The Most Annoying Things in a Car

The sound of windshield wipers, the radio station that you are tuned in to, fully opened car windows, and the mess in your car are things that you may not really notice if you are driving. However, th

The sound of windshield wipers, the radio station that you are tuned in to, fully opened car windows, and the mess in your car are things that you may not really notice if you are driving. However, these are a big deal to those who will be riding along with you. In fact, these are extremely annoying situations that you will only notice if you no longer are the designated driver and you are stuck in a car for long hours at a time.

5 Visibility and the Squeak of Windshield Wipers

The squeaking sound of windshield wipers is possibly one of the most annoying sounds you will hear in your entire lifetime. So if someone else is driving and you do not have your mind focused on anything else, the sound that the windshield wipers will make is sure to grate on your ears. This is especially true if the wipers make any other noise aside from the one made by rubber swiping over glass or the low hum of the machine that controls them. These are things that you will not notice if you are driving, since again, you have your focus somewhere else – the road.

Another annoying thing about this situation is when you are riding along sitting in the passenger seat and the driver allows the rain to just pour over the windshield. Again, this is something that you may not really notice if you are the one driving. However, since you are not the one behind the wheel, you are possibly thinking that the driver has some kind of a death wish for allowing the windshield to be obscured that long.

4 Control of the Car Radio

Every time that you get into a car and you are not the driver, one thing is for sure; you and the person who will be driving will get into a match of which radio station to tune in to. It is not your car, so you are sure to lose. There are also a lot of people (who you will get stuck in a car with) who do not have any idea what to listen to, so they just keep on flipping stations and all you will hear is static or just portions of a song. You may also have family members or friends who just want to listen to a sports talk station for hours and hours at a time.

Since controlling the radio will require the driver to stop looking at the road and focus his or her eyes on the radio knobs, every moment that he or she does entails the risk of getting into an accident. So in cases like this, make sure that you have a talk with the driver and try to get the control of the car radio in your hands.

3 The Rate and the Frequency of Slowing Down and Completely Stopping

In driver’s education, there are cars that have been built specially for beginners. These vehicles come with two sets of brake pedals; one on the driver’s area, the other is found on the passenger side. Why? It is simple – so that the driving instructor could put on the brakes if he or she finds it necessary. Most of the learning drivers, especially teenagers, do not have enough experience and they are also at a higher risk of crashing into things.

So fast forward to all of the other times that you are riding in the passenger seat and you wish that you had access to that second brake pedal. When you are not the driver, there are two things that will likely occur to you. One is that the driver will not apply the brakes at the right time and have you almost crashing to the front. Two is that the driver puts the brakes on at every possible moment.

2 Fully Open Windows

If you are driving and you love the wind on your face, you roll the windows down, sometimes even have it fully opened. In cases where you do not want to feel the wind, you close all the windows and put the air conditioning on full blast, not even asking the other passengers if it is fine with them.

So imagine yourself if you are not driving and you have to be the passenger. If you find yourself at the back seat and the person who is driving rolls down the windows completely, the wind is sure to blast you in the face. You will soon have your eyes drying out. You cannot do anything since the child lock is turned on and you do not have access to the front windows. Instead, you try to find the best possible position where you will not feel like you are riding on a roller coaster.

1 How Clean the Car Is

It is okay if there is a loose item or a piece of small trash in the passenger or the back seat from time to time. So how do you define ‘loose item’ or ‘small trash’? Say for example, you are driving and you have a friend with you. You unlock your car and plop yourself in the driver’s seat. As your friend is just about to get inside, you notice a candy bar wrapper or a soda can. This is where you say: ‘Oh, sorry about this’, even if you are not that sorry. You quickly pick the garbage up and stick it inside your bag. This situation is sometimes uncontrollable, so it is fine.

What is not okay is if you are the one who is not going to drive and your friend unlocks the car door and you open it to find the entire passenger or back seat occupied with many pieces of trash. This statement is sure to pop into your mind: ‘What is this? It is so gross, how can you drive around with such a mess around you?’ This is not only very annoying, but it can also put a risk on your friend’s and your health. So do not allow this to happen to your own car. Almost all of the places that you will drive by have a garbage bin, so make sure that you empty even the smallest pieces of trash.

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The Most Annoying Things in a Car