What Your Car Says About You

Buying a car is, more often than not, a big deal and a big investment. It can be the place you spend most of your time in alone, with family, or with friends. Whether it is a stereotype or not, it is reasonable to believe that your car choice will say a lot about your demographic and lifestyle. You can thank the well-paid marketing team of the car of your choice. After all, our perceptions of these vehicles are deeply rooted in their advertisement and promotion.

Your car can reflect your identity and your personality as well, unraveling traits that you never knew existed, both good and bad. Even if you are not the type to necessarily correlate the type of car you drive with your personality, other people might still view it as a reflection of who you are. Therefore, despite your intentions, your car choice makes a statement to the world — it matters. You are, ultimately, what you drive.

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6 The Fast & Furious

These are high-performance vehicles with high-speeds that are definitely not for the faint of heart. Sports cars can come in many colours, shapes and sizes, and they are typically low-built. The lighter they are, the better, too. Whether we are talking about the Lotus Elise, Lamborghini Gallardo, or Ferrari LaFerrari, to name just a few, these powerhouses turn heads and are sure to attract attention, which is often why they are bought in the first place. Unless, of course, the driver has an innate passion for speed, which is a reason of its own.

In general, these cars are aggressive, flashy, and fast. They have been built for enthusiasts, the financially successful bachelors and bachelorettes, as well as those experiencing a mid-life crisis or simply in need of some excitement. These are the kinds of people who do not need to carry a lot of passengers and do not prioritize fuel economy nor environmental hazards. These are the kinds of people who have set themselves free.

5 The Hatchback

Still very much in style, some of the best car manufacturers on the market have engineered the trendiest entry-level and sporty hatchbacks. Take for example, the more toned down Volkswagen Golf versus its beefed up GTI, the urban Mini-Cooper versus its faster replica John Cooper Works, and the Audi A1 that boasts all of Audi’s great standards and qualities in a smaller car. Sure, they are usually small cars, but they are versatile.

They can be environmentally friendly or sporty gas-guzzlers, and either one can suggest a few things about your priorities in life. On the one hand, an environmentally friendly hatchback is economical, efficient and practical. It shows one’s consciousness towards the environment, as well as his or her finances, not to mention the amount of space they are saving and the ease of parking. While a sporty gas-guzzling vehicle may not be as considerate of the environment nor financially sensible, and will probably drain the driver’s wallet too, at least it can still go fast and park easily, right?

4 The Mid-Size

Mid-sized cars are ranked highly for their practicality and safety. They are typically driven by the family-oriented, making it easier to transport children to and from school, their friends’ homes, and after school sports programs. With all the extra room, it also makes day-to-day errands and trips more efficient. Do not expect anything that attracts much attention, however, these days most car manufacturers are upping their game and looking more modern. Moreover, these drivers are living on a budget that can afford to close the bill of these cars in a foreseeable future. Whether it is a Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, or Toyota Camry, they are all screaming suburban family seeking affordability, carpooling, good fuel economy, and space. These drivers are parents that know all the best quotes from Despicable Me; one and two. They come from homes that have their children’s artwork and toys scattered everywhere, and sadly, they are the types of parents that can only afford to be alone when taking a shower.

3 The Muscle

Whether it is a Camaro, Corvette, or Mustang, what all these muscle cars have in common are sex appeal, speed, virility, and a roaring rear-wheel drive. Those driving them crave the sensation they get after dropping the clutch and feeling that powerful rocket-like push from the torque. They are at a stage of their lives where they seek to enjoy life to the fullest and carefree. Enthusiasts and owners, alike, can truly appreciate its big-block engines, brute power, history, and mechanics. Someone who truly values a classic muscle may even be handy enough to do all its required repairs to keep it in shape. Giant American motors are where its at when in the market for a muscle car. Those interested in driving them, or already own them, do not care much for fuel economy and know a great deal about driving a manual transmission vehicle. While they may not be as popular as they once were, muscle-heads still yearn for greater power, speed, and thrill out of their muscle cars.

2 The Pickup

Built for the aggressive, bold, and provocative, looking to make a fierce statement in the outdoors or on the city streets. These rides are equipped to conquer difficult terrains, heavy-hauling, and anything in between. Whether it is to transport cattle, tow a personal boat, or to pack up and take off for an adventurous weekend, pickup trucks are massive, powerful, and can easily reflect the lifestyles of those driving them. At the very least, they reflect how those driving them aim to be perceived — dominant, strong, reliable, and resilient. Many women go crazy over pickup trucks, perhaps its that alpha-male scent it gives off, but machinery like this will definitely grab the attention of just about everyone it passes. For Mr. Handyman, a pickup truck also makes for the perfect toolshed in times of need, which can be highly comforting and favourable when stranded. Unlike vehicles that have very limited capabilities, pickups have a highly practical nature, no matter their function or use, making them particularly sought-after.

1 The Prestigious

For those with a bottomless wallet who enjoy dressing themselves in only the finest, a luxury car is an absolute must. The rich can afford it and want to enjoy the fruits of their labour or inheritance, and do not mind showing it off either. Fuel economy, mileage, and practicality are not typical words in their vocabularies, especially not when driving around in a Bentley Continental and Mercedes-Benz G63, nor when being driven around in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, to say the least.

With all the possible features and options included, these kinds of cars provide an experience; a luxuriously self-indulgent experience that promotes comfort, elegance and relaxation, with no expenses spared. From the spoiled to the appreciative, those living lives of glitz and glam like to be seen, leave a lasting impression, and attract as much attention as their cars do. While some value discretion, which shows in their under-the-radar lifestyles and nominal showy-ness, others may prefer to pop and get all the publicity they can squeeze out of their fifteen minutes of fame.

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