Tesla New Battery Swap in 90 Seconds

While the fact that a vehicle from Tesla Motors can run without any gasoline is a huge benefit, there are clear concerns about how far a vehicle can go before it has to be recharged. Tesla will be utilizing two different battery options for its vehicles:

1. A 60-kilowatt-hour battery will be available on most models. It can go for 208 miles on a single charge.

2. An 85-kilowatt-hour option is also available. This will go a little further at 265 miles on a charge.

These numbers are clearly greater than what people might expect to get on most other battery-powered, gas-free vehicles. For instance, the Nissan Leaf only gets a short 100 miles on a charge.

There are still issues over how the battery on a car can be replaced. This is especially the case for those who are in a real hurry when on the road. While anyone can go to a Tesla facility and get a car recharged, there are still concerns about what will happen when one is trying to get on the road as soon as possible. This is especially since it takes about thirty minutes to get a car's battery completely recharged.

That's why Tesla is promoting a particularly unique aspect of the Model S, its' newest vehicle. Tesla has a design in the Model S that makes it so the battery pack inside the vehicle can be swapped out in only ninety seconds.

This means that it will be incredibly easy for a driver to get back on the road when necessary. It uses an interesting procedure:

1. A machine will sense the bolts that keep the battery intact. This machine is the same as what is used in the assembly line.

2. The bolts will be unscrewed in order to get access to the battery.

3. The old battery will be removed while the new battery is added.

4. The bolts will then be secured back in their right place.

This procedure will take only ninety seconds to complete. That's less time than what it takes for a traditional car to get a complete fill-up.

The fact that this is machine-based will certainly help as well. A battery on a Tesla vehicle can weigh about one thousand pounds.

This can be done at one of many different Tesla charging stations where Tesla plans on spending about $100 million to install a number of stations. There will be a series of stations between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the west and stations from Washington to Boston on the east. Additional stations are expected to open as the Tesla vehicle becomes more popular.

While this is an extremely beneficial advantage, it will cost a good deal of money to use this battery swapping method. It will cost about $50 to get a battery swapped.

Although it may be expensive, it is practically on par with what it costs to get a vehicle's tank filled these days. It is equivalent to the total of about fifteen gallons of gas in value. Therefore, the driver might end up spending not only less time getting a car energized but also less money in the process. This is especially the case in California where people are paying at least four dollars per gallon of gas.

In addition, a driver can choose to have the original battery recharged and shipped back to a charging station closer to one's home if desired. This will cost extra to complete the process though.

Of course, the driver still has the option to recharge the vehicle for free. It takes thirty minutes to complete the procedure but it may work well for frugal customers or those who are willing to wait all that time for doing so.

This is only valid for the Model S sedan. The original Roadster model that Tesla introduced a while ago does not utilize this feature.

This will be an impressive feature of how the Tesla Model S can be used. The fact that it only takes ninety seconds to swap batteries is a real benefit. There's even the potential benefit for the swapping procedure to cost less money than what it normally costs just to get gas in some places. This is to not only make it easier for anyone to keep on driving but also to avoid losing too much money at the pump.

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Tesla New Battery Swap in 90 Seconds