10 Things Barbara Corcoran Does To Achieve Success

Barbara Corcoran is real-estate mogul, who you probably know as one of the cut-throat investors from Shark Tank. But her career started long before she joined the popular business-pitching show in 2010.

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Decades before, Corcoran partnered with her then-boyfriend to form The Corcoran-Simone, a real estate firm. Later, she branched off to form The Corcoran Group, which she eventually sold for $66 million in 2001. She's now worth $80 million.

Barbara's success is not only inspiring, it's proof that hard work pays off. If you'd like to follow in her footsteps, then this article might speak to you. Here are nine things that Barbara Corcoran does to achieve success.

10 She Hustles For What She Wants

You might assume that Barbara had every advantage growing up, but that's not true. Barbara grew up in a house with nine brothers and sisters, so money was always tight. As the second oldest, she had to pull her own weight and find ways to make money.

Before she landed her first, low-level job with a real estate company, she was a waitress. By the time she was twenty-three, she'd worked over twenty jobs! Above all, Barbara values her time as a waitress because serving people helped prepare her to become an entrepreneur.

9 Lets Her Haters Motivate Her

Negative energy can be a hindrance if you let it be. But Barbara doesn't! Throughout her career, she's allowed naysayers to serve as motivation for her success. One story, which Barbara shared with Business Insider involves her ex-boyfriend Ramon Simone who she partnered with to form, The Corcordan-Simone.

Years later, Ramon left her for her secretary. Barbara then dictated the terms of splitting up their business. Ramon parting words were: "You'll never succeed without me." The burning desire to prove him wrong is what pushed Barbara to put everything she had into her new business and, eventually, become a real estate mogul.

8 She Fakes It 'Til She Makes It

Even with the burning fire under Barbara's heels, she still had to put in the work to get her company off the ground. The real estate business is cutthroat, so you have to  make your business stand out.

Barbara gave herself a leg up by presenting a level of success she hadn't yet attained. Knowing that a celebrity client would be good for business, Barbara set her eyes on Madonna. But since she knew that Madonna wouldn't give her the time of day, she put out a report which listed things she thought Madonna would want in a home. Even though Barbara didn't actually know Madonna, she projected herself as a broker to the stars. This new status eventually led Barbara to working with Richard Gere and more!

7 She's Not Afraid To Expand

Barbara Corcoran might be responsible for making millions of dollars, but she's admitted that she isn't good at saving money. Spending money is her forte.

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While we're sure Barbara enjoys the fruits of her labor, we know that a good chunk of her money has been put into her businesses. Why? Well, Barbara believes in expanding as soon as possible—if you can afford it.

6 She Doesn't Doesn't Give Up

Believe it or not, Shark Tank producers almost passed Barbara up! After Barbara was initially offered a seat on the popular ABC show, she then got notice that another woman had been given her spot.

Barbara was, naturally, distraught. She'd already gone out and bought new clothes to wear on TV, and had also spent time daydreaming about signing autographs for her new fans. Instead of wallowing in self pity, Barbara decided to email Mark Burnett, the man who owned the TV studio where Shark Tank filmed to sell herself to him. Impressed by her unwillingness to give up, Mark gave Barbara the job.

5 She Leverages The Media

Barbara once had six of her employees land on the New York Time's top 10 brokers' list. While that's quite the accomplishment, what's even more impressive is that none of her staff deserved their position. They weren't even in the top 20!

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So, how did this happen? Well, Barbara knew how important good press would be for her business, so she took an ad out in the Times, two years prior. It was a photo of some of her employees dressed up in fancy clothes, posing with their families. She titled the ad, "Power Brokers." That move helped cement her company's status, even though they hadn't yet actually made it there.

4  She Isn't Afraid To Ask For What She's Worth

Barabara Corcoran sold her company, The Corcoran Group in 2001. She'd been a mother for about seven years and felt that she needed to spend more time with her son. Eventually, she called up a man she thought would be interesting in buying.

He offered her $22 million, but she insisted she wouldn't sell for less than $66 million. With each consecutive offer, Barbara held strong to her original number. Eventually, she got her asking price!

3 She Doesn't Hang On To Dead Weight

It might sound harsh, but Barbara Corcoran has worked too hard in life to let slackers bring her down. Through her own journey as an entrepreneur, she knows that a business is only as successful as its weakest links.

This means that Barbara used to evaluate her brokers every six months, and fired the lowest-performing employees. It's cutthroat, but business!

2 She Counts Her Blessings

You don't make it to Barbara's level of success without self-sacrifice. Building a successful business means long hours at the office, away from home. It would be easy for Barbara to complain about how much fame costs, but she doesn't.

Instead, Barbara shows gratitude for everything she has in life. While she does miss out on some things, she also knows that only a few people will ever be in the position she's in. Choosing to focus on that aspect helps keep her positive.

1 She Knows When It Time To Let Things Go

Assuming that it would have been possible for Barbara to continue to work with Ramon Simone after he left her, there's no way to know where the business would have gone. Even though it might not have been easy for Barbara to leave the business she helped build being, doing so brought her greater blessings.

After Barbara formed The Corcoran Group, she sold it a few decades later so she could spend time with her son. In the time since, Barbara's net worth and visibility has increased tenfold, so she obviously knows a thing or two about letting go, and moving on.


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