10 Most Expensive Outfits Bella Hadid Has Worn

We have seen a lot of famous people put down thousands of dollars on clothes, millions on cars, and tens of millions on houses; they must be living the life. Bella Hadid is on a whole other level, though. Her style is chic, always in season, and never anything short of breathtaking.

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But exactly how much does she spend on some of those outfits that she is flaunting? If you've ever wondered that, you're in luck, because we have gathered some of the gorgeous model's most expensive outfits right here for you! Here are ten of Bella Hadid's most expensive outfits.

10 Michael Kors X Bella Hadid Experience, 2019 - $1,100

In 2019, it was announced that Michael Kors and Bella Hadid would be working together for the upcoming Fall 2019 season. In April, though, the official announcement party occurred and Bella Hadid showed up in a classy, but humble outfit; it's pretty affordable compared to most of the stuff you will find on this list. Considering that her most expensive article of the outfit is only about $300, it isn't that bad. Her sweater dress is less than $100 and her leather Michael Kors boots are less than $200. Of course, one thousand dollars isn't a large sum of money for someone like Bella Hadid, but for the layperson, that's a month's rent!

9 Jeans And Sneakers... And Fur Coats? - $2,300

There is nothing like a relaxing day in a sweater and jeans with some regular old sneakers, right? Well, when you're a young model, even your 'casual' clothes are designer... and expensive. Bella was seen walking around New York City with her nearly $900 leather sneakers, $700 handbag and $400 hoop earrings. Of course, the fur coat that she uses to cover up probably puts the entire outfit to shame when it comes to price. The item, however, is not for sale online, making the price extremely difficult to find; we didn't include in the price of the overall, just in case our guess is completely off.

8 Monaco Weekend, 2019 - $3,352

As you can imagine, many models and people of influence are often requested to wear or promote certain items, let it be clothing, jewelry, or other products depending on that person's demographic and their following. Bella Hadid is no different. On her Instagram, she posted a photo showing off her jaw-dropping legs in this $785 red mini dress by Jacquemus.

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The money shot, though, was the $2,400 Monaco watch that she was promoting. It's not the most expensive outfit on this list, but $3,352 is not a small number for clothing!

7 Pythons And Turtlenecks, 2019 - $4,780

Who doesn't love a good snake print boot? Who doesn't like turtlenecks? Finally, who's to say they can't go together? Bella Hadid was spotted perusing around New York City wearing this gorgeous, purely white turtleneck dress, pairing them with python print pumps, pairing the ensemble with a $1,000 necklace from Chanel and a trendy leather bag coming in at about $700. No matter where she goes, nothing ever seems to look bad on her; no wonder she is a supermodel at just 22 years old!

6 Red Carpet Boho, 2019 - $8,455

Bella Hadid is a young and very successful model, having been flown all over the world to model clothes for important designer companies such as Givenchy, Chanel and much more. She has even acted in a few different productions. Her success has brought her very far, for someone as young as just 22 years old. Her fame doesn't stop her from being comfortable and looking good while doing it, though. In this outfit we like to call 'red carpet boho' Bella takes comfortable and makes it fashionable, flaunting $2,400 printed pants and a gorgeous mesh top. Just like many of the outfits on this list, her accessories bring the total up by about $4,000 alone!

5 The Power Of Women, 2019 - $14,775

If you could afford to have all of your clothes tailored personally to your body? We would! Nothing looks better than a perfectly fitted suit; Bella Hadid knows that. She showed up at the Variety's Power of Women event in one of the best power suits we have seen in a while. The brown leather suit was custom tailored to fit her amazing curves perfectly and costs a boatload of money.

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This time, even though her jewelry still takes up a chunk of the price, her suit is the star of the show, costing a combined $6,000, plus her $945 leather pumps. Unsurprisingly, she is also rocking some very expensive earrings (almost eight grand expensive).

4 Marc Jacob's Wedding Reception, 2019 - $28,000

For those of you who may not know, Marc Jacobs is a very famous American fashion designer who has many different lines and collections that range from very pricey to quite affordable. Bella Hadid was so important that she actually received an invite to his wedding reception, to which she wore one of her amazing 'woman in charge' outfits. Her blazer and pant combo bumped the price of the outfit up to almost $2,000, but it's, again, her diamonds that set the price over the top, adding $25,000! Can you imagine walking around with all that money around your neck? We can't!

3 New York's Favourite Pastime, 2019 - $40,460

This outfit is pretty deceiving but in a good way. The ensemble is put together in such a way that makes anyone believe that they can look just like Bella Hadid. But, of course, there is a lot more to the outfit than meets the eye. We'll start with her jersey dress, which is chic, stylish, and pretty darn cute; that's very clear. It's even reasonably priced at just $137. Sure you can get less expensive dresses, but that really isn't that bad. Her shoes aren't even that expensive either, coming in at $185. What sets the price so high for this outfit is--you guessed it--her diamond accessories, valued at about $40,100.

2 Casual Silk and Tie-Dye, 2019 - $41,600

Just another casual twist on expensive. Bella flaunts a cute silk and wool vest with some casual tie dye cargo jeans, which costs a combined total of $5,100. Casual doesn't always mean cheap, people! And, of course, Bella's stunning choice of accessories is was bring this price so unbelievably high. For instance, her bag is just the tip of the iceberg, coming in at about $5,600. Then her jewelry takes the stage, adding another $2,000 for beautiful diamond hoop earrings and another $27, 500 for her elaborate diamond Elizabeth Necklace.

1 Met Galla After Party, 2019 - $198,000

A very common theme throughout this list has been very expensive jewelry paired with reasonably priced articles of clothing and accessories. This outfit, however, takes the cake with almost $196,000 in jewelry. In total, this outfit is just $2000 shy of $200,000, and most of the cost covers the incredibly elaborate accessories that Bella seems to have added for extra flair. The outfit that she's pairing the accessories with only make up a little over $2,000 since the Jean Paul Gaultier vintage style skirt and shirt duo is about $1,500 and her shoes are about $800. That is just mind-blowing!

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