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The 10 Sexiest Booth Babes Of This Secret Auto Show

The 10 Sexiest Booth Babes Of This Secret Auto Show


What’s the best way to sell aftermarket auto parts? Companies all over the world gather in Las Vegas once a year and they bring the hottest women on the planet with them. It’s called SEMA and it attracts over 100,000 auto pros from more than 100 countries for opportunities for big profits in the automotive, truck and SUV, powersports, and RV markets. Yep, this is big deal and many haven’t even heard of the huge show.

Where else do you hold an event for car guys other than Las Vegas? It draws the industry’s brightest minds, latest aftermarket products and the hottest babes to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s not open to the general public so you can’t sneak in to see the latest and greatest stuff for cars. Show goers also come to see celebrities like Tanner Foust, U.S. Rallycross and Formula Drift champion and X Games gold medalist and Al Unser Jr.

Car guys show up for the new products and the coolest cars on the planet. They also can’t wait to see the hot babes that will keep their interest high. They call them booth babes who add a nice human element to the dazzling display of sheet metal. What’s better than fast cars and sexy woman? You will have an opportunity to see some of the hottest girls of the show here.

10. RSR Wheels 



These gorgeous girls attracted a lot of attention at SEMA. The show ran from November 1-4, 2015 and it while it was warm in Vegas, it was hot inside. Don’t feel too sorry for the girls, they get paid to stand there and look hot. The one thing the girls have to worry about is staying warm. They wear as little as possible to get the guy’s attention. The girls are competing against 2,500 newly introduced products from over 100 exhibitors. RSR is an aftermarket wheel fabricator from California and they know how to pick gorgeous employees. If you’ve got big brake upgrades, they can help you find just the right fit for road, street and track.

9. JDM Sport


JDM Sport always brings their many models to shows, it doesn’t matter if it’s a niche car show, or a major JDM car show, or the international SEMA show. These ladies know how to smile and get your attention quickly. They are trying to sell JDM Sport’s performance products that include coilover dampening systems, turbo kits and turbo accessories. They offer an extensive line of accessories for engines to get them revving strong. These ladies would get any engine revving and it might need to be cooled down. These babes were ready and willing to answer any and all questions. We can just imagine some of the questions they got from attendees.

8. Rohana Wheels



Wheels are a big part of the SEMA show and there’s lots of competition so you better bring your A team if you want to get guys to your booth. If you go to the Rohana booth, you will be looking for custom wheels for your Camaro, Porsche, Ferrari or Ford Mustang. Rohana had their wheels on a custom widebody kit for the C7 Corvette and a special BMW M6. Ken from 88 Rotors brought a Ferrari 458, where they displayed their new flow formed RFX5. The Rohana team brought a display of custom wheel finishes as well as a beautiful team of Rohana Wheels babes. There was plenty of eye candy to see at the booth this year. Johanna definitely brought their A game and caught the attention of the fans. By the looks of their team, we imagine they sold a few wheels too.

7. GoPro



GoPro is a big deal at the SEMA show and if you haven’t heard of them – you will. They make cameras that help you capture everything from sky-diving, drone-flying to shark-riding adventures in the Caribbean Sea. The San Mateo, California-based company doesn’t need to use hot babes like these because they are a super successful company. Think of GoPro like you did an iPhone a few years ago. What was once a stud symbol is now a must have utility. When you see someone with a GoPro Hero 3 camera strapped to their chest, it’s a signal to the world that they are about to do something awesome. These classy booth babes are certainly drawing attention to their chests and showing SEMA attendees the best place to strap a GoPro new camera. We wonder if they give demonstrations?

6. Red Line Oil



When an engine hits its redline, the powerplant is about to reach its rev’s limit. These two girls could make anyone hit their rpm limit quickly. They work for Red Line Synthetic oil that manufactures a top-of-the-line grade synthetic oil that keeps parts lubricated under severe use for high-performance engines. This isn’t just your average auto parts lubricant. Their home turf is in Northern California and it looks like Red Line’s booth babes traveled from a little father south. They were busy showing off their companies wares but not too busy to pose for a camera shot. We can just imagine how show goers would want to stop by this booth and hear about the latest motor oil, gear oil or suspension fluids. We imagine there a few guys who ordered pallets of synthetic oil before the show was over.

5. Forgiato



Forgiato is another California company specializing in custom wheels. This hot babe took the opportunity to really get into her work at the SEMA show. Wondering why their wheels are so big? If you’ve ever seen a California custom 1975 Chevy Caprice rolling down the street with these huge wheels you won’t ever forget it. Forgiato not only builds custom wheels for you, they also build complete cars to go with them. Just tell them the make model and year and you’ll be riding in style down the boulevard. Do you want a custom steering wheel to go along with that? Yep, they can build one for you, too. 

4. Madison Maler



Some aspiring models use the SEMA show to get a head start on their modeling careers. Take Madison Maler for example. Madison is a former Hooters Girl from Vista, California and she attended the show to make one of her hot new videos. You will find her in the front of the convention center checking out any one of the cool cars that are parked outside. She was posing next to this badass Chevy pickup. It was 50 degrees in Vegas as the show started but it was warm inside. When she’s not at the SEMA show you can find her off-roading with her friends on the weekends. At the show, you can find her hanging out with her friend at Toyo Tires. Madison is getting her modeling career off to a good start. She could be the next girl to hit it big in SoCal.

3. Toyo Tires



Toyo girls definitely put the tire company in a good light at the SEMA show by making sure all the customers get attention. Pit Bull Rambo was enjoying the extra special attention from these two booth babes.The tire company has one of the biggest displays at the show and these ladies are ready to answer your questions. Toyo Tires has been in the U.S. since 1966 and has delivered their meats all over the world for more than 70 years. They even have a state-of-the-art factory in Bartow County, Georgia. They make tires for any vehicle on the road including light trucks, SUVs, high performance cars, and luxury vehicles, as well as commercial trucks. It would be good to be a therapy dog at the SEMA show and especially good at the Toyo Tires’ booth.

2. MKW Wheels


Yep, you guessed it, another SoCal wheel company at SEMA. This group of beautiful ladies gathered from the brand’s four different companies to pose in front of the MKW Wheels display. The hot promo models took a break from their booths to strike a great pose. It almost seems like the booth babes have more fun than anyone at the show. What girl wouldn’t want all the attention from the photo shoots? These hot models bring attention to MKW’s four different brands under one roof. In 1995, they began exporting wheels from the U.S. to Asia. In 1998, the company introduced its line of wheels to the U.S. market. They are now a leader within the large diameter chrome marketplace.

1. Traxxas



Last but not least we get to see the hot Traxxas girls. What is Traxxas? They are big into the radio controlled market. They call their latest invention “Aton”, a small radio-controlled flying machine who is a “personal video assistant.” It can capture stunning aerial footage in a way that’s quite easy and you don’t need any specialized skill or experience to do it. These aren’t your standard toy store variety models and they will run you from $399-$499. These sexy ladies are promoting The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Traxxas Nitro Shootout which are races within a race held at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. Have you heard of John Force and his top Funny Car? He’s one of the biggest names in NHRA drag racing competing for some big Traxxas prizes. These sexy blonde booth babes can’t be missed at the SEMA show.

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