Rumor: Cristiano Ronaldo buys $1.3 Million LA Ferrari

Ferrari, the top-notch car producer in Italy, has recently announced that all 499 LA Ferrari units found in pre-production state were sold out. However, it seems quite obvious that the lucky ones wouldn't be revealed too soon. According to the newest information circulating on the internet, Cristiano Ronaldo will be one of the lucky ones to receive the new car, which is estimated to cost over $1.3 million. This will definitely be a nice addition to his current car collection.

It's to be reminded the fact that Ferrari clearly demanded each buyer to own at least five titles before they can get their hands on the new supercar. A man in the Philippines spent the colossal sum of $753,000 in order to own the F12 Berlinetta, which would be his much-needed fifth Pracing Horse. Therefore, it's either that Ronaldo negotiated his deal with a four car ownership, or he owns a fifth Ferrari that nobody knows about.

Whichever the case might be, if the rumors are true this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. After all, Cristiano currently earns over $28.5 million per season.

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Rumor: Cristiano Ronaldo buys $1.3 Million LA Ferrari