The Most Hated Cars in the World

For every Ferrari or Lamborghini beauty, there is a car so atrocious you would wonder what the car designer was thinking. Or what the company that approved the design was smoking. The vehicles are jus

For every Ferrari or Lamborghini beauty, there is a car so atrocious you would wonder what the car designer was thinking. Or what the company that approved the design was smoking. The vehicles are just downright ugly and unsightly.

If seeing a Murcielago or an Enzo can make you fall in love at first sight, these cars can make you angry and annoyed with just one glance. Here is a list of the top 10 most hated cars in the world.

10 2006 to 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca

The Subaru Tribeca is a medium-sized crossover sports utility vehicle from the Japanese transportation conglomerate called Fuji Heavy Industries. It was based on the Subaru Legacy platform and was inspired by the B9X concept car. The five-door SUV had a front engine and four-wheel drive layout. Its top model sported a 3.6-liter H6 engine mated with a five-speed automatic transmission. Right from the start, the vehicle had its naysayers because of its ugly grille. Still, it took the company a couple of years before finally relenting and changing its design.

9 2010 to present BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is a medium-sized executive car from the German giant BMW. The company is known for its simple and understated design that has made followers keep coming back for more. It did miss the mark with this model however. The five-door hatchback’s top model has a 4.4-liter V8 engine with 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. However, it simply does not deliver like old BMW station wagons that provided a lot of utility. Worse, the car’s design proved to be a low point in BMW’s history.

8 2010 to present Honda Accord Crosstour

The Honda Accord Crosstour is a full-sized SUV from Honda. The five-door hatchback has a front engine layout with a choice between a front-wheel or all-wheel drive. It has a 3.5-liter V6 engine mated with a six-speed automatic transmission system. Honda, however, placed an oversized grille in the front. The headlights also looked robotic in a futile attempt to look futuristic. The car actually has less room inside when compared with its competitors.

7 1989 to 1992 Ford Probe

The Ford Probe was a two-door hatchback based on the Mazda GD platform. The top model had a 3-liter Vulcan V6 engine capable of up to 140 horsepower, and mated with either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission system. It is actually a beefy car, which is usually preferred by guys. Somehow, this car’s brawny look and angular proportions just did not work.

6 2010 to present Lincoln MKT

The Lincoln MKT is a full-sized luxury crossover utility vehicle from the Lincoln Motor Company division of Ford Motors. The five-door CUV is based on the Ford D4 platform and has a front engine layout, with an option for either a front-wheel or four-wheel drive. Buyers can choose between a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 or 3.7-liter Cyclone V6 engine. Either way, it will be mated with a six-speed automatic transmission system. With regards the car design, the problem is where to begin? It has a overly-large, grille at the front, which is dutifully matched by an equally wide rear window line.

5 2011 to present Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

The Nissan Murano is a medium-sized crossover SUV. It is based on the Nissan D platform and is powered by either a 2.5-liter dCi I4 engine with 190 horsepower or a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 265 horsepower. The engine is then mated with a six-speed automatic transmission system. During the 2010 Los Angeles International Auto Show, a two-door convertible version called the Cross Cabriolet was introduced for 2011 release. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for safe driving, as the tail in the convertible gets bloated when it joins the two rear windows. Driving visibility is compromised as a result.

4 1984 to 1986 Ford Mustang SVO

The Ford Mustang SVO was a limited edition version of the iconic model. It was the most expensive version of the Mustang at that time. The three-door liftback was based on the Ford Fox platform and had a 2.3-liter engine with five-speed manual transmission. The front grille and hood it used were never replicated in other models. It also had thinner side moldings and small rear wheel spats. It also had a biplane spoiler. There’s a reason why most of these features were never reused in a Mustang again.

3 1996 to 1999 Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a medium-sized sedan from Ford. The model was first introduced in 1986, but in 1996, it underwent a massive design overhaul. Rounded edges were coming into vogue at that time, but Ford went all out and put in elliptical shapes all over the car. Some observers counted as many as 72 oval shapes, from the headlights to the dash inserts for the aircon and stereo. In trying to design something cutting edge, Ford cut the edges in the car; the result was that the company lost their edge, as the design was roundly criticized.

2 1990 to 1993 Chevrolet Lumina APV

The Chevrolet Lumina APV was a minivan from General Motors. The three-door van was based on the GMT 199 platform. The top model had a 3.8-liter V6 engine mated with a four-speed automatic transmission system. The design however was a mess. The long and sloped windshield was extremely large, making driving the vehicle a bit disconcerting. The first engines in the car also lacked power. Critics called it the dustbuster.

1 1983 to 1987 Toyota Tercel Hatchback

The Toyota Tercel was a subcompact car from Toyota. It had a front engine layout with front-wheel or four-wheel drive. It had a 1.5-liter engine and three-speed automatic transmission system. The hatchback versions were particularly ugly, with a lot of odd angles and an atrocious rear window. One look at the car and you would know that it was a car you would love to hate.

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The Most Hated Cars in the World