Porsche 911: The History and Celebration of 50 Years

Although Porsche has had a tremendously strong marketing department for years, every so often something interesting appears from their workshops. In recent months we have seen a million promotional ac

Although Porsche has had a tremendously strong marketing department for years, every so often something interesting appears from their workshops. In recent months we have seen a million promotional activities related to this famous brand and icon that has made Porsche what it is today. Of course, we’re talking about a car that is marked by only three numbers; 911.

The concept of the Porsche 911 develops daily and, from generation to generation, constantly gets better over time as a real driver's car. There are many car series that enjoy cult status among the enthusiasts and the Porsche 911 generation is certainly on the top.

4 The Story of Success, Beauty and Prestige

"It all started from that, that I could not find my dream car anywhere. So I decided to make it," said Ferry Porsche. With this, a unique story of the sports car history began.

Most car manufacturers have called their cars by the founder's surname and Porsche is no exception. People still release a sense of awe and excitement when they experience an encounter with anything related to Porsche, most particularly the cars. To all those who cherish cars and make them a part of their daily lives, Porsche is certainly not one to overlook. For many youngsters were born after World War II, their childhood was spent dreaming about how one day they might see, if not to sit in, some of the cars produced under the crest of Stuttgart.

Originally imagined as a replacement for the also legendary 356, model 901 had its world premiere at the 1963 Motor Show in Frankfurt. Since Peugeot didn’t like choosing names in which the first and last digit is separated by a zero, in the global market Porsche decided to reject the name of the new car and call it - 911.

The rest, as they say, is history, and in the last 50 years the 911 has kept the basic architecture of the boxer engine located at the rear axle and a timeless design that makes it just as recognizable today as it was five decades ago.

History could repeat itself this year in Frankfurt, because a German car salon has been chosen for the launch of its most advanced and fastest car ever, the 918 Spyder, which broke the record on the most demanding racetrack - Nurburgring Nordschleife.

3 The Anniversary Celebration

For the 50th birthday of its 911 model, Porsche planned something really special. Porsche decided to devote an entire year to celebrating this legendary sports car with a range of special events and celebrations that began in March with the Retro Classics automobile exhibition in Stuttgart. The Porsche museum announced a year-round celebration with four exhibits; old 911 Turbo Coupe model, the 1981 911 Cabriolet design studios, road-legal version of the 911 GT1 models from 1997 and Type 754 T7 prototype.

Porsche also decided to send an authentic 911 model from 1967 on a world tour. Over the course of the year the classic 911 will travel across five continents and will be on show in China, Pebble Beach (California), Paris, Australia and Goodwood (UK). As a Porsche brand ambassador, this 'vintage' 911 model will also be a guest at many international car shows and historic rallies and motorsport events.

2 The video

The team at Porsche came up with the idea to offer the world another reminder of the birthday of this "grandfather among sports cars." Most of these ideas often turn into an arid advertisement with some nice shots, but in this case just the opposite happened. Contrary to that, the video clip they made cannot really be called advertising, but just something that will put a smile on your face while watching it.

In short, it is one of the basic and universal things that mankind has invented. The result is only a short video clip within which each of the seven generations of the 911 received its tone. After a short rampage at the hangar that tone dropped as part of one of the most famous songs of all time "Happy Birthday to You."

1 Interesting Facts About Porsche 911

  • 911 was nearly extinct
  • At the end of the 70's, it seemed that the air-cooled engine placed back had done its work, so Porsche planned to replace the 911 with a model that would have a water cooled motor located in the front. The 911 was still a great seller, and at the announcement that it would be replaced, the employees and Porsche fans reacted in a way that they didn’t even want to hear about a replacement. In the end, Porsche CEO Peter Schutz, decided that the 911 would continue.
  • Model 911 is the most popular model that Porsche has produced.
  • In 50 years of production, it became one of the oldest 911 coupes in production. Porsche has sold more than 820,000 unites. Unlike other manufacturers and car models, which are assembled and manufactured worldwide, all 820,000 pieces were produced in Porsche's factory in Stuttgart. On Porsche’s conveyor belt an average of 110 models are produced daily.
  • Carrera rsr is the most successful racing model model under Porsche’s name.
  • Rrs had a stronger engine, stiffer suspension, rear spoiler, larger brakes and wider rear tires. The model has been sold to a number of private teams, and success came immediately, winning the second 24 hour race of the Le Mans in 1974.

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Porsche 911: The History and Celebration of 50 Years