunk of change. I wouldn't mind getting a gift like that myself, but he's very young, so he may not understand its provenance and value. He will when he's older. (Source: Sheknows.com)

16 Mariah Carey’s Twins' Cribs - 30,000


A basic crib is going to cost parents a couple hundred bucks or maybe a little bit more. Mariah Carey doesn't live the basic way and she didn't settle for basic cribs for her twins. The total tab for the twin's admittedly gorgeous nursery was about one hundred thousand dollars. The very expensive and elegant cribs were off-white, like most of the nursery decor. A stuffed giraffe rested in the corner, adding a bit of whimsy to the space. Also, the ceilings featured a mural of clouds and stars, which Mariah enjoyed looking at while she hung out in the over-the-top nursery. (Source: Sheknows.com)

15 P. Diddy Gave His Son a Maybach - $365,000


The spoiling of celebrity offspring doesn't stop when they get older. It continues. One example is P. Diddy, who gifted his teenage son with a sleek and costly Maybach sports car. The car was worth a fortune. Its value was three hundred and sixty-five thousand bucks! That's a pretty big present (and a scarily powerful car) for a sixteen year old boy. His son, Justin, also got a very big party, plus b-day pocket money totaling ten thousand dollars. P. Diddy is totally unapologetic about buying his kids whatever he wishes to buy them. It's his kids and he will do what he wants. (Source: USAtoday.com)

14 Suri Cruise Got a Fancy Playhouse - $24,000


Imagine for a moment just how many films Tom Cruise has made. Then, think about his net worth. He has more money than he can ever spend and he doesn't seem to have squandered it. He's surely making sure that Suri has plenty of child support, although Katie Holmes definitely has her own money, too, because she's a successful actress. Katie did decide to spend 24 grand on a fancy playhouse for Suri. Crafted in Victorian style, it's similar to the one in the photo above. The playhouse is reportedly wired for electricity and also features running water. (Source: Nydailynews.com)

13 The Beckham Kids Got an Elaborate Treehouse


David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) have earned a staggering nine hundred million bucks, so they have more than enough cash to splash out for a fancy treehouse for the kids. However, the fancy treehouse was reportedly built without proper planning permission and some neighbors weren't too happy about its appearance. Eventually, the controversial treehouse did get approval, but the Beckhams aren't allowed to put on lights in the treehouse past four in the afternoon. The treehouse was crafted from reclaimed wood. It has all of the bells and whistles. While it aggravated the neighbors, it's now here to stay. (Source: Mirror.co.uk, Dailymail.co.uk)

12 Suri Cruise Has a Six-Figure Collection of Shoes - $150,000


Who doesn't want a superb shoe collection? Most of us wouldn't mind being able to buy the world's most impressive designer footwear whenever we want. But is a world-class shoe collection really appropriate for a young girl, who's still learning about values? How people raise their kids is really their own business and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise certainly don't seem to have any issues with Suri amassing the type of shoe collection that Imelda Marcos might envy! Suri's closetful of shoes is reportedly valued at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. She has a taste for heels and loves Marc Jacobs. (Source: Hollywoodlife.com)

11 JLo Gave Her Twins Matching Diamond Rattles


JLo has some serious bucks. She's been working for a long time at the elite level...and looks good doing it. To ensure that her babies had the best, she shelled out for matching rattles adorned with diamonds. Her kids are older now, but still spoiled. Her twins, Max and Emme, were treated to a two hundred thousand dollar "welcome to the world" celebration by family friend, Tom Cruise and now travel all over the world. One percenters spare no expense when it comes to their kids and buy them stuff that nobody else can really afford. It's a little obnoxious when other kids are poor and hungry, but it's just the way that it is. (Source: Madeformums.com)

10 Elton John Turned a 2 Million Dollar Apartment Into a Nursery for His Son


Elton John waited a very long time to become a father, even though he had baby fever for ages. It's kind of sweet watching him dote on his sons, Zachary and Elijah. Because he was so mature when he began co-parenting with his hubby, David Furnish, he seems very grateful to be a parent and appears so warm and affectionate with his children. To prepare for the arrival of his first son, Zachary, he had a two million dollar apartment transformed into a nursery for his baby. Elton has always been gonzo about spending money. It's just his way to splash out a ton of cash. (Source: Dailymail.co.uk)

9 Kylie Jenner Got a Mercedes For Her Sweet Sixteen - $125,000


Kylie grew up with rich parents (Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn Jenner). She's always lived in gorgeous houses and had the best of everything. When she turned sixteen, she was given her first vehicle and it wasn't some used Toyota Camry or something like that. It was a Mercedes G Class, which is also called a "G-wagon". These trendy and chunky Mercedes vehicles are symbols of wealth that may be flaunted on local roadways. Kylie is older now, but hasn't lost her taste for luxury autos. She treated herself to a LaFerrari and is also into Bentleys. (Sources: Dailymail.co.uk)

8 DJ Khaled's Baby Has a Designer Wardrobe

Baby Asahd Tuck Khaled is the offspring of DJ Khaled and his wife. At present, the little guy has two million followers on Instagram and he entertains the masses by posing in some pretty elevated outfits, including custom suits, Gucci athleisure and the types of footwear we are all envious of. Lots of designer swag comes this toddler's way and has since he was born. What's cutest is when his adoring father dresses him in the same loud shirts that he himself wears. Dad and little boy look quite a bit alike.  The spoiling of Asahd is pretty profound and hopefully won't be detrimental, since he's getting tons of genuine love, too. (Source: Instagram)

7 Pax Got a Fancy Trip to Paris for His 7th Birthday


Angelina Jolie adores Pax. He's her first child, by adoption, and they have a special bond. When Pax was only seven, he was treated to a luxury trip to Paris, which had every conceivable bell and whistle. Brad Pitt was there to help Pax celebrate seven years of being celebrity offspring. Angie and Brad, who are now kaput (as if you didn't already know) spared no expense to make Pax and their other children happy. They chartered a riverboat known as the Josephene, to enjoy splendid views of the Seine in total comfort. They also did a little shopping in the City of Light. (Source: Dailymail.co.uk)

6 Lourdes Gets to Raid Madonna's Closet


Madonna has quite a wardrobe. Just take a minute to consider all of her various reinventions over the years and decades, from the "cone bra" phase to the "British country estate owner" phase and beyond. Lourdes is allowed to raid her Mom's closet, which is filled with exquisite pieces from the world's best designers. Since Madonna keeps herself in Olympic shape, year after year, the young woman can wear her clothes. Lourdes is supposed to ask before donning her mother's clothes. Madonna also borrows her daughter's shoes sometimes, which Lourdes sometimes finds a little bit annoying. (Source: Express.co.uk)

5 Cristina Aguilera's Son Had a Nursery with Huge Custom Toys


Christina Aguilera dotes on her son and made sure that his nursery had tons of charm and a wealth of playful design elements, including huge toys that were custom-made to fit the spacious dimensions of the room. In her home, which is a Mediterranean-style mansion, Max's nursery is over-the-top, with a moon that measures eleven feet high. The big moon is a stage prop from one of Christina's tours. She put it into the nursery upon the advice of her baby daddy, Jordan, who was once her husband. The nursery also features larger-than-life, custom-made Nintendo characters and Paddington Bears. (Source: Hookedonhouses.com)

4 Penelope Disick Wears Very Costly Dresses - $500


Kourtney Kardashian is rumored to be worth thirty-five million dollars, which is pretty amazing to me. That's a huge amount of money and I didn't realize that she was raking in the cash like this, although I knew she would make great money from her appearances on KUWTK. Since Kourtney is one of "The Richest", she makes sure that her daughter is dressed in the finest frocks for special occasions. Penelope Disick's fancy dresses usually cost around five hundred bucks or more. That's a lot more money than most people spend on baby clothes. There's always a possibility that Kourtney doesn't pay full retail, though. (Source: UUmagazine.com)

3 JLo's Daughter Gets Chanel Accessories

When mommy is gorgeous, talented and someone who doesn't hesitate to take good care of herself, it's no surprise that a little girl will also wear high-fashion clothes that make her feel good. JLo is Emme's Mom and she gives her daughter chances to dazzle the crowds in Chanel accessories and other rich-girl designs. For Emme, wearing Chanel is probably a regular thing that doesn't feel too special, because she's always had good stuff. Maybe it feels the same as it would feel to wear a cute sundress from Target, she was a little girl from a family with less money and excess. (Source: Fashion.telegraph.co.uk)

2 Rachel Zoe's Son Wears Gucci


Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who became famous because she had a lot of personality, in addition to a knack for dressing the stars to perfection. Her son is carrying on the tradition by wearing full-on Gucci ensembles, although I doubt he played much of a role in picking out his clothes. Rachel does say that he prefers Gucci! He dons fashionista clothes and Mom is likely the driving force behind his runway-ready kid's outfits, such as Gucci leather jackets and buckled boots. These clothes are pretty over the top for little kids, who might be more comfortable in track pants and a t-shirt, but I guess it's kind of cute. (Source: Dailymail.co.uk)

1 Blue Ivy’s Baby Diamond Bathtub - $5000

Nothing's too good for Blue Ivy, apparently. The adorable offspring of Jay-Z and Beyoncé gets to soak in a "diamond bathtub" that retails for over five thousand bucks! The bathtub was given to Blue Ivy by Bey's Destiny's Child band-mate, Kelly Rowland.

This tub absolutely screams, "princess glamour" and it surely added a lot of visual impact to the girl's bathroom. While it's pretty safe to say that Bey and Jay-Z had nice washrooms before this tub arrived, this child-size tub is definitely a next-level way for the little girl to get clean...and feel like royalty.

Encrusted with Swarovski crystals, rather than actual diamonds, it's pink, glittery and far beyond the norm. (Source: Newser.com)

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