Be Indestructible With These 10 Bulletproof Items

People that are affluent and in the public spotlight require protection that is subtle and concealable. Being in the public eye requires these individuals to wear clothing that does not stand out from the norm. No more is body armor the dominion of politicians and the military, it is now available for the elite who can afford it. Today's armor is no longer bulky and uncomfortable, modern day technology has introduced new lightweight materials that are barely discernable from ordinary fabric and textiles. The next evolution in fashion is bulletproof clothing, correctly called ballistic or bullet resistant clothing that protects its wearer from projectiles fired at close range.

Textile armor is classified as soft body armor, it works by dissipating the kinetenergy of the bullet by absorbing kinetic energy. Ballistic or textile armor is tested by the U.S. National Institute of Justice by placing modeling clay in the backing of the fabric. The armor is then fired upon, the clay is then tested for penetration resistance comparing the backface indentation left on the clay. This test is extremely important in determining the rate of impact in relation to potential organ damage.

The kinetic energy of a bullet is the main factor determining if a bullet will penetrate an object. The effectiveness of body armor is determined by how effective the body armor absorbs this energy.

The common standard for body armor in the U.S.A. is the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) model. The NIJ is considered the standard for ballistic body armor. The standards of body armor are broken down into the threat assessment poised against the wearer.

There are six types of classifications, the type of clothing featured here falls under the Type IIIA designation. Type IIIA shielding protects against the .357 Magnum, .44, and 9mm calibers. For the wealthy you can now be fashionable and protected all at the same time.

Legitimate body armor will display an easy to read code that displays the level of protection it affords. NIJ Level II bullet proof vest will protect against 9mm, .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum projectiles. Level IIIA are heavier and thicker than Level II bullet proof vests. Although Level II and Level IIIA soft body armor will protect against most handguns, for additional protection armor plate inserts are indispensable for the wearers protection.

New advances in technology has resulted in materials and fabrics that are light weight and less bulky. When President Obama was swearing his oath at his inauguration, he was wearing a bulletproof suit unbeknownst to the general public.

Crime levels are not decreasing anytime soon. If you can afford it you too can have the benefit of feeling protected while looking good at the same time.

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10 Guard Dog ProShield Bulletproof Backpack - $299.95

This backpack is manufactured by Guard Dog Security, it is rated NIJ Level IIIA. ProShield has been certified and tested against .357 magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm and .45 caliber bullets. A kevlar backing is placed in the back of the backpack to protect the spine and back of the person wearing the backpack. This backpack is good for men and women because it is available in two colors; pink and black.

9 ExecuVest Bulletproof Overvest IIIA - $799.00

Inter-American Security Products Inc. sells anti-ballistic protective clothing that can be worn discreetly. Execuvest is a discreet armor vest ideal for businessmen and VIP's. this vest has NIJ IIIA standards capable of protecting you from 9mm FMJ (full metal jacket) and 44 Magnum bullets. What make the ExecuVest bullet resistant are the ballistic panels inside the vest that are removable. Ballistic panels come in sizes of 5"x 8" to 6"x 6". Ballistic panels can be made from steel, titanium, polyethylene or ceramic materials. The cost of the garment increases in price depending on the ballistic panel material used. The removable ballistic panels are sealed in a waterproof PVC bag, which allows the outer covers to be washed.

8 Bullet Blocker Ladies Leather Jacket - $849.99

The women's fitted leather jacket is manufactured by Bullet Blocker, maker of tactical and personal safety protective gear. This stylish leather jacket has a removable, zip-out liner and is rated NIJ IIIA protection. This jacket provides protective and full coverage areas identical to the body armor that law enforcement wear. This garment is also lightweight weighing only 6 lbs for anti-ballistic protective clothing. The jacket is lined with an anti-ballistic lining that fits inside of the garment. It is recommended when ordering this garment to order a size up.

7 Interamer Fold Down 180 degrees Ballistic Briefcase - $1,500.00

Inter-American Security Products Inc. manufactures the ballistic briefcase. This stylish briefcase has a quick release and opening mechanism that opens to 180 degrees providing a large protective area. Rated at level IIIA NIJ the ballistic briefcase is the perfect accessory to your bulletproof clothing. This concealable case can be discreetly carried by bodyguard personnel or by yourself if you wish to have protection always with you in case of emergencies.

6 Elite Sterling Security, Armored Tank Top - $1,389.00

You would never know by looking at her that the women in the photo above is actually wearing ballistic clothing. This tank top is not only fashionably and subtle, but can save your life as well. This tank top comes in NIJ Level II and IIIA ratings and is available by special order. The approximate weight of this tank top is 4 lbs, however, that is extra weight one would be willing to carry around in order to secure their own safety.

5 BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Long Topcoat - $1,999.99

This men's coat is a blend of wool and luxury cashmere. not only is this coat a classic topcoat, but it is also one that will always be in fashion. There is a removable zippered kevlar bulletproof interior liner, designed to stop .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, and .45 hollow point bullets. While you may look like Sherlock Holmes when you wear this coat, you will never-the-less be protected when evil villains decide to shoot your way.

4 Caballero childrens clothing - $300 to $3,000

Constant stories in the news are school shootings, so it is a natural reaction for parents to be concerned for their children. Equipping their children with bulletproof items is not a ridiculous decision, but rather a smart one that will reassure parents. Caballero and other companies have addressed this with a clothing line for children. Ballistic shields sometimes made of kevlar are placed in the back of children's backpacks. Backpacks are ideal for children because they have the most protective coverage for small children.

3 Caballero Polo Shirt - $3,475

This shirt is manufactured by the creme de la creme of ballistic clothing the luxury company Caballero in Bogota, Columbia. Miguel Caballero is the Armani of the bulletproof clothing fashion world. The material used in this shirt is reported to be better than kevlar. The high cost of this shirt is specifically due to the lightweight material used for protection. Caballero has their own manufactured anti-ballistic material. This polo shirt has a 100% cotton exterior and an interior microfiber. The anti-ballistic panels fit inside between the exterior and interior materials. There are three levels of protection from IIA to IIIA NJA rating and you can purchase this garment at Harrods clothing store in London. Miguel Caballero’s clothing is also worn by President Obama and other world leaders and diplomats.

2 Caballero Leather Jackets - $7,000.00

The actor Steven Seagal is pictured here sporting a leather jacket manufactured by, once again, Miguel Caballero, maker of high quality ballistic clothing. This leather jacket is rated NIJ IIIA which is capable of stopping projectile fire from as close as 12 inches away. Upon first glance you would not assume this jacket could stop a bullet, however if caught in the line of fire, you would be happy to learn that it does.

1 Garrison Bespoke Suite - $20,000

Garrison is Toronto's premium suit tailor company that designes some of the most elegant suits for the discretionary shopper. This company has been featured in the Globe and Mail, and was named Canada's greatest Bespoke and Made to measure company. The Discovery channel even did a feature on this company as the most refined suiting experience for modern men. Every suit is measured and hand made to fit the buyer perfectly. The bottom line is you can look and feel like a million dollars while feeling secure in "The Bulletproof Suit".

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