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The 2014 Range Rover Sport

The 2014 Range Rover Sport

Gerry McGovern, head of design of Land Rover, seems to have got it right yet again. Since 2008, when he first jotted the LRX concept that got manufactured as the very successful Range Rover Evoque, he went on to design the new age Range Rover in 2012 with an even advanced version of the same: the New 2014 Range Rover Sport. This design offers a whole new look on the inside as well as the outside.

The Interior


The inside is far more luxurious when compared to its former model. Not only has the quality of the materials been refined, even the switch gear has been further improved while the leather is significantly more supple. It has a typical shift lever that helps to maintain its sporty look and feel. The level of general comfort in the New 2014 Range Rover Sport is higher than that of the first generation model. With more space for head and legs, you are bound to have a very comfortable ride.

This design also offers an optional third-row seating which is electrically powered and is noticeably kid-friendly. A lot of new technology has been adopted into this model including a first of its kind laser based head-up display, new auto settings, a 12.3 inch instrument display and a new kind of sensing that alerts the driver about the depth of water on the outside.

The New 2014 Range Rover Sport weighs 800 pounds less which means the acceleration automatically increases. A new 8 speed automatic and supercharged V6 engine ensures the car gives its driver everything he may be looking for. It is regarded as the more responsive, most agile and fastest Land Rover ever and it is also the only SUV in the world that is made completely from aluminum.

It can reach a whopping speeding of 100km/h in as little as 7.1 seconds. The throttle responds faster as well with no turbo lag and the power comes down seamlessly, thanks to the eight speed ZF auto. Though the entry level model does not have paddleshifters, the sport mode offers gears that can quicken the throttle response even further. The power of the new Range Rover Sport’s steering is at least 10 percent quicker than its former model and the fatter, smaller size offers a great feel to the driver.

The Exterior


With adaptive anti-roll bars and dampers, this model offers a better handling and ride than its predecessor. Even though the second generation Rover moves on low profile tyres and 21 inch alloy wheels, the ride is smooth and impressive. Even if the car hits sharp edges, passenger comfort remains unaffected because of the car’s inherent softness and refinement that can absorb all imperfections on the surface of the road. Its grip is good enough for the car to stay at 90 km/h when going around a corner and with the higher end models, the grip gets even better.

It is dynamically sound and does not emit any squeal even when the car runs at a very high speed. You will also be impressed with the lack of clatter on start up and when the car speeds at 220 km/h. Road and noises are less than with rival cars like BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. They clock at 67dB and 29.5dB respectively.

The New 2014 Range Rover Sport is a sport oriented luxury SUV that is quicker and smaller than its previous model. Reportedly no expenses were spared and 6000 engineers were brought together to create this second generation Range Rover Sport. While the Sport SE V6 model is available for $63,496, the Range Rover Supercharged is available for $79,995 and the Autobiography that tops the range is available for $93,295

Facts of the New 2014 Range Rover Sport


1. It is smaller and quicker in comparison to its first generation design
2. It is significantly lighter, weighing 800 pounds less and thus offer higher acceleration.
3. It has a new 8 speed automatic and supercharged V6 engine
4. It can reach 100 km/h in as little as 7.1 seconds
5. The throttle responds faster than the previous model
6. It is less noisy when compared to its rival models from other manufacturers
7. The wheels are smaller but offer better suspension than the first generation design
8. Improved and more refined interiors are seen in the New 2014 Range Rover Sport
9. It offers an electrically powered optional third-row seating for children and many other new technology features.

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