The 10 Cars Most Commonly Owned By Terrible Drivers

Ever since the vehicular market diversified beyond offering motorists the option of a Ford model T or no car whatsoever, drivers have developed their own personal opinions and theories of which cars to watch out for on the road. Typically speaking, when a driver idles next to you at an intersection, you're likely to size up their driving skills and personality based on the type of car they drive and the overall condition of that vehicle. However, despite the stereotypes perpetrated by movies and television shows, the need to be cautious around people driving sports cars or heavily modded Honda Civics driven by Fast and the Furious fans is just an urban myth.

One of the more logical ways of determining the quality of drivers according to the vehicle they drive is to seek out hard statistics instead of relying on the good ol' fashioned eye test. Information gathered by various police departments outline the rates of individuals breaking traffic laws both big and small, allowing researchers to link rates of offenses with specific types of vehicles. This particular list is made of the top ten vehicles that are way above the average in terms of traffic violations cited by police.

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10 Volkswagen GTI - 178% above average

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The Volkswagen GTI hatchback is a tiny vehicle known for its ability to punch above its weight in terms of motoring power. Of all the drivers cited for violations, 56% percent were female drivers while the average overall age of these traffic violators was 40 years young. The driver's edition of the 2014 model boasts an impressive four cylinder, two liter, six-speed transmission engine with 200 hp and an automated manual system that delivers plenty of power to get drivers of this little beast into trouble. Despite being one of the smallest cars on this list, the GTI apparently attracts a lot of attention from the highway patrol.

9 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG - 179%

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The first one of three entries on this list from the Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle enterprise, the CLK63 AMG is one of three sedans popular with the worst drivers. Similar to the Volkswagen GTI, 56% of traffic offenders were females. However, the age of those ticketed was slightly higher, with an average decrepitude of 47 years old. With an initial price tag of up to $100,000, this particular sedan contains a 6.2 liter, V8 monster engine with rear wheel drive that guzzles gas on its way to creating up to 475 hp of mischief. In addition to a wide suite of luxury features and options, this model also has heated seats to keep you warm as officers give drivers the cold shoulder.

8 8 Pontiac Grand Prix - 182%

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Although the Pontiac Grand Prix is disappearing from the consciousness of car owners across the United States and the world, it still demands attention as a popular car among the worst drivers. One of the last entries in this long-running series of cars had a 3.8 liter, V6 engine that somehow creates the same horsepower as the smaller, but technologically superior, Volkswagen GTI. This front wheel drive vehicle has a greater ratio of women cited than the first two vehicles listed in this article, with 59% of cited drivers being female. The average age of the entire group of terrible sedan motorists is 40 years old.

7 Acura Integra - 185%

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In terms of terrible drivers, the Acura Integra attracts the second youngest traffic violators at an average age of 33 years old, with 60% of the drivers cited being males. The Acura Integra was a popular compact sports vehicle manufactured by Honda between 1985 and 2001 with the 2001 edition boasting up to 195 hp derived from a 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder engine. With a friendly base price that was initially under the $20,000 mark, it's no wonder that the Acura Integra, with plenty of power for the price, attracted a young, mostly male group of bad drivers that gathered traffic citations at a much higher average than usual.

6 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG - %264

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At an average age of 46 and a 58% ratio of bad drivers listed as male, the second high-end Mercedes-Benz on this list is the CLS-63 AMG, which appears to be geared towards bad male drivers, while the CLK-63 AMG was targeted at bad female drivers. The 2014 edition of this luxury sedan boasts an unnecessarily powerful twin turbo, direct injection engine with 4matic technology. It's sister vehicles, the 329 hp CLS400 and the 402 hp CLS550, pales in comparison to the CLS-63 AMG, which offers an astonishing 577 hp for bad drivers to misuse on the open road. Drive assist technology that includes radar sensors and stereo cameras obviously don't help drivers of this luxury vehicle avoid bad habits.

5 Scion xB - 270%

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While beauty is found in the eye of the beholder, many beholders consider the Scion xB an eyesore, which may or may not cause police to cite drivers of this vehicle at a much higher rate due to its awful aesthetics. This hatchback features the third youngest group of terrible drivers at an average age of 60. According to statistics, 60% of drivers who broke the rules while operating this vehicle were female. Despite an unusually high amount of bad drivers, the Scion xB has a 2.4 liter engine that pumps only 158 hp through four cylinders, potentially pointing to drivers going out of their way to pull stupid maneuvers that get ticketed. The fifth door may have been designed to make it easier for police to ticket this vehicle.

4 Hummer H2/H3 - 292%

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By far the king of male driving stupidity, the Hummer H2/H3 SUVs boasts 73% of its traffic violators as men, with an average age of 46, although people should know better than to own a Hummer by the time they reach that age. First popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hummer is also the largest physical specimen on this list, making it hilariously easy for traffic officers to spot idiotic behavior. The Alpha (Male) model of the H3 SUV has a truly terrible gas mileage of 13 mpg city and 16 mpg highway, resulting in a vehicle that ends up costing as much as superior luxury SUVs minus the performance, suggesting that those who owns Hummers are compensating for that which lacks in their non-vehicular lives.

3 Scion tC - 343%

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The newest models of the Scion tC boasts a base price close to the $20,000 range, making it easy on the pocket. These cost savings just might be eliminated by the absurd amount of traffic violations that appear to be inspired by drivers of this vehicle, including the 61% of violators that happen to be female. This coupe has the youngest demographic of bad drivers, with those cited averaging only 30 years of age. Despite having an engine that appears to be designed to prevent bad driving - specifically a 2.5 liter, four cylinder motor with only 179 hp - motorists nonetheless gather traffic citations and violations at a rate well over triple the norm.

2 Toyota Camry Solara - 349%

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The second most popular car for terrible drivers is the Toyota Camry Solara, which, similar to the Scion tC, features a 61% share of citations given to female drivers. The average age is much greater than that group of Scion drivers with a mean of 50 years old. The last year Toyota pumped out the Solara coupe was 2008, with the most powerful version being the SLE V6 with a 3.3 liter engine with a total of 210 hp. Considering the popularity of the Toyota Camry, it's a bit of a surprise that other models of Camry don't show up on this list. Much to the delight of the Honda Accord, the Toyota Camry Solara features the second-oldest group of bad drivers.

1 Mercedes-Benz SL-class

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The undisputed champ of cars that terrible motorists drive is the Mercedes-Benz SL Class convertible, which is a luxury auto with the most recent model costing a minimum of over $80,000 while boasting plenty of horsepower, ranging from 329 to 621 hp depending on the version purchased. The average age of those who drive this vehicle is listed at 53 years old while 59% of drivers ticketed are female. No specific reason exists for three distinct models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to grace this list of most ticketed cars, although studies show a definite link between people with lots of money giving less of a s*** about societal norms, including behaving themselves on the road.

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