Tesla to Open Dealership in One of the Wealthiest US Areas

After a lawsuit battle, Tesla (TSLA) Motors is now set to open a single dealership in one of the wealthiest parts of the U.S. for its next showroom.

TSLA filed a lawsuit against the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (VDMV) after their plea to begin their direct sales was rejected last year. As reported by The Washington Post, the company will be selling its Model S directly to customers at Tysons Corner Center, Fairfax County, Virginia, an area where the highest politicians and government officials reside.

Upon the approval, TSLA will withdraw its lawsuit and will apply for one license to sell vehicles in Northern Virginia. To have the license, the company “must meet the statutory requirements applicable to dealers and obtain a license for the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.”

Moreover, the maker of a popular electric sports car received opposition from auto dealers in several states after being accused of violating franchise laws. These dealers have shelled out huge amounts of cash to keep Tesla-owned showrooms out of their states to avoid the carmaker from intruding in their retail business. They also lobbied to get state laws passed to prevent Tesla from directly selling its cars to the public.

The first maker of a mass-produced electric car currently has showrooms and service centers in Washington, D.C., California since 2011, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, New York and other areas.

Tesla’s Model S sets the new standard for premium performance. It features rigid body structure, nearly 50/50 weight distribution, can travel 60 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds and is powered by an 85 kilowatt-hour battery. The car also boasts of 240-volt outlet and standard 120-volt wall outlets, 19” wheels, 17” touchscreen, black textile and synthetic leather interior, seven speaker sound system with AM/FM/HD radio, mobile connector and a J1772 charging adapter.

One can order it for a base price of $62,400, including the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. Deposits are fully refundable and payments vary by country: $2,500 USD and $2,500 CAD.

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Tesla to Open Dealership in One of the Wealthiest US Areas