Ringo Starr to Auction his Car for $500 000

The well known Beatle, Ringo Starr, has quite the collector item that he plans to put up for auction, and is expecting to pull in about half a million dollars on the sale. The Facel Vega, which is a 1964 vehicle, was owned by Ringo.

The car is expected to go up for auction in London, at Bonhams, and is expected to be auctioned off on Sunday, December 1 of this year. A powerful V8 engine, 6.3 liter, 390 Facel II, has been noted as being able to attain speeds of up to 150 MPH. During the period he purchased the vehicle, it was considered the equivalent in luxury, to what the Bentley is known for in today's day and age.

The vehicle owned by Ringo was special for the band, and it was one of only two that were produced with the specifications, which makes it a bit quicker than the standard 150 MPH most other Vegas could attain.

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Ringo Starr to Auction his Car for $500 000