Ten Sports Cars for the Daily Grind

Driving to work every day can certainly get mundane if you aren't driving something sleek, shiny, and powerful like a sports car. Being able to speed down the road and turn heads makes that laborious

Driving to work every day can certainly get mundane if you aren't driving something sleek, shiny, and powerful like a sports car. Being able to speed down the road and turn heads makes that laborious drive to work not so dreadful anymore.

While most sports cars are associated with men, women are also victims of wanting the pride of driving a beauty on the road. Here is a list of ten sports cars that are perfect for the daily drive.

10 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

It may come as a surprise that the Genesis Coupe is more expensive than more known rivals like the Mustang or the Camaro. However, in terms of overall performance, testers have said that it has just as much (or even more) power than its renowned rivals. Hyundai is really making good first impressions and with a sports car variant like this, they are not one to be left behind.

9 Mini Cooper Roadster

Although on mere visual impact, it may not suffice the sports car criteria, its adherence to the sports car definition probably stems from its quality, which is why some are enthused by this Mini. It is smaller than a usual sports car because that's what Mini Coopers are all about; tiny engines that bring you from point A to point B and allow you to look cute and bubbly. It is not for those attracted to the more masculine variants though. This would be one good piece for women that favors charm over anything else.

8 Scion FR-S

The Scion is slowly gaining score in the driving circuit in terms of both design and driving power. This one's a sports car that offers more than just eye candy. Value for money with that certain sports car appeal, plus performance that could rank closely behind others like the Nissan 370Z, this is one car that you'd be more likely to consider in case you're trapped in that position where you can’t afford a pricier one, yet want something that looks just as cool as the others among the pack.

7 Subaru BRZ

A lot of test drivers have reviewed this as astounding in terms of transmission and handling. It is gaining score because it is performing really well. With roomy front-seat area design, comfortable seats and a back seat suited for kids, the Subaru BRZ is a lightweight model which accounts for its great handling capabilities.

6 Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z is fast becoming a favorite among sports car enthusiasts. Price is one thing that buyers consider and this Nissan is indeed pricey. However, if you are to compare it with other sports cars, it poses as a great deal. It provides a loaded driving experience with the muscle-car flair and that compensates for the price that it commands.

5 Mitsubishi Evo MR

If there is room in this list for a four-door that is race car worthy, then the Mitsubishi Evo definitely deserves a spot on this list. The hype that it has gained in the drifting and drag racing scene, has made this car a favorite for guys who don’t really fancy the swifter two-doors. It may not be a convertible, but it’s an Evo. When you're talking about cars, you'd know how much horsepower there is to this guy.

4 Dodge Challenger

The Challenger is quite bulky than your usual sports car, perhaps because it still runs under the premise of a muscle car. With that bulk comes more space for another two passengers that can enjoy the wonderful ride, which the Challenger's power-packed engine can offer.

3 Chevrolet Camaro

You won't even need "valid" reviews for this darling car. Its appearance in the movie Transformers has been enough of a shout out that it is now considered the sports car of the millennium. Not that it's going to shove off the more luxurious, let alone pricier, brands.  It’s just that, compared to them, the Camaro is not as pricey but it packs in a hefty punch. Auto details, paint job, the hood, the headlights – these are magnets on their own.  However, don't expect them to transform into your metallic guardian angel.

2 Ford Mustang

One of the most overrated sports cars that there is, the Mustang does deserve such glory.  Also classified as a muscle car because of how it was engineered in the past, it has evolved into the “sports car” form and really hits up the “bragging rights” transmission once you fire it up. This definitely is a favorite, and there doesn't seem to be any chance of shoving them off the top list.

1 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Even dubbed as “The World's Best Selling Sports Car,” owner reviews testify that it is definitely living up to that name. It’s not as flashy, just a big matchbox-worthy inspiration donning the classic Mazda emblem but gives you a feel that you're one hot driver in this nice and cool convertible.

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Ten Sports Cars for the Daily Grind