10 Things Beyoncé Did To Earn Her Massive Wealth

At an estimated net worth of $500 million, we are all peasants compared to Beyonce. She is one of the richest musicians on the planet, but this isn't something that happened by accident. The singer has worked incredibly hard to earn her wealth.

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As well as making money off her music, she's also proven to be a shrewd businesswoman in many other areas - and even her singing career shows how she's savvier than the average songstress. Today, we're going to be taking a look at ten different things that she's done to earn her wealth. Let's get into it.

10 Her Pepsi Deal

Can you imagine making a one-minute commercial for Pepsi for a cute little $50 million, along with a fund for any creative process that has absolutely nothing to do with Pepsi whatsoever? No, you can't, because you aren't Beyoncé. The singer inked this fantastic deal back in 2012, a year before the release of her self-titled album. This is an absolutely massive deal for the singer, as they even funded her music.

9 Her Acting

While certainly not the bulk of her creative works, Beyoncé has dipped her toe into the acting world quite a few times. She's been involved in many films, such as The Pink Panther, Obsessed and most recently lent her voice to Nala in the live-action remake of The Lion King. She also executive-produced an accompanying soundtrack for The Lion King. While she's clearly more focused on the musical side of things, appearing in 10 different movies that don't include your own tour films? That's a bit of a feat, no?

8 Her Control

Unfortunately for many artists, they don't get to see the fruits of their labor. Making money off of albums is hard, as so many people are involved and need to be paid. Fortunately for Beyoncé, she controls just about everything that she works on. As such, she gets paid for everything that she does. If you buy a Beyoncé record, she's getting paid for it. Talk about securing the bag. She isn't securing just any bag, she's securing the Birkin Bag.

7 Her Focus On Albums

In this day in age, albums just don't really sell. Singles sell, music is streamed, the most popular songs change within minutes. This doesn't matter to Beyoncé, however. Beyoncé creates albums, and is among the few remaining artists that can actually sell entire bodies of work.

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Remember that one time that she sold Beyoncé as full albums only? You were not allowed to buy a track. You buy Partition AND Heaven. You got an entire movie with it so you're fine.

6 Her Fragrances

Like many other celebrities in the industry, Beyoncé has released a large number of fragrances. It all started with her first scent, Heat. From there, she moved on to other fragrances such as Heat Rush and Rise. She's released far more than that though, and has apparently sold $400 million as of only 2013. While she hasn't worked on a new scent in a few years, they're clearly still selling well. Hopefully, we get a new one from the signer sooner rather than later.

5 Her Tours

Beyoncé doesn't care about how singles sell, she just doesn't promote them. As a matter of fact, album promotion really isn't on her mind either. What Beyoncé really puts her efforts into are her tours. The production value of every single show that she puts on is absolutely incredible. Her humble beginnings on the Destiny's Child shows are long behind her. The most recent tour she embarked on was On The Run II with her husband, Jay-Z. The concert was absolutely show-stopping, and was incredibly intricate. The singer always makes sure that fans are getting the value they deserve out of their ticket price.

4 Netflix And HBO Deals

Beyoncé used to release her concert footage as DVD packages. However, that is no longer the case. Beyonce had a deal with HBO for some time, with the Mrs. Carter Show World tour and the original On The Run tour both airing on the network, among a few other projects.

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However, starting with the release of Homecoming, Beyoncé shifted to Netflix, which she has a $60 million deal with. She also just kind of told Coachella that she's recording and releasing her performance. What were they going to say? No?

3 Tidal

Everyone's favorite streaming service, Tidal, has also made Beyoncé a bit of money as well. Beyoncé has a pretty big stake in the service. Considering that she owns part of it, the artists are paid a large percentage for their work and she's released most of her recent projects on Tidal for an exclusive period of time, it's certainly worked out in her favor. She and Nicki Minaj are also still holding the Feeling Myself video captive on the service. Release her, please.

2 Her Fashion Lines

Beyoncé is no stranger to the fashion industry. While she's endorsed many different brands over the years, she's also created a few of her own. Beyoncé and her mother ran House of Deréon together, which featured affordable, chic looks to pick from. Along with that, Beyoncé more recently created the athletic line Ivy Park. Ivy Park has been incredibly successful, of course, and has made Beyoncé plenty of money. Of course, Beyoncé also releases all sorts of new merch to accompany new musical projects. She can sell just about any piece of clothing that she makes with ease, she's earned a pretty penny off of all her brands.

1 Her Commitment

Of course, all of this success has come from Beyoncé's dedication and commitment to her craft. The singer works 24/7 to make sure that everything that she creates is the best it can be. Her worldwide success simply can't be attributed to luck. She's put her entire life into her career. Beyoncé's massive fortune can be attributed simply to her, and her dedication to her craft. Seriously, did you listen to Lemonade? This woman is simply on another level, and her success comes as no surprise to any listener.

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