Simon Cowell And His cars

What discerning multi-millionaire wouldn't be seen in a plethora of shiny, fast super and hyper cars? The expression "money can't buy you happiness" may be true, but it can buy you plenty of pretty

What discerning multi-millionaire wouldn't be seen in a plethora of shiny, fast super and hyper cars? The expression "money can't buy you happiness" may be true, but it can buy you plenty of pretty sweet rides to be miserable in.

Simon Cowell, music mogul and reality TV puppeteer, has lots of money. With various number one records, the X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent to his name (as well as numerous shows in the US) he's earned his bread and is eating it. He's also got plenty of rather fine motors.

A bit of a 'starter' supercar for Simon here. There's no denying the Ferrari 360 is one of the finest cars money can buy - he's gone for a black exterior and black interior with his. Simple and about as stealthy as a Ferrari can get.

25 Mercedes SL55 AMG

The Mercedes SL55 AMG is a bit of a favourite among the UK's TV royalty. Perhaps because Clarkson extoled its virtues on national television. Still, the SL55 AMG's 5.5-litre V8 should keep Cowell entertained for a while - it'll hit 62mph in 4.7 seconds thanks to its 493bhp.

24 Range Rover

It's widely regarded as one of the best cars in the world. Not for reliability, mind, but for comfort and luxury - just what you need after a hard day's judging, doing deals and making decisions on the future of the music business.

23 Bentley Azure

While cruising around LA, it seems our Simon isn't afraid to show his face off the box. His Bentley Azure is certainly comfy enough to keep him happy during one of LA's many traffic jams and its 6.75-litre V8 will waft him along when it lifts.

22 Aston Martin DB7

Simon is said to have owned not one but three Aston DB7s in the past and if he bought them new they'll have cost him £100,000 apiece. The powerful GT car was replaced by the DB9 in 2005.

21 Ferrari 430

You can't blame him for needing a cigarette after driving the 430. It's big, fast and a whole lot of fun. His smile says all, really...

20 Audi R8

The idea of an Audi supercar was quite novel when the brand launched its R8 but now the mid-engined machine is an established part of the scenery at the top of the high performance market.

We hear that Simon bought an R8 and starting at under £90,000 it probably looked very affordable to the X Factor impresario.

19 Bugatti Veyron

When you're worth as much as Simon Cowell, a Bugatti Veyron has to be in your garage, really. The 1,001bhp megacar is the ultimate boy's toy, so it's easy to see why it appealed.

18 Range Rover Autobiography

It's nice to see that Simon's Range Rover is made to his own specification - and that he drives it himself. No chauffeurs here. He'll even carry his own bags.

17 MINI Cooper S

The universal appeal of the MINI isn't lost here. Because while massive SUVs, super-, hyper- and megacars are all well and good - where are you going to leave them? The MINI Cooper S is Cowell's town car of choice - and he seems fairly pleased with it...

16 AC Cobra Mk IV

Most petrolheads, at some point in their lives, have dreamed of owning a Cobra. With it's engine, looks, noise, power and speed, no millionaire's garage would be complete without one, really. You can see why Simon is so keen on one.

15 Jaguar XK120

An oldie but a very, very goodie. The XK120 was a marvel when it was first released and still commands silly money on the classic market today, though not enough to make our Simon flinch. The 120 in the name refers to its 120mph top speed, which made it the fastest production car in the world at its 1948 launch.

14 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 +Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 3

Jaguar's E-Type is one of THE iconic 60s cars and the Silver Cloud 3 one of the decade's finest cruisers. It looks like Simon as if very pleased with the Jaguar...

13 Aston Martin DB9 Volante

The DB9 Volante is the convertible version of Aston Martin's stunning DB9 sports car and well worthy of a place in Simon Cowell's collection. Prices kick off at around £135,000.

12 Ferrari California

As a man-about-town, Simon needs something that he can (sort of) hide in when the mood takes him and then, when the sun's out, that he can bask in it. The California's 4.7-litre V8 punts it from 0-62mph in less than four seconds to a near 200mph top speed, which should keep him entertained.

11 Bentley Continental GT

Not one to be upstaged by the many footballers and investment bankers of the world, Simon has also jumped on the Bentley Continental GT wagon. Its 6.0-litre W12 engine pushed out masses of torque for proper, old-school cruising.

10 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Mr Cowell is rumoured to have taken delivery of Lamborghini's gorgeous V10 supercar and he predictably went for the £160,000 Spyder convertible version too.

9 Quad Bike

Now, if you've got lots of land and no time to walk from building to building then why not buy a quad bike? It'll go over pretty much any terrain and you'll look good doing it. Unless you fall off. Then you'll look a little silly.

8 Rolls Royce Phantom

The Phantom is the biggest Rolls Royce money can buy at the moment, it's also one of the smoothest, most comfortable and more refined rides available. No wonder Simon owns two.

7 Audi A8

Another awards bash, another German saloon. This time, Cowell has been ferried around in Audi's hyper-luxurious A8. Plenty of room in the back for an impromptu audition or to plot world media domination.

6 Porsche 911

No sports car collection would be complete without the ubiquitous but supremely talented Porsche 911. We're told that Simon has been the proud owner of one and we aren't surprised.

5 Mitsubishi Evo

If you saw one of Simon's appearances on Top Gear, you'll know he's pretty good behind the wheel indeed. He bested the lap board not once but twice and, true to form, brushed off the achievement as though he knew he was destined to be there. So it's no surprise to him racing in the wild...

4 Kart

...even on something as small as a kart. It may be that once Simon gets bored with taking over the music world he'll take on the racers. A Cowell/Schumacher race at the next Race of Champions? We'd watch that.

3 Jaguar XK

Simon looks rather pleased with himself, and we can understand why - he's behind the wheel of a shiny new Jaguar XK. Sadly, this one isn't his - this snap was taken at the 2006 British Motor Show.

2 Bentley Azure

Simon updated to a newer Azure for LA cruising - pictured here with the roof up, presumably to try and look inconspicuous. Well, as inconspicuous as you can in a car the size of a small house...

1 Bentley Arnage T

Bentley's regal Arnage saloon has also had a place in the Cowell garage. He owned the powerful T version which retailed at around £175,000.



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Simon Cowell And His cars